Ascalon (Anime)

Acqua wielding Ascalon, as seen in the anime.

Ascalon (アスカロン Asukaron?) or Great Sword Ascalon (聖剣アスカロン Seiken Asukaron?) is a giant sword, given to Acqua of the Back by the Astrological Surgery Brigade. It is based on the legend of St. George, specifically the holy sword he wielded to slay a dragon.[1]


Ascalon is about 3.5m long. Inscribed on the side of the sword is its name and the coat of arms of Acqua of the Back.[2]

The sword has various portions of varying thickness and angles, with sections of the blade resembling an axe, a razor and saw, with spikes and a wire positioned on it.[3]


Ascalon was created based around what weapon would be required to slay the 50 foot long dragon from the legend of St. George, using just that weapon. Though certain writers described the sword in the legend as a one-handed falchion, when such a weapon was actually constructed, the result was a giant sword 3.5m long and weighing 200kg.[1]

Ascalon - Glow

Ascalon shining blue in the anime

The sword possesses various traits which are designed to allow it to be used in different ways, meant to cut through the different parts of the dragon.[4] Magical power is supplied to the section of Ascalon which is to be used and the shine of the blade changes color depending on which function is being used[3] (in the anime, the blade merely glows blue[5]):

  • Red: A thick axe-like blade, meant to cleave the dragon's sinews.[6]
  • Blue: A thin razor-like blade, meant to cut away the dragon's fat.[6]
  • Green: A church-key spike in the blade, meant to tear the dragon's scales off.[6]
  • Yellow: A fretsaw wire nestled on the blade, meant to disembowel the dragon.[6]
  • Purple: A giant saw on the back of the blade, meant to sever the dragon's bones.[6]
  • Pink: A hook spike attached to the pommel, meant to pull out the dragon's fangs.[6]
  • White: A close-combat spike near the grip, meant to gouge out the dragon's nerves.[6]
  • Acqua draws out the hidden blade
  • The grip with the hidden blade detached
  • The detached blade on a wire from the grip
  • The mace inflating
  • The mace inflated
  • The clasp on the hilt, driven into the Knight Leader's neck

Embedded within the giant sword's grip is a hidden, smaller sword, about 1m long. This sword can release it's blade on a thin wire connected to the grip, which can be extended and retracted. A small clasp mechanism is located on the grip to secure the blade. A giant mace can also be produced from the wire.[6]


Ascalon was created at the end of the 16th century by an artist who based it on the sword used by St. George and was created around the idea of working out what exactly would be needed to slay the dragon from the legend if it actually existed.[1]

Sometime afterwards, the weapon ended up in the possession of a member of the Divination Operation Brigade. When Acqua of the Back wanted a weapon from the brigade member before returning to England, while Acqua was unsure if it suited him the member merely showed him his escutcheon design from ten years ago, that was already emblazoned upon the sword that it was.[1]


British Royal Family ArcEdit

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Acqua wielding Ascalon during the British Halloween.

In his battle with the Knight Leader at Folkestone, Acqua made full use of Ascalon's attributes in order to fight against the Knight Leader's use of Hrunting.[4][3][7][5] As the Knight Leader's Thororm's Defense Formula neutralized Ascalon's offensive power, Acqua was forced to discard the main sword and bring out the hidden weapons, eventually managing to defeat the Knight Leader with the protruding clasp on the grip mechanism.[6]

Acqua used Ascalon in the subsequent battle against Princess Carissa wielding the Curtana Original.[8][9]

World War III ArcEdit

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Acqua continued to make use of Ascalon during the events of World War III.[10][11] His final use of the sword was to steady himself as he absorbed half of Archangel Gabriel's Telesma.[12] Losing his powers as a Saint and a member of God's Right Seat as a result, Acqua was no longer able to wield Ascalon.[13][14]



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