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Stiyl Magnus' fire magic activates on an empty automated bus.

The Automated buses or Autobuses (自律バス Jiritsu Basu?) of Academy City are a special line of buses that are fully automated. They are seemingly only used, and en masse, during the Daihaseisai.[1]



The buses are prepared during the Daihaseisai as a means to relieve the overcrowded trains and subways. Moreover, due to the degree of overcrowding, they are used because there aren't enough human drivers for the regular buses. Since the Board of Directors have prohibited by travel by car as part of their plans to deal with all the visitors, the buses are able to move readily in the streets despite the busy event.[2]

During the Daihaseisai of the current year of the story timeline, 70% of the buses that were used for the event were automated.[3]

The buses are taken care of in the Automated Bus Maintenance Terminal.


AutomatedBus noDriver

The automated bus' empty driver's seat.

The bus is controlled by AI,[4] is powered by electricity and glides forwards without making a single sound. The bus automatically opens.[3] The bus can be hailed by pushing a button in a bus stop.[5] The AI is intelligent enough to detect that there are many passengers on the bus, which would then have the bus stop.[4] Because the bus follows the command it was issued at the start of its operation, it cannot stop for people who have missed it, unlike a real driver who can choose.[5]

In the anime adaptation, contains the lever, pedals, and steering wheel that is part of a normal bus, though they move on their own as if being operated by a driver.[6] However, the driver's seat surrounded and isolated with strengthened glass.[3] Because of the difficulty and complexity of an automated land vehicle compared to planes or ships, the buses are only allowed to be used in Daihaseisai under restricted circumstances.[3]


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