"The World Where That Person Is" (あの人のいる世界 Ano Hito no Iru Sekai?) is the 13th chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy, released on July 27th 2018.


Iruka fills the room with tiny lasers as Junko keeps charging on, determined to take her down even at the cost of her own eye or her own body. However, Junko continues charging forward and the lasers are having no effect. Iruka admits that each individual beam isn't that powerful but it should still be having some effect. Then Iruka sees that Junko has become serious, her powers having no affect on Junko. Seeing Junko give her all, Iruka admits that Junko is amazing.

However, before Junko can punch her, Iruka collapses, her mind finally realizing what she wanted to do, not to defeat Junko but to show everyone how incredible she was. Junko catches her head before it hits the floor. Junko says that Iruka producing that much heat from her eyesocket would be suicidal hence why she couldn't let Iruka hit her head as well. Suddenly, after using her powers to that extent, Junko once again gets another headache. Junko says what she has is not talent, admitting to herself that she is not too different from Iruka. She compares herself to the Level 5s, the world in which her Queen resides in, and one she cannot reach, remembering the time a Level 5's power was shown. And that's why she wants to keep a person from that same world by her side, though she says it isn't working well, and that neither of them are strong enough.

Major EventsEdit

  • Iruka exhausts herself in the battle and collapses, giving Junko the win.


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  • Iruka is confirmed to be a Gekota fan as well.


  • Junko is shown to be a witness to the giant sphere that Misaka Mikoto made back in chapter 67 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.[1]
  • Junko also recalls her time having tea with Mikoto and Misaki back in chapter 72.[2]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

No references to culture were introduced this chapter.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How did Junko use her powers to such an extent that the tiny lasers didn't affect her at all?


  • Iruka: "Oh, so that's it. I finally understand. I didn't want to defeat Hokaze-san. I wanted to be a Level 5. Because Hokaze-san is shockingly good-natured. That's why no one notices how incredible she is. But you saw what she could do, right? My all was no match for it. That's what she can do. Isn't it incredible!? This is Hokaze-san! My goal! My aspiration! I wasn't wrong! I need to let everyone know... how incredible Hokaze-san was!"--Iruka's final thoughts before falling unconscious.
  • Junko: "Look at me... this isn't talent... You said... we're different didn't you? We're not... I couldn't reach... the same world as her. I'm a puny little thing... in the world of the Level 5s. So I can't protect her from the disasters... that will befall her. And that is why... I want to keep someone from that same world... by her side. It isn't working very well though. Neither of us are strong enough."--to Iruka.


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