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Male and female form Automatons as seen from the movie.

Automaton (自動人形 Jidō Ningyō?) refers to the two assistants that Ladylee Tangleroad has in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion. Silent and strong, there are reliable dolls to Ladylee's will and are steadfast enemies against the protagonists.


The male and female Automatons were produced by Ladylee who is involved deeply in the science side while being a magician. The male automaton is produced through the technology of the magic side and runs through the power of magic. The female automaton however is made from android technology of the science side.[1] Of the male automaton, it is vulnerable to the Imagine Breaker when touched. It crumbles like dust as if made up of rock like a golem, though since it did not wholly collapse, it may be that the automaton is structured like that of La Regina del Mare Adriatico.[2]

The automatons follow Ladylee's will absolutely, even do battle and kill. They do not speak, show emotion, or even feel pain. They are strong, agile, resilient, and capable in fighting, even going toe to toe with Shutaura Sequenzia, a capable hand to hand fighter.[2]

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Design Evolution

The designs for the automatons were done by Hoshino Lily of Otome Yōkai Zakuro fame, after being asked by Nishikiori Hiroshi.[3]


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