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Aureolus Izzard (アウレオルス=イザード Aureorusu Izādo?, Yen Press: Aureolus Isard) is a character from Toaru Majutsu no Index series and is the main antagonist of the second arc of the storyline (anime and light novels). He is a powerful magician and alchemist; he perfected his alchemy to the state where his thoughts are turned into reality which is called Ars Magna.[3]


His name is probably derived from the second name of Paracelsus' birth name, Phillippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, being the descendant of the famous alchemist.


His face is stern looking and very distinguished, which is complemented by the way he dresses, wearing a white suit over a blue dress shirt and wearing a light-pinkish tie, as well as wearing loafers, but his most striking feature is his green hair that is neatly combed. His hair was stated to be dyed green to better control the power green symbolizes - the Earth element and alchemy that's classed under the Earth element[4]. This is the same logic why Terra of the Left is wearing a green robe. His needles are stored inside the pocket over his right buttock.


He has serious air surrounding him, being as his Ars Magna requires concentration for it to properly work, this is justified. Despite this, he has been known to toy with the lives of his opponents if he finds them "amusing" enough. He is also smug enough to gloat lightly and underestimate his opponents, once again because he has the power of Ars Magna. He has a caring side to him, which he shows only to Index. Himegami Aisa later revealed that Aureolus explained to her certain magical concepts (such as the basic premise behind his Ars Magna), likely implying while that relationship was not enough to consider Aisa and Aureolus Student and Master, it shows that he had not always looked at her with the contempt that he showed after he was unable to save Index.

He has also casual disregard for the well-being and lives of other people around him, as he brainwashed the student body of Misawa Cram School to be able to use magic even though it is harmful to them. The worst example of this nature is that he blew up Stiyl Magnus from the inside out, to the point where Touma describes it as seeing a human anatomy exhibit in a museum where one walks inside the human body, since the blood and muscles were scattered all over the ceiling, all connected to the heart and still pumping blood throughout the veins.

Aureolus personality and actions were apparently derived from Kamachi Kazuma's concept of a what-if scenario regarding Touma's failure to save Index in the first volume. Indeed, it has been stated in the narrative several times that Aureolus desired to save Index no matter what, and is likened to him wanting to be the main protagonist.[5]

His personality was also different in the past, risking being discovered by the Roman Catholic Church by going to England to share his knowledge of decoding grimoires with the Church of England to save more people.[6]


Aureolus and Index.

He is a descendant of Paracelsus, a famous alchemist. Aureolus somehow decided to follow his ancestor's footsteps and become an alchemist, and studied the discipline of the Zurich school of alchemy.[3]

Three years prior to the start of the Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline, he was a member of the Roman Catholic Church as its Cancellarius or secret secretary whose job is to write grimoires and to decode modern witchcraft, find ways to counter them, and write them down in books. However, it was apparent that the Roman Catholic Church only wanted to use his grimoires as trump cards against other belief systems instead of saving people from witchcraft. Seeing this, Aureolus went off on his own, smuggling his books from the Church to England where magic and witchcraft was rampant, believing he could save more people, and made a partnership with the Anglican Church.

Here, he later meets Index, the keeper of the 103,000 grimoires, and becomes her partner. However, he soon discovered that his partner needed her memories to be erased in order for her to survive (which is a complete fabrication). Despite his efforts, Index was someone Aureolus could not truly save and had her memories with him erased. Seeing that he couldn't even save a single girl, Aureolus lost the confidence in saving others. Deciding to save Index no matter what the cost and knowing that neither magic or technology could save her, Aureolus turned against the Roman Catholic Church, making him their enemy, hid himself and tried to find a way to save her through unusual means, concluding to use vampires as a way to save her.[6]

He later meets Himegami Aisa, being aware of her ability, Deep Blood, and her suffering because of it. He offers her a proposition for him to use her and her ability to lure vampires as to help Index, in exchange for him to help her with her powers (actually provide her with a Walking Church). It was apparent to Aisa that he was being sincere in his proposition. He takes over Misawa Cram School that abducted Aisa,[3] and used it as a staging point for his plan and brainwashes the student body to abide by his whims and made them able to use limited magic, using a replica of Gregorio's Chant and power up his Ars Magna.[7][8]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Deep Blood Arc

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

He appears in the second story arc of the anime and light novels, here he has gained control of Misawa Cram School and Himegami Aisa where he uses it as a staging point for his plans. He is attacked by the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church which he defeats handily.

However he is confronted by both Stiyl Magnus of Necessarius and Kamijou Touma, wanting to retrieve Himegami Aisa and stop his control over the school. With the power of his Ars Magna, he made them both lose their memories as to what transpired within the school, however this is foiled by Touma and his Imagine Breaker. In a strange twist of fate, Index appears before Aureolus having wandered out to look for Touma, when they meet Index is unaware of who he is, their reunion is cut-short by the remaining Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church using the true Gregorio's Chant to raze the school, however it is also stopped and actually reversed by Aureolus.

The form of despair Aureolus imagined at the eleventh hour.

