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The Avignon Cleanup Operation (アビニョン掃討作戦 Abinyon Sōtō Sakusen?)[2] or the Academy City invasion of Avignon was an operation that occurred during the Anti-Academy City October riots. The operation was officially referred to as Academy City aiding France in clearing Avignon with a religious group violating international law using a destructive weapon, but was in reality an attempt by Academy City to destroy the Document of Constantine and kill Terra of the Left.

The operation caused widespread destruction in the old city, as evidenced by the destruction of the area surrounding Avignon to prevent escape, destruction of buildings and structures during the land based operation itself, as well as the partial destruction of the Palais des Papes. Despite this, the operation was essentially in vain as Kamijou Touma destroyed the Document of Constantine, and Terra of the Left himself is later killed by Acqua of the Back when he returns to the Vatican.


As the chaos of the violence against Academy City rises up around the world, the City became wary of it and prepared against the War that was to come forth. Things such as the Interceptor Show were many of such events, and it was a way to gain more money[3] and strike fear upon Academy City's enemies with their technological might.[4] Still however the City tried to show that they would not give in to the chaos, and it is implied that Oyafune Monaka knew of the City's fear and that it will soon become of greater scale, as is the reason why she sent Kamijou Touma to Avignon in the first place.

However, when the news came that Avignon in France had a fanatical religious group that broke international laws as they used some destructive weapon there, Academy City and is implied to have coerced France to choose them as the experts with special equipment for the operation to resolve the situation.[5] Now the City knew that there was no weapon there, only the Document of Constantine, and they knew as well that Terra of the Left was there, for their mission was to end the both of them, and it is implied that Aleister Crowley knew of this and is the reason why Accelerator was sent to the old city for magic was involved.[6]


The plan was to have the HsB-02 supersonic stealth bombers drop the HsPS-15 Powered Suits upon the old city. The machines would then parachute down, and upon landing would begin their operation, the first part of their plan.[6]

Part A[]

The first part of the plan was for the HsPS-15 Powered Suit to strike down the walls of the old city and so that they can invade it. There, using their shotguns they must shoot down as many denizens as they could find even if they show no resistance, for they are enemy forces.[7] Despite this, they were not there to kill them, but they were a hindrance to their operation and needed to be suppressed.[8] For this purpose, the bullets of their shotguns can be changed, and as such, they can shoot powerful yet non-lethal rounds at the rioters without fear of their death.[9] From there, the unconscious rioters will be piled up and be put on giant balloons. The balloon has a bulletproof fiber woven into it, and was equipped with a tiny camera and it moved around using heated air just like a hot-air balloon. Its main weakness was that the battery for the electric furnace that heated the air drained quickly, but it moved much more silently than one with a propeller and was both cheap and portable. There, the people would then be automatically brought outside of the area of operation.[8]

Part B[]


The isolated portion of Avignon created by the Earth Blades.

Above Avignon, the HsB-02 stealth bombers that dropped the Powered Suits would then start the second part. Avignon will be trapped into a square cut by four of the bombers using their Earth Blades. The power of the Earth Blade will cut a trench 20 meters across and 10 meters deep, which will fill with molten rock due to its sheer heat. Avignon will be trapped and its infrastructure will collapse, for its electricity and water lines and even the flow of the Rhone River would be severed. When Avignon is isolated, they will then proceed in the bombing of the entire city, which will be done by 8 of the HsB-02 bombers there.[10]

The powered suits, which were still in Avignon, are equipped with a type of transmitter that the bombers would detect while they bomb Avignon, intentionally avoiding the spots where those transmitters were. The plan was for the powered suits to be abandoned and melted down by the Earth Blade. The pilots would pretend to be locals and travel to the nearby coast of the Mediterranean where they would leave France in a waiting submarine. Travelling long distance in powered suits would stand out too much, so the unrecoverable equipment would just be melted down. But for the plan to succeed, the unit on the ground would have to cross the sea of lava under their own power, as such the pilots would have some equipment to help them with their escape. It is implied to be some handheld heat that would allow them to float slowly across the lava that would become of the City using the updraft that would be produced from it.[10]

Of those people who were not collected by the powered suits were of no concern and will have to escape on their own.[10]

Part C[]

Accelerator who was under the employ of Academy City, will be carried by one of the bombers. Here, he shall take part of the operation in the third part. What exactly the third part pertains is not known, though due to the implication that he was brought there as the final solution against the magic forces[6] that could survive after Part B has finished,[10] it can be assumed that he will be the one to make sure that Terra of the Left is dead or the Document of Constantine is destroyed.

The bombers would then land in London instead of turning back.[10]



With a force between a hundred to a thousand, HsPS-15 Powered Suits land on Avignon and commence and finish the first part of their operation. In spite of Tsuchimikado Motoharu's disabling the Powered Suits in order for him to negotiate, the first part was still a success.[6] The second part however, was initially successful and the entire city Avignon was isolated because of the Earth Blades of the HsB-02 stealth bombers, as they try to proceed on bombing Avignon however, at the behest of Accelerator it is changed. Accelerator tells the operators to attack Palais des Papes first as it was there target, and that if that doesn't work he will go down the palace himself. He tells that if the bombers do not hear from him afterwards then they can bomb the city as planned.[10]

The Palais des Papes is later partially destroyed immediately after Kamijou Touma destroys the Document of Constantine,[11] which allows Terra of the Left to escape. Accelerator later arrives to investigate if their target has been killed but finds no trace of him as he believes that the Earth Blade the HsB-02 used instead of a bomb annihilated him.[12]


The city is seemingly spared from complete ruin by the intervention of Accelerator, though the cost was still great, for the entire city has been cut off, most of its residents displaced, and the city has fallen into ruins. The Powered Suits that malfunctioned[6] due to Motoharu's tricks were most likely fixed and was used to search for Terra of the Left's body, occupying Avignon. Due to the fact that most of the Powered Suits were sent to Avignon, and due to the events there and that of the 0930 incident, the various liaisons of underground factions in Academy City have become troubled and preoccupied,[13] paving the way for the rebellion of various organizations on Academy City's independence day.[13]

Later, after Acqua of the Back sent Terra of the Left's corpse to the Anglican Church,[14] it can be assumed that the Powered Suits end their search and return to Academy City.