Chapter 5.5 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy was released on October 27, 2017.


It's raining and the ghost girl is bored. She urges Junko to dress up but she refuses as it is against the rules. She complains to Junko that she is wasting her beautiful body and looks with the way she dresses, but Junko says it is fine as long as the Queen likes her the way she is, much to the girl's annoyance. Junko says that she's normal looking. Annoyed by this the Ghost Girl convinces her to wear a bit of make up, and possesses her a bit to help her. After the session, Junko slips up and mutters that she really might be beautiful, elating the Ghost Girl. But Junko gets annoyed by the Ghost Girl continually pressing her to say it aloud and let everyone see her and ends their little experiment.

At night when Junko is asleep, she takes control of her body and dresses her up, determined to have Junko admit that she is cute. And the only way for her to do that is to have the Queen tell her she is. In the Queen's second home, Misaki is failing to do some push-ups when she finds Junko in her balcony. In surprise, Junko, controlled by the Ghost girl, comes on to her strong and carries her to her bed. When Junko asks if she is cute to Misaki, she made the mistake of calling her by her first name instead of "Queen". Misaki quickly puts two and two together and threatens Junko for her mischief. Scared, the Ghost Girl takes Junko's body and quickly runs away. After she's gone, Misaki is flabbergasted by the events, though she was seriously contemplatng on giving Junko actual advice.

The next day, Junko is unaware of the events of last night, while the Ghost Girl is apologizing. Soon, Junko will be punished by the Queen for her mischief.

Major Events

  • Ghost girl possesses Junko's body in order to have Misaki tell Junko she is cute, but is forced to flee once Misaki realizes she isn't Junko.





  • This chapter occurs immediately after the events of chapter 3 when the lemur stole Misaki's purse.
  • Junko's eyes "flame up" when she's possessed by the ghost girl.
  • Misaki has two homes: her Tokiwadai dormitory inside School Garden and an apartment somewhere in Academy City.


Cultural References

No references to culture where shown this chapter.

Unanswered questions

  • Why does Misaki have a second home?


  • Misaki: "If you plan on continuing this any longer... then I'll have to punish you juuuuust a little harshly."--to Junko whose body is possessed by the Ghost Girl.
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