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Baggage City Arc is a major story arc introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. On November 13th of the current story timeline, Baggage City is the venue of the Natural Selector tournament held by Science Guardian in order to find a new standard of powers that would replace Academy City's espers, things go awry after the tournament is cut prematurely.

Although the events of the arc are supposed to occur during the tournament, the story arc surprisingly revolves on several different character's point-of-view as the events unfold them before their eyes during Academy City's suppression of Baggage City instead, with the use of the Kihara Family, and the counterattack by GREMLIN, as well as the true nature of the events that take place in the city. This narrative style is akin to the Battle Royale Arc.[Notes 1]


Aftermath of the Hawaii incident

The events that led to what happened in the arc can be traced back to the incident in Hawaii. Here, Leivinia Birdway plotted to use Kamijou Touma, and a ragtag group of friends and acquaintances specifically from Academy City willing to help him, as a way to make Academy City look like an interventionist force in other nation's affairs. This led to the 27 Cooperative Institutions of Academy City to sever ties with Academy City, and later forming the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. This was all part of Leivinia's plans to draw the core members of GREMLIN out instead of puppets and peons, knowing full well that since GREMLIN is a organization that uses the principles of magic and science, she calculated that GREMLIN would most likely head for the science-side organization that opposes Academy City.[1] Moreover, due to Leivinia's actions in luring GREMLIN towards Science Guardian, she indirectly caused the events that would unfold during the arc.

Establishment of Natural Selector

It is unknown how Science Guardian managed it, but by November 13, the organization has already bought Baggage City, established itself as a working government, hastily built and organized a advanced military, and most importantly, organized and announced the world over the Natural Selector tournament. The goal, being to form a new global standard on supernatural powers for the replacement of Academy City's espers.[2] More accurately, it is to find or discover the existence of a superior power that could go against Academy City's espers, analyze them and create a large scale system based on that existence.[3] However, the true nature of the competition was to gather the participants part of the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. They needed only the strength of the participants supporting them from behind, as so they could expand their power, increase their range of control and try to fight against Academy City.[4]

The tournament would later attract several competitors of various nationalities as well as attract 3 million tourists.[5] As a result of their actions, Sister clones were given a command to escape from the housing that the Science Guardian provided for them before they severed ties with Academy City, and erased all records from their systems.[3]

Plans of the other parties


Although it is unknown if GREMLIN was aware of Leivinia's plans, Othinus took advantage of the vulnerability of the newly formed Science Guardian, under the pretense of helping them against their common enemy, Academy City, in order for many of their core members to operate in Baggage City.[4] This was all for Othinus' experiment on creating an esper based on holism, to see if a small supernatural phenomenon would occur when the world would be greatly distorted.[Notes 2] This is but a mere part of her plans, as she still required to obtain information regarding Gungnir from Brunhild Eiktobel, and sent out Artificial Valkyries to attack her, however, Leivinia Birdway would later anticipate this act.[6]

As such, Othinus sends out several core members of GREMLIN, just as Leivinia has anticipated. Útgarða-Loki, Sigyn, and Marian Slingeneyer, goes to Baggage City first, with the latter setting up a magical-barriered room in the garbage disposal facility, as she was tasked to defend it.[7] Meanwhile, Kihara Kagun would come to the city later after finishing his adjustments.[8]

Academy City

The supression of Baggage City, marked Academy City's first usage of the Modelcase "RAILGUN" as part of their military.

