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Asato Kisa (阿里希茶 Asato Kisa?) is a third-year student in Tokiwadai Middle School, currently a member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique and formerly a member of Hasekura Reiri's clique, prominent in both.[1][2][3]


Asato has a middle part relaxed low ponytail, with an exposed forehead and a mole below her lips. Being a Tokiwadai student, she wears the school's uniform.


Like most members of Shokuhou's clique, she is highly loyal to Shokuhou Misaki,[1][4][5][6] respectful to both her and her second-in-command Hokaze Junko,[4] and was similar loyal to Hasekura Reiri before her.[7][2]

During her initial meeting with Shokuhou, Asato described herself as someone who only ever noticed people's flaws (in contrast to Hasekura Reiri's discerning eye), and envied but also sympathized with Shokuhou's power, only able to turn up so much with her investigations but stumbling on the dark side of Tokiwadai students, no longer able to eat her favorite pancakes anymore.[2] She is able to enjoy pancakes in the present-day.[6]

Aside from a degree of the refinement and etiquette expected of Tokiwadai students,[1][4][6] Asato displays seriousness in her capacity as a clique higher-up.[7][8][9][2][4][5][6][10][11] Despite her experience and role, she does still have a touch of naivety.[4][5][6]


During her second year at Tokiwadai, Asato was a member of the Hasekura Clique, acting as the clique's deception officer, in charge of under-the-table deals, spy work and background investigations.[2]


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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

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Around the time the Daihaseisai planning committee were trying to get the Level 5s for the opening ceremony, Asato asked Shokuhou Misaki about it while at a café with Hokaze Junko and several other clique members. When Keitz Nokleben made his presence known, Asato began to ask him who he was, but was stopped by Shokuhou's Mental Out and sent away along with the others, the encounter to be forgotten.[1]

On the second day of the Daihaseisai, some time after Misaka Mikoto escaped the clique's watch to get revenge for Kongou Mitsuko's hospitalization, Asato confirmed with other members that they had not found her yet. She initially planned to have the clique separate into groups of three to search, but on finding that many of the other members had events and with too many absences liable to raise suspicions, she settled on searching with whoever was left, before lamenting her queen's absence, confirming that no one had been able to contact her since the previous night and wondering where she had gone.[12]

First Year Arc[]

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Early in her second year, when Misaka Mikoto had achieved Level 5 and her roommate had moved out due to pride, Asato assigned first year Kessai Kiyoshi to take the vacancy and observe Mikoto for the clique. Not long afterwards, she and two others were called upon by Kessai to go through a load of yogurts for a Gekota finger-puppet prize as a gift to get into Mikoto's good graces, though the four reaching their limits before finding one.[13]

Asato was with Hasekura Reiri, along with Mibuki Kazan, when she ran into Mikoto and the other two top clique heads in a hallway junction. When Hasekura returned after taking the Level 5 away for a brief contest, she asked how things went and received instructions to have a member in the Arts Club fix a broken sculpture before Hasekura left again. The two then discussed the situation regarding the clique and the two Level 5s.[7]

Mikagami and Hasekura Cliques, Confrontation (Railgun Ch133)

Asato present at a confrontation between the two cliques.

Some time later, as tensions rose between the Hasekura Clique and the Mikagami Clique over alleged attacks on the latter's members by the former, Asato relayed instructions from Hasekura, who was away at a demonstration in Paris, not to instigate further conflict until she returned, but was disregarded by Yasutoba Suika.[8][9]

Hasekura's initial encounter with Shokuhou

Asato with Hasekura, encountering Shokuhou and Hokaze for the first time.

Asato greeted Hasekura on her return and discussed the situation regarding the whole clique conflict, accompanying her on her walk and her subsequent meeting with Shokuhou Misaki.[14][2] After Hasekura had finished her talk with Shokuhou, satisfied herself that she was not involved and suggesting she start a clique of her own, Asato had a talk with Shokuhou herself, talking about her own role as deception officer.[2] On hearing how Asato envied yet sympathized with her power, given how her investigations frequently stumbled into the dark side of students (no longer able to enjoy her favorite pancakes as a result), Shokuhou made an offer - if she started a clique like Hasekura suggested, she'd let her join to take the weight off her shoulder. Asato denied needing help, making a remark about Shokuhou's size and disbelieving her claims about growing, but ultimately replied that she'd join if Shokuhou was taller than her by the time Hasekura graduated.[2]

Four girls around a table

Shokuhou, Hokaze, Asato and Mibuki together.

Several days later, Asato and Mibuki were assigned to accompany Shokuhou Misaki and Hokaze Junko when Hasekura was creating the appearance that she and the Level 5 were working together in order to provoke movement from the mastermind behind the inter-clique conflict, with the two aides there ostensibly to protect Shokuhou in case the mastermind tried to attack her but also to reinforce the plausibility of the rumor.[3]

Montgolfier and Hasekura

Asato with the rest of the Hasekura clique during the confrontation at Montgolfier's HQ.

