"As I Thought, the Queen Does Not Have the Bag with Her" (やはり女王にはそのお鞄がありませんと Yahari Jo'ō ni wa Sono O-kaban ga Arimasen to?) is the third chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy, released on June 27, 2017. Shokuhou Misaki returns to the school and demands her clique to search for her bag that has been stolen by a wild animal. Meanwhile, Misaki has a different job for Junko.


Junko wakes up to find that she is wearing the dress that her father gave to her when she was younger. Finding out that the ghost girl had once again possessed her body and made her wear the dress, it then rips as it has become too tight for Junko. Later, Junko still has problems in how she would be able to help the ghost girl as she is unable to take a photo of her. Junko later participates in a meeting the Queen's clique, and draws the ghost girl's portrait, impressing her fellow clique members.

Suddenly, a tired Shokuhou Misaki, the Queen of Tokiwadai, arrives and demands that her thirst be quenched. Junko and the other spring into action to make her feel better, impressing the ghost girl. Junko later sees that Misaki is missing her bag, to which Misaki responds that it has been stolen. In a flashback to her wandering about the Indian Poker cards, her bag is suddenly stolen by a lemur, and though she tries to run after it she become easily tired and delegates the task to other girls instead.

Misaki in the present time tells Kobayashi Satori to take command and not allow the lemur to escape Tokiwadai. Like a well-oiled machine, Satori takes charge and orders the rest of the clique to do what she says. Junko is ordered to stay put, and is teased by it by Satori. The ghost girl is also interested and goes with the search as well. Misaki orders Junko to massage her (the first time Junko is asked of this), making Junko embarrassed. As Junko massages Misaki's legs, she mentions how she knows about Junko spraining her wrist, and tells her not to push herself too much. Meanwhile, the girls of the clique find the lemur and draws the attention of the other Tokiwadai girls.

As the massage continues, Junko becomes a little to enthusiastic of her duties, making Misaki tease her. She then wonders about Junko's drawing, the ghost girl, and notices something about it. Misaki asks about it but Junko says that it is a private matter, making Misaki say that because of that she wants to know more about it. Misaki leans in and tells Junko that since she is part of her clique everything she owns belongs to her, even her worries. As Misaki leans in close to Junko, too close as if to kiss her, the other clique members finally arrive, barging into the room, much to their jealousy.

As the clique wonders about what they should do with the lemur. Misaki thoughts dwell on how someone would use their power to control the lemur and steal her bag. She wonders who could have done it and for what purpose and why there was no follow up. Moreover, her thoughts also wonder toward Junko, still in a daze after Misaki's antics. The ghost girl returns as well and tells Junko of what she saw. Misaki then leaves, leaving everything else to Junko,  but before that she uses her powers on a girl to later bump into Junko, scattering the papers she was carrying.

The girl leaves one piece of paper however, and it is an accurate drawing of the ghost girl. Misaki has used her powers to help Junko on her task, and is relieved that she isn't in any kind of danger, though is annoyed that she puts her in so much trouble. Meanwhile, a girl gazes from a window, dismayed that the lemur was captured and the bag is still in Misaki's possession. The girl then thinks that she needs more advice.

Major EventsEdit

  • Someone wants to steal Misaki's bag.
  • Misaki helps Junko in finding out who the ghost girl is.


In order of appearance:

New CharactersEdit


New AbilitiesEdit

  • Power to control animals



  • This would be the second chapter in a row where Junko wakes up at the beginning of the chapter and finds out to discover that the ghost girl has done something to her body.


  • Misaki has an Indian Poker card in her hand, referring to the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga storyline, the Dream Ranker Arc, she was involved in that just ended when this chapter was first published.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Misaki says that Junko's drawing is "manga"-like. Her artwork closely resembles a stereotypical shoujo romance manga.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Does Misaki know who the ghost girl is?
  • Who was the one who controlled the monkey and wanted to steal Misaki's bag? Was it the girl at the end and why?


  • Misaki: "Hokaze, you're part of my clique. You swore allegiance to me, so everything you own belongs to me, pain, suffering, despair are no exception. Your worries... are my worries."--to Junko.
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