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Asociacion de Ciencia (科学結社Asociacion de Ciencia Kagaku Kessha?, lit. "Science Society"), also known by its English transliteration Science Association, is an organization that is outside of Academy City. As its name indicates, it is an organization that focuses on science. A rather unscrupulous group that antagonizes Academy City, it later underestimated its capabilities, and is crushed by Anti-Skill.[1]


The Spanish term is misspelled in the original novel, and instead spelled as Asociacion de Cienia. It is unknown why the author chose to name it as Spanish, but it can be assumed that it is at least Spanish in origin.


The organization deals in theft, corporate espionage, and conspiracy. It is antagonistic towards Academy City.[2] It had Amai Ao under its employ,[1] and may have lended him money, and he in turn may have sold them knowledge of the Tree Diagram.[1] It also allows children in their ranks, like Musujime Awaki.

It apparently has connections with Cape Kennedy, and planned the operations related to the acquiring the Remnant of Tree Diagram.[3]

The organization is apparently capable enough to rebuild Tree Diagram via the Remnant enough for Awaki to ally herself with them.


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Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

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On September 14, hired guns of the organization manage along with espers sympathetic to their cause begin the operation of retrieving Remnant. The hired guns successfully manage to intercept the delivery of the luggage that carried it from School District 23 to a research institute inside Academy City,[2] and are later acquired by Musujime Awaki.[4]

Their plan falls into utter ruin however, as the organization is attacked by Anti-Skill headed by Yomikawa Aiho,[1] and the Remnant is destroyed by Accelerator. It is unknown how Anti-Skill managed to find the organization, let alone attack it, but it can be assumed that the organization is destroyed as the leader is most likely killed in Aiho's attack.[5]