After Montgolfier was identified as the culprit behind the attacks that instigated and aggravated the clique conflict, Asato joined the rest of the Hasekura clique, with later reinforcements from the Mikagami and Sha cliques, for a raid on the company's headquarters, and was involved in the subsequent battle with Montgolfier's operatives and their prototype weapons.[15]

Remaining Tensions (Railgun Ch144)

Asato verbally sparring with Kazan'in, as tensions remain between the Hasekura and Mikagami cliques during the theatre visit.

During her art appreciation elective in October, Asato visited a theatre in School District 9 with a group of Tokiwadai students including members of the Hasekura and Mikagami cliques. Before the performance, she stood in front of Enjou Kasumi and traded verbal blows with Kazan'in Tsukasa, when the latter was belittling the former again.[16] Following the performance, she and Kazan'in were at the head of the departing Tokiwadai crowd as they learned that a fire had broken out backstage.[16] After Shokuhou had taken care of the other panicking guests and prompted the Tokiwadai students into action, reminding her of how Hasekura reckoned she had the makings of a clique leader, Asato did her part in their collective efforts to ensure people were safe from the fire, rescuing several trapped staff members together with Amano Ayane.[17]

Astral Buddy[]

Astral Buddy Arc[]

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Ch3,[4] Ch9[5]

Asato was present at a clique meeting, during which Hokaze was drawing a picture of the ghost following her and an exhausted Shokuhou came in after having her bag stolen by a lemur, with Asato participating in the clique's retrieval operation afterwards.[4]

When Shokuhou was incapacitated and kidnapped by Yumiya Iruka and Houjou Arei, Asato wasn't able to come to her queen's aid in time, with the glasses-wearing girl, Kobayashi Satori and several other clique members being attacked en route.[5] She was surprised when Kobayashi slapped Hokaze's cheeks and urged her to pull herself together rather than lament as they still had a chance to save their queen. With Hokaze having recovered her composure, Asato followed her directions along with the rest of the clique as they sought to track down Shokuhou and her abductors, but also wondered to Hokaze why the perpetrators had wanted her to go after them alone.[5]

She was present when the 'ghost' phoned Hokaze while possessing Shokuhou, enabling GPS tracking, with Hokaze explaining it to her, Kobayashi and the glasses girl as an emergency avatar prepared by Mental Out.[5] As the clique discussed what to do, Asato rejected the glasses girl's idea of taking over the likely destination lab in District 10 as it might provoke their enemy, prioritizing their queen's safety.[5]

Perpetrators of Recent Incidents (Astral Buddy Ch18)

Asato and Kobayashi apprehending the girl, on the left.

She would later help to subdue and restrain the attacker who had prevented the clique members from coming to Shokuhou's aid during the initial kidnapping.[18]

During efforts to rescue Yuuri Senya and stop the out-of-control individuals connected to Ideal, Shokuhou decided not to utilize her clique as members had been using Indian Poker and might have seen the Ideal card, and subsequently be susceptible to its influence.[19][20] A depiction of Asato's face, along with Kobayashi and the glasses girl's faces as well as an apology from one of them, during an explanation to that effect suggests she might have been among the ones who had used Indian Poker.[20]

Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out[]

Tokiwadai Election Arc[]

Main article: Tokiwadai Election Arc
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Ch1-4,[6][10][21][22] Ch8/10,[23][11] Ch13-14,[24][25] Ch23-24[26][27]

Asato was present for Gaouin Tsukasa's initial electoral challenge to Shokuhou Misaki, having previously been talking with other clique members about how she had ended up competing with a fellow student in eating pancakes.[6] She was also involved in the events that followed, including the clique's planning for the election after their room had been taken from them, the revelation of Mikoto's support for Gaouin and subsequent investigation, and the accusations against Hokaze Junko.[6][10][21][22]

Kamino's clique stalling Shokuhou's clique (Mental Out Ch10)

Asato and others being confronted by members of Kamino's clique.

While the other election candidates were conducting their joint attack against Shokuhou and Gaouin, who had formed a temporary alliance to find evidence to exonerate Hokaze, Asato, Kobayashi and others had been out doing campaigning work, and were confronted by a group from Kamino's clique over Hokaze's alleged threatening of one of their members, actually intending to distract and stall them long enough for the attack to succeed. Asato exchanged words with the student whom she had competed with over pancakes previously, while Kobayashi used her ability to check for hidden adversaries besides the visible ones.[23][11]


Argon Gigant

Asato using Argon Gigant.

Asato's ability is Argon Gigant (不燃巨人アルゴンギガント Funen Kyojin (Arugon Giganto)?, lit. "Incombustible Giant"), which allows her to control argon, gathering up smoke and steam to create a giant made of non-flammable gas.[27] As a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, it can be presumed to be at Level 3 or 4.

Character Art Designs[]



Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E24 22m 11s stitch

A possible cameo alongside Shokuhou and others, with different hair colors.

  • Although an anime character design presumed to Asato is present among the designs for minor characters from Shokuhou's clique,[28] she doesn't appear in the adaptations of the scenes which involved her in the manga.[29][30]
  • In the last episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, she seems to appear in Shokuhou's cameo alongside Hokaze Junko and two other clique members,[31] however in that case, she and the glasses-wearing member have different hair colors/shades than in other media, such as the colored manga-related illustrations (such as on the cover of Volume 11) and the character designs for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.[31][32][28]


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