Touma and Stiyl confronts Aureolus about his plans, he states that he is using Aisa to attract vampires so he can either make them tell on how to make her immortal or turn her to a vampire, the reason being as so she need not have her memories erased and her life threatened. His plans come to a halt when Stiyl points out to him that Touma has already achieved in saving Index, which infuriates Aureolus. He attacks and kills Aisa as she has become useless to him but is saved by Touma using his Imagine Breaker.

Touma does battle with Aureolus, in which he succeeds in countering everything Aureolus throws at him. In the midst of battle Stiyl comments on how his Ars Magna can distort reality and can do anything, he proceeds to ask him why he went to the tedious process in obtaining a vampire using Deep Blood, if he can simply wish for one. This angers Aureolus, which makes him turn Stiyl inside-out, and still manages to keep Stiyl alive despite that. He continues his battle with Touma and cuts off his right arm to disable his Imagine Breaker, however this backfires as Touma is seen walking and shrugging off the pain of losing an arm, explained in the light novel as Stiyl still being capable of casting spells in his condition, and made mirages to make it appear as if the attacks had missed Touma, planting the seeds of doubt for Aureolus' downfall. Aureolus continues retaliating but Touma negates every attack he uses. Eventually Aureolus cowers in fear of him, because Ars Magna makes one's thoughts into reality, he makes Stiyl come alive and imagines Touma as a monster, this comes true and Touma attacks him and thus Aureolus is defeated because of his own powers.

However, there is a chance the dragon head that came out of Touma is not entirely Aureolus' imagination, as in the last chapter of Volume 2, Touma wondered if Aureolus would really have such a wild imagination that specifically imagines "an ethereal dragon head coming out of his severed arm." Touma then thought the chances were slim, but there may still be a chance that this dragon may not be entirely be Ars Magna's creation. This theory is also fueled by the "thing" Fiamma of the Right saw coming out of Touma's right shoulder after he himself cut off Imagine Breaker.[9]


Stiyl Magnus allowed him to live, however he changed Aureolus' appearance after losing his magic and memories before releasing him so as to keep the Roman Catholic Church from pursuing him, his current whereabouts and form are unknown.[10] It is unknown whether Stiyl did this under orders or of his own will, as in the light novel, Stiyl only told Touma he "killed" Aureolus, that by erasing his memories and changing his appearances the person known as Aureolus is practically dead.

Due to him defeating the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church and Gregorio's Chant spell, the Roman Catholic Church has been severely weakened in terms of power.[11].


His magic name is Honos628, "My honor is for the world" (我が名誉は世界のために Waga Meiyo wa Sekai no Tame ni?).[12]

He was said to be a magic author, capable of writing original grimoires. His job is to input 'vaccines' to make the grimoire destroy themselves, when he worked with the Roman Catholic Church.[13].

Ars Magna

Main article: Ars Magna

Aurelous Izzard piercing his own neck.

Aureolus uses a powerful form of alchemy known as Ars Magna (黄金練成アルス=マグナ Ōgon Rensei (Arusu Maguna)?, lit. "Golden Training"), which allows him to think of anything and make it into reality. He requires great concentration for it to properly work, or else it may cause considerable unwanted effects (and can even be used against him, as Touma proved); because of this he uses needles to stab himself with in the neck to allow him to concentrate. After attaining sufficient concentration, Izzard then has to verbally express a command to initiate the effects that he desired; the commands can be of simple to complex phrases depending of the effect in question that he wishes to manifest. He uses acupuncture to soothe himself before using Ars Magna if he happens to be excited, which hints that he has at least some knowledge in this field. Of course, while Ars Magna allows him to materialize his very thoughts into reality, it does not actually enable him to alter (or undo in any way) the laws of reality.[14] Touma likened to a computer simulation, that if even a line of code is messed with it will not function.

Aureolus admitted that using Ars Magna would usually be impossible, but he got passed that by using the two thousand students in Misawa Cram School to simultaneously obtain knowledge. By utilizing the Gregorian Chant Replica to chant the spell simultaneously, he was able to bypass the time required to chant the spell in only a mere seven days as well as increase its effects 120 times.[8] Since the students were not magicians however, and the unconventional way Aureolus obtained Ars Magna, it was incomplete and couldn't be used without the help of accupuncture needles.

The main concept behind that Ars Magna is 'To purify the murky, lead-like soul of a human into a pure golden soul of an angel' (『鉛のようにくすんだ人の魂を、黄金のごとき天使の魂へ昇華させる』) [15].

