"The Serious You is Unbeatable" (本気の貴女は無敵なんです Honki no Kijo wa Muteki nan desu?) is the seventh chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy, released on December 27, 2017.


Junko commends Komaki for her efforts. As she contemplates her opponents' goals, a kunai is suddenly thrown at her, and she dodges it. Out comes the girl in the spats charging toward her. She commends Junko's physical prowess and assumes that Junko's power strengthens her body though not enough it would seem for her. As they fight, the girl notes Junko is not using her full power and wonders if she is buying time for help to arrive or is afraid of destroying her enemy with her power. Junko doesn't answer however, forcing the girl to try and punch her. Junko however dodges every blow she tries to make, and with an opening Junko counters with a punch to the girl's face. Junko then tosses her, and as the girl lied on the ground, Junko tries to kick her. The girl however dodges and rolls out of the way and tries kicking Junko as well, which she dodges. The girl can only block Junko as she becomes relentless in her powerful attacks.

The girl admits the Junko is strong, while Junko wonders why her attacks are so light and wonders if the girl has a telekinesis in a lull in a battle. As their battle continues, Iruka, still tied up, can only admire Junko and her abilities. She, however, says even after all that Junko is still holding back, and that if Junko really did take things seriously, she would be unbeatable. As she says this, Iruka twists and moves her body enough for her to be able to get something from her pocket unbeknownst to Junko. Meanwhile, the girl in spats keeps on kicking and it keeps on missing. Junko continually dodges her attacks effortlessly, much to her chagrin. But she has a plan under her sleeves, liquids in a container to blind her, giving her enough time to inject Junko with the same thing that kept Misaki unconscious. She tosses the water into Junko's eyes and it successfully blinds her momentarily. However, as the girl moves in Junko gives the girl a headbutt. As the girl is stunned, Junko grabs the girls clothes and tosses her toward the tree, but then the girl uses her powers and lands on the tree on her feet and breaks it.

On her feet, the girl laughs as her face is bloody thanks to Junko's headbutt. Despite her injury, the girl is actually enjoying the fight she is having with Junko. She apologizes to Junko for underestimating her and that she will not hold back now and will seriously from now on.

Suddenly there is a powerful zap that comes between them. Iruka tells her accomplice to stop. The girl tells Iruka not to interrupt just when the fight was getting good. Iruka scolds her however, as they are out of time. Iruka shows off her laser pointer that she uses her powers on, making it last longer. She then points the laser pointer toward the still-unconscious Komaki, telling her that Junko could have taken the Queen already and ran away but didn't. Seeing the danger, Junko manages to save Komaki from Iruka's laser. But all is going according to plan, as Junko lands in a trap. Junko and Komaki are caught in a net with reinforced fibers. Iruka and her accomplice says it will buy them time as they can now escape with the Queen.

Iruka smiles, excited at Junko's expression. Iruka asks Junko to show her more of those "bright emotions", and to capture them after they have abducted her precious Queen. However, there is a condition, and that is Junko must come alone and threatens the Queen if she breaks the rules. Junko falls into despair and screams Misaki's name as Iruka and her accomplice leave with the Queen.

Sometime later, Misaki awakens from her Indian Poker card dream with fire in her eyes.

Major EventsEdit

  • Junko fails to save Misaki as Iruka and her accomplice takes her away.
  • Misaki is subjected to the "malicious" Indian Poker card and wakes up from her dream.


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  • Misaki's eyes after waking up from her dream are similar to when Junko was possessed by the ghost girl.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The girl in spats uses a kunai against Junko, which is famously associated with ninjas.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Was it tied to Junko's hits on Iruka's accomplice being lighter?
  • How does Iruka know Junko and her power?
  • Is there more to Junko's power than what it seems?


  • Iruka: "That's the Hokaze-san I know. Ahhh~~ She really is lovely. But... It's too bad. Even after all this... You aren't taking this truly seriously. Because when you wear you dress... and take things... truly... seriously... you are unbeatable."--regarding Junko.
  • Iruka: "Ahh... when you look at me like that... I just don't know what to do with myself. Please show me... more of those bright emotions. Come capture us after we abduct... your precious Queen. The one condition... is that you pursue us alone. Break that rule and your precious Queen... will meet an unpleasant fate."--Iruka's challenge to Junko.


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