Astral Buddy Manga Volume 2 is the second volume of the Astral Buddy manga series that was released on September 27th, 2018.[1]

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Shokuhou is in the hands of the enemy!? The tumultuous 2nd volume of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun spin-off series.

In Academy City where esper powers are being developed, the stage is set in the prestigious schools for ojous, Tokiwadai Middle School.

The number 2 of Shokuhou's clique, the "Ringlet Curl Girl", Hokaze Junko, has her body possessed by the ghost girl and played around with her all day.

Meanwhile, Shokuhou Misaki is chasing after the disturbing event happening in Tokiwadai Middle School under the surface. However, she falls for the enemy's devious trap and loses consciousness. Hokaze Junko rushes to save Shokuhou, however, strong enemies surround her……?



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Astral Buddy Volume 2
Astral Buddy Manga v02 Cover (English)
Release Date English July 23, 2019[2]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-64-275076-8
Number of Pages 180 pages

In Academy City, trouble is afoot at the prestigious all-girls’ school Tokiwadai. Hokaze Junko is being stalked by a ghostly girl who needs Junko’s help to find out who–or what–she is, since she has no memory of her own identity. Unfortunately, Junko’s investigation into this lost spirit has to take a back seat when her beloved Shokuhou Misaki falls into enemy hands! Is Junko strong enough with her Rampage Dress psychic ability to save her queen?


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