List of known Ars Magna commands

  • "I will come to you now" - Allows Aureolus to move instantly towards a person. It is akin to teleportation in a way.[7]
  • "You shall not touch me" - Makes a person unable to touch Aureolus. In the anime, it is shown that the distance between Touma and Aureolus would increase whenever Touma tried to come close to him.[7]
  • "Forget everything" - Allows Aureolus to erase one's memory. Can be dispelled by the Imagine Breaker. Touma unintentionally achieved this after using the fingers of his right hand to run his hair.[7]
  • "Slam to the ground" - Makes the target(s) slam towards the ground. Additionally, one cannot move from the ground after the command is executed. Can be dispelled by the Imagine Breaker.[10]
  • "Die" - This command allows Aureolus to kill a target, though details on how the target can die is unknown. Can be dispelled by the Imagine Breaker.[10]
  • "Sleep" - Caused Index to instantly fall into a deep sleep.[7]
  • "Suffocate" - Suffocates a target, though further details are unknown. It seems to affect the neck of the target. Can be dispelled by the Imagine Breaker.[10]
  • "Be electrocuted" - A command that summons electrical attacks from nowhere. Can be dispelled by the Imagine Breaker.[10]
  • "Be crushed" - A command that allows Aureolus to crush an opponent. In the anime, he summons a car to do this, though it is blocked by Touma.[10]
  • "Open" - A command used by Aureolus to open elevator doors.[16]
  • "Bring (object) to my hand" - A command that summons an object that can be held in the hand, exact details and purpose of the object are required for the command to work. Demonstrated by Aureolus Izzard by summoning a pistol in his hand, and can be changed whenever he wills it.[10]
  • "Fly to the sky" - Allows Aureolus to make a target float above ground at a certain height.[10]
  • "Be Torn to Pieces" - Shown in the anime as being able to rip off a person's clothes and skin.[10]
  • "Revert back to normal" - Return things to previous states depending on what the previous state Aureolus deems. Used to put Misawa Cram School back together after its destruction via the Gregorian Chant.[6]

Other abilities

Gregorian Chant

Main article: Gregorian Chant

Aureolus Izzard could also replicate the use of the Roman Catholic Church's Gregorio's Chant by using the thousands of students of Misawa Cram School, as a substitute for the 3,333 monks needed for the spell - though the number of students is only around 1,000 instead of the 3,333 needed. He is also capable of creating a seal on an entire building that separates people from interacting with objects and the people inside the building, and vice-versa.[7]

Aureolus Dummy

Main article: Aureolus Dummy

Aurelous Dummy (錬金の真似事アウレオルス=ダミー Renkin no Marugoto (Aureorusu Damī)?, lit. "Alchemical Imitation") is a clone of himself that Aureolus made through alchemy. The clone is almost a perfect copy of him, even inheriting his will and believing himself to be the real Aureolus. While he cannot use Ars Magna, he has a weapon called Limen Magna (瞬間錬金リメン=マグナ Shunkan Rensei (Rimen Maguna)?, lit. "Instant Alchemy"). It looks like a golden arrowhead attached onto the end of a chain. His Limen Magna turns whatever the arrowhead touches into molten gold.[17]

The clone was made to be a guard of sorts and once thought that he was the real Aureolus. He later runs into Stiyl who destroyed this misconception, and tore off his left arm and leg with a flame sword.[17] He later ran into Touma with a new left arm and leg made out of gold. Touma used his Imagine Breaker on him, resulting in him cutting-off his mana source.[18] He runs away, dying, and once again runs into Stiyl who pitied him and gave him mercy by burning him into nothing. In his dying moments, the clone found the answer to the question he had always been seeking; "Just what are the limits to what a human can achieve while still retaining a human's form?" He found that this is Touma after being defeated by him; since even with the Imagine Breaker, a power beyond human comprehension, Touma still has emotions like any other human being. Stiyl decided to kill it since being a scholar the clone would manage to find something else to think about in the 10 minutes of life it has left, and die regretting not being able to solve it - whereas if the clone dies right then it would be in a state of fulfillment for solving something it has be seeking for all its lifetime.[19]

Other Appearances

Video game appearances

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of Venus

Aureolus as seen in the game's website

Aureoulus Izzard is one of the characters from the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe that appears in Dengeki Gakuen, and is one of the special bosses there. He is able to teleport, summon lightning, and use his blade pistol.

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Aureolus design has remained static. Haimura is fond of the design of his crocodile shoes, and the design is later kept for the anime adaptation.[20]



  • Aureolus Izzard has unusual ways of speaking which can not be easily translated, where he will always start his monologues with a word that ends with the kanji Zen ( Zen?) , such as Hitsuzen (必然 Inevitable?) or Touzen (当然 Naturally?). The clone also shared this trait.
  • Index describes Ars Magna as something that can only turn iron into gold during Volume 1 of the Light Novels.[21]
  • Aureolus Dummy doesn't appear in the Anime.
  • Considering that he can materialize whatever he wants, he seems to have a preference for weapons of the 18th century, such as the pistol sword or a classic model of gun. The only exception is the usage of a car with Ars Magna, however this only happens in the anime, in the novel instead he tried to use murder by torture with ropes.
  • His appearance resembles Hazama from the BlazBlue franchise in his alternate costume.
  • Aureolus Izzard is one of the few people Touma fights that does not reappear later on in the series.


  • (Self Monologue) "Certainly, if neither Magic nor Science can undo an inadequacy, Why should there be any doubt to approach a path which doesn't fit human reasoning?"
  • (Said to Touma) "I see, truthfully your right hand can nullify even my Ars Magna without exception... However you brat, that would mean that against an attack that doesn't touch with your right hand, that negation effect won't occur"
  • (Said to Stiyl) "Exactly, Ars Magna is the pinnacle of Alchemy, right now in the world there is nothing that--"


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