"Astral Buddy" (アストラル・バディ Asutoraru Badi?) is the 19th chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy, released on April 27th 2019.


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  • Sogiita Gunha and Hokaze Junko continue their battle.
    • Senya reveals to Junko that she has regained her memories and with her power called Astral Buddy can level the playing field in fighting Gunha.
    • A mass of AIM diffusion fields just like back in Clone Dolly: Ideal gathers around Junko and Senya during their fight.
  • Mitsuaryi Ayu is revealed to be the mastermind behind the malicious Indian Poker card and is attempting to recreate the "Ideal power" that Clone Dolly: Ideal sought through Yuuri Senya and Hokaze Junko.
    • The scientist who was possessed by the mass of AIM diffusion fields during the Ideal power experiment is working with Mitsuari Ayu and has possession of Senya's real body.


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  • "Astral Buddy" is title dropped in this chapter and is the name of Yuuri Senya's esper power.


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