BLOCK (ブロック Burokku?) is an Academy City-based organization whose original goal was to keep an eye on the level of cooperation from friendly institutions outside of the city.[1] Its incarnation as seen on October 9 was virtually destroyed during the events of that day despite only one operative being confirmed to be killed (Yamate), and the rest just indisposed or their status unknown, and was later reorganized to form a new organization with the remnants of ITEM, SCHOOL, and MEMBER.[2] After the end of World War III, the organization has now been dissolved.


Like the other Dark Side of Academy City factions their level of security and authority are the same—an unofficial unit created by putting few persons together.[3] As their rebellion against Academy City was directed towards Aleister Crowley, it is likely that either he or the Academy City Board of Directors had some form of control.

As the organization is primarily concerned with keeping eye on the level of cooperation from friendly institutions outside of Academy City, the organization most likely have some connection with the outside.[1] This may be the reason on how BLOCK was able to hire 5,000 mercenaries later on.

The organization also has a liaison, the person responsible for them to follow the higher-ups orders. He has a has command over Powered Suits and acts for him.[1]

Rebellion attempt on October 9Edit

After the events of the the 0930 incident, BLOCK discovered that they may be able to challenge the will of Aleister Crowley.[1] This is exacerbated by the fact that the Powered Suits that were used to keep the factions in line were sent to deal with Avignon.[4] Tatsuhiko successfully wrestles control of the organization including its subordinate group from the BLOCK liaison.[5] According to Etzali, the subordinate organization willingly followed Tatsuhiko knowing that they'll be participating in a rebellion. According to him it is because of the higher-ups continual manipulation of information to the detriment of their well-being, lowering the higher-ups' credibility to the subordinate organization.[1]

Their plan was to storm the Reformatory using the mercenaries and take hostage of Musujime Awaki's comrades that have been kept there as a leverage to force her to cooperate with them regarding the secrets of the Windowless Building, Aleister Crowley's base, which would then, if successful, allow them to execute their masterstroke, transport a Synchronous Multilayer Bomb into the building itself and assassinating him.[6] Despite their preparations and actions, their plans are later foiled by the actions of GROUP.




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