Asajimo Saemi (朝霜 冴美 Asajimo Saemi?) is a character who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Cold Game.[1]


Saemi has black hair and an identical appearance to her sister Mebuki. They are identical enough for Mebuki to be able to unlock the biometric identification on Saemi's phone.[2]


Saemi's personality is largely unknown, though it is known she is close with her twin Mebuki.[2]


Saemi was the victim in the Cold Sleep Murder Case (コールドスリープ殺人事件 Kōrudosurīpu Satsujin Jiken?), perpetrated by Innai Chigiri, also known as Loophole. She was abducted by the serial killer, stripped naked and frozen in a block of ice, left in a state where she was technically dead but not definitely so. Loophole also left a large vertical wound on her back, such that she would start hemorrhaging blood if anyone tried to unfreeze her normally. He also used an outdated method which would harm her body and leave her unable to be revived if she wasn't unfrozen and revived within a certain time frame.[2] She was then left below an ice skating rink in School District 15 where she was discovered by customers the following morning.[3][4][5] Afterwards, the block of ice containing her body was removed and brought to the university hospital in School District 2 where her sister worked.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Cold GameEdit

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Saemi remained frozen during the events of Loophole's trial and the precarious state of her life was used by the serial killer to threaten the court and influence the events of the trial. She was eventually safely unfrozen by her sister and Misaka Mikoto, thwarting Loophole's plans.[5][6][7]


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