"Final Weapon" (最後の武器 Saigo no Buki?) is the sixth chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy, released on November 27, 2017.

Yumiya Iruka proclaims her victory over Shokuhou Misaki as she successful defeats her in an ambush. However, she is caught in the act by Judgment's Komaki, sparking a fight that involves the Shokuhou clique.


With Shokuhou Misaki knocked out, Yumiya Iruka gloats about her victory while trying to control her excitement over the successful plan to capture Misaki. She, however, owes the success of her plan to her accomplice, who is certain about the connection between Misaki and the theory behind the Dream Ranker cards. For the meantime, the accomplice decides to ascertain Misaki's loss of consciousness while allowing Iruka to do her way with her.

Suddenly, Komaki appears as a member of Judgment to arrest Iruka and her accomplice for attacking Misaki. With Iruka's accomplice refusing to surrender, Komaki confronts the two with the use of her optical control ability. Immediately, Komaki's inexperience becomes evident with the accomplice managing to thwart Komaki's attacks despite the clear advantage, even breaking the naginata that Komaki is using. Eventually, despite her attempts to confuse the accomplice, Komaki receives a knee across her torso, while the accomplice berates her for not being able to apply the knowledge from Judgment training.

After remembering a failed virtual reality test she underwent with Kuroko and the advice she received from her colleague, Komaki decides to stall the movements of Iruka and her accomplice, convinced that "an unbreakable spirit" is her last resort. Responding to this, the accomplice decides to slowly break Komaki's arm to test her resolve.

Then, a spinning kick hurls back the accomplice away from Komaki. Hokaze Junko appears in response to Komaki's earlier contact, and decides to fight Iruka and her accomplice in Komaki's stead.

Major EventsEdit

  • Komaki attempts to rescue Shokuhou Misaki from Yumiya Iruka and her accomplice, but fails.
  • An enraged Hokaze Junko steps in to confront Shokuhou Misaki's attackers.


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New CharactersEdit


New AbilitiesEdit

  • Unnamed light-emitting or stimulus manipulation esper ability - Yumiya Iruka
  • Unnamed optical control esper ability - Komaki




Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Photosensitive epilepsy or PSE is a form of epilepsy caused by visual stimuli. Iruka triggers PSE by simulating the stimulus of a flash of light directly into the visual cortex, making it effective regardless of a person's sensitivity towards PSE.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What does Dolly have to do with Misaki's wariness with the Indian Poker cards?
  • Who sent the Indian Poker cards to Misaki to intimidate her?
  • If Iruka and her accomplice weren't the one who sent the cards to intimidate Misaki then why did they attack her?


  • Kuroko: "Komaki, you run headlong into everything and try to fight it out... but that meathead way of thinking won't solve these problems."
  • Kuroko: "What matters most is to never give up. Ultimately, our mission is to protect people. So we cannot let our spirit break as long as there is still someone to protect. Yes, so you could say... An unbreakable spirit is your final weapon."


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