The attempted assassination of Academy City Board of Directors member Oyafune Monaka occurred on October 9, Academy City's Independence Day of the current year of the timeline. While speaking in a concert hall in School District 7, Sunazara Chimitsu tries to shoot Oyafune Monaka. No one was hurt due to the commotion caused by GROUP despite one of Monaka's bodyguards being shot.

In spite of the assassination's failure, the goals of SCHOOL, the ones who hired Chimitsu in the first place, was fulfilled, allowing them to steal the Tweezers.


SCHOOL's plans

The shooting of Oyafune Monaka was already conceived at least three days before when the sniper SCHOOL hired was killed by ITEM.[1] Ignoring ITEM's warning, SCHOOL hires sniper Sunazara Chimitsu and 10 hours prior to the start of the beginning of the shooting has him deal with Management. He buys Chimitsu a MSR-001 sniper rifle.[2] SCHOOL's plan was for the assassination to disrupt the security in the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory, allowing them to break in an steal the Tweezers kept there.[3]

After GROUP recovers the stacks of cash found in Management's apartment, they were able to analyze the IC chips on them. Here, they discover that Management's dealings with Chimitsu, the rifle that he purchased for him, as well as the plans for the assassination attempt on Oyafune Monaka's life.[2]

Assassination attempt

A School District 7 concer hall front plaza was chartered for an address by Oyafune Monaka,[2] As it was a holiday many students were present in the plaza, where at least two to three hundred students gathered in the plaza. A simple stage used for cultural festival was built in the middle of the plaza for the purpose of the address.[4] As a security measure, Wind Defense technology equipped on crane-like vehicles were used to thawrt potential sniper attacks.[5] Moreover, a team of 4 bodyguards surrounded Monaka.[4]

Monaka's address was directed specifically to the chilldren of the plaza, which was perfect as it was a holiday allowing for hundreds of students to fill it. Her speech was about appealing to grant suffrage to Academy City's children. As the majority of the city's inhabitans were children, suffrage was non-existent. Morever, adults couldn't voice complaints on the policies the Board of Directors has decided. According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, if suffrage was granted then it would've possible to stop the looming war. The speech was met with a positive reception from the audience from the plaza.[4]

GROUP arrived during the speech and took note of the event's security. They were approximately 100 meters from the stage during the stage, and could not approach it closer as the crowd would get in their way and limit their mobility. Here, they relied on the Wind Defense system to protect her from the sniper due to large number of security holes in the area and limited time they need to destroy them.[5] Meanwhile, Sunazara Chimitsu set up his weapon in a hotel room he broken into. He was 700 meters from Monaka at the time of the incident.[6]

The shooting

Sunazara Chimitsu's first actions were to shoot out the Wind Defense. One by one he was able to take out all of them without anyone other than Accelerator and Motoharu noticing, now giving him a shot at Monaka without any interference from them. Accelerator and Motoharu noticing that the Wind Defense devices have stopped working and later actually hear the devices being hit by Chimitsu's bullets, scrambled into action. Motoharu tried to get closer to Monaka to relay the danger to her but was unable to do so due to the crowd. With all the Wind Defenses gone, Accelerator was forced into action.[5] Before Chimitsu could shoot Monaka, an explosion at the corner of the concert hall front plaza was deliberately triggered by Accelerator, destroying one of the vehicles carrying a Wind Defense device. The surprise was enough for Chimitsu to miss his mark. He tries to shoot again but Monaka's bodyguards have already surruounded her and took her downstage. He shoots at his moving target but only struck one of the guards, who was knocked down but not killed because of his bulletproof equipment. Now knowing of a sniper the guards completely surrounded Monaka, hiding her behind them.[6]

Realizing that it was too late and that shooting Monaka would be close to impossible, Chimitsu decides to retreat. Before doing so however he decides to investigate the explosion. Here, he sees that the explosion came from the Wind Defense and later sees Accelerator emerging into the scene, staring directly at Chimitsu. As he disassembles his rifle and begins packing up, he promises to remember Accelerator's face.[6]


By the time Motoharu arrived at the hotel room Chimitsu has already left. He later calls Accelerator to report on that fact, but states to him that Chimitsu continuing his sniping is low. Motoharu then tells Accelerator to have Monaka's speech suspended and have it transferred after security measures are set up again. Accelerator then reports to Motoharu on how Musujime Awaki have finished analyzing the IC chips in Management's stacks of cash and tells him that SCHOOL is behind the assassination attempt.[7]

At the same time as this ITEM receives word of the assassination attempt in Joseph's Coffee and Restaurant. Here, they remarked that there's no reason behind it as she's not involved in anything important enough in the dark side of Academy City to warrant such an attack. According to Mugino Shizuri, it didn't matter who SCHOOL killed just as long as it caused a disturbance, however, they chose Monaka because she was the most convenient as she was a VIP with the least security. Mugino then asks them what would happen if someone assassinated a VIP, to which Kinuhata Saiai responds by saying people and equipment would be called in to protect or treat her, from where would be the quesiton. According to Mugino, it did not matter if Monaka died as SCHOOL would still attack their true target. Mugino then orders to find out what facilities have insufficient security due to the assassination attempt. She then continues by saying that they should also look into what would have happened if the assassination attempt was successful as she believes SCHOOL must have been trying to create a situation where they could move whether the sniper succeeded or failed. She states that there may be a facility that may have its security reduced regardless if the assassination was successful or not.[1] Their investigations later lead them to the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory, and where they would later intercept and do battle against SCHOOL.

It is unknown whether or not Monaka was able to make another address to the public regarding the need for suffrage in Academy City.

List of attendees of the speech


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