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Astral Buddy Manga Volume 4 is the fourth and final volume of the Astral Buddy manga series, released on October 26th 2020.[1]

Publisher's Summary

The one who stands in the way is the #7 Sogiita Gunha!? The final volume of the Railgun spinoff!

After defeating the mastermind of the case targeting Shokuhou’s Clique, Yumiya Iruka, and her collaborator, Houjou Arei, Hokaze’s life seemed to have regained peace. However, this time the #7 Level 5, Sogiita Gunha, challenges Hokaze to a match! In front of the overwhelming difference in ability, Hokaze was left on the defensive, but...!?

And... despite the turmoil that befalls Hokaze, the true mastermind, Mitsuari Ayu, steadily advances her plan. The incident that originated with a ghostly disturbance, finally engulfs the whole of Academy City into chaos!!!

The Railgun spinoff where the young ladies of Tokiwadai Middle School run through with each of their respective feelings in their hearts concludes here!!


Additional Contents

  • I Only Borrowed It a Little
  • See You Again Someday


Localized Releases


Astral Buddy Volume 4
Astral Buddy Manga v04 Cover (English).jpg
Release Date English June 22, 2021[2]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-64505-468-9
Number of Pages 180 pages

After taking out the ringleaders in the plot against the Shokuhou clique, Hokaze thought she might finally have a moment’s peace…until Sogita Gunha appeared and challenged her to a fight. The difference in their strength is so stark, it’s all Hokaze can do to defend against his attacks! Elsewhere, Mitsuari Ayu, the true mastermind, steadily advances her own plans. Full of hope and heart, this side story of A Certain Scientific Railgun comes to a close!


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