Meanwhile, Academy City prepares its military as well as its special operatives, the Kihara Family, to suppress the rogue organization that were once part of Academy City, and bend them to their will. GREMLIN was aware of their actions, however, if Kihara Kagun's (Bersi), intercepted information regarding their incoming forces, and later applied adjustments for GREMLIN to get the advantage, modifying it as he willed as he discovers Kihara Byouri was part of it. The true extent of the scenario that the experiment presented to GREMLIN was hidden by Othinus as she would not be able achieve her desired results have they known beforehand.[8]

Other parties

Touma, wanting to atone for the mistakes he had made in Hawaii, sets forth towards Baggage City in order to stop GREMLIN and get the 27 Cooperative Institutions back to the City's side.[9] With Kihara Kagun's information and hints, Touma manages to get out of Hawaii without the rest of his faction following him, and arrives at Baggage City on his own.[10] Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right may have anticipated Touma's movements and would have known that he would be unable to take on Othinus when they meet. Ollerus may have sent Silvia to make safe Brunhild, though it is unknown if they had to deal with Leivinia Birdway too, who was after GREMLIN as well.

Kumokawa Maria, after receiving reports that Kihara Kagun, her missing teacher, would be in Baggage City, Marian determines that she will go to the city during the tournament, despite of the danger that she will be capture by Science Guardian.[11] At the same time as this, due to the growing times, Oumi Shuri, Sakata, Asai, Yasu, and comrades of hers, went to Baggage City for the Natural Selector tournament in order to find an interesting person that they could get and analyze their abilities for the sake of the Kouga School.[12]


The Tournament

Prior to the distortion that occurs in Baggage City, the tournament goes smoothly as planned, and by the beginning of Academy City's attack, the tournament is shown to have been at least in its 35th match of the day, with 20 more matches remaining.[13]

"Kamijou Touma" subdued by a tournament competitor.

Meanwhile, a "Kamijou Touma" meets up with Saflee Opendays before her first fight,[Notes 3] and tells them of his situation and would appreciate her help but does not recommend it, and proposes for her to run away. Saflee disagrees with his opinion, and tells of her desire to win the tournament. She later goes to her first match.[9] There, she defeats Osad Flakehelm and promises to help find his daughter.[13] Touma is later discovered to be an intruder, and Saflee tries to get to him first, concerned for his life. After taking Touma down, she is confronted by Weissland Strainikov (one of the leaders of Science Guardian), Útgarða-Loki, and several Baggage City guards. However, Touma regains consciousness, and states that he isn't the intruder. Weissland believes he is referring to GREMLIN, but Touma states that someone else is headed for Baggage City. Here, he reminds them that Academy City will not be waiting around doing nothing, and foremost, they will not be sending a high schooler like him. Touma simply states that "they" are coming, immediately after, Academy City attacks, the distortion begins, and Touma mysteriously disappears.[14]

The distortion and supression of Baggage City

Academy City, along with the Kihara operatives, attack Baggage City. Here, for the first time, Academy City made use of the HsB-07 and the Five OVER Modelcase "RAILGUN" in warfare. Due to their hastily built and borrowed Academy City weapons, unpreparedness, and Academy City's techonological supremacy, Baggage City's military stood no chance against Academy City.[3]

The targets of Academy City's suppression were military installations, and establishments concerned with keeping the city running, such as airports, power plants, and heating facilities.[15] However, according to Kihara Ransuu, anyone was fair game, not just military.[16] Academy City infantry would later try to look for civilians during the suppression.[17]

First part

Kihara Ransuu vs. Útgarða-Loki

In a series of queer events, both Kihara Ransuu and Útgarða-Loki fight each other using illusions. The events begin with Ransuu mentally torturing Weissland Strainikov, by forcing him to kill one of his relatives, though later discovers "Kamijou Touma" arriving to save them, and fooling Ransuu that Weissland actually killed one of them. Ransuu later realizes that he is in an illusion by someone, and from here, Útgarða-Loki, who was presumably killed by Ransuu, attacks him and seemingly kills him, only for him to be tapped on the shoulder by "Kamijou Touma".[16] Both of their bodies are found later, and are implied to be still alive.[18]

Oumi Shuri vs. Kumokawa Maria

Oumi Shuri meets Kumokawa Maria.

As Oumi Shuri, who had came to Baggage City as a competitor, scoured the empty passageways for danger. Here, she reports to her comrades that she has found a "treasure" and that she needs to bring it back.[Notes 4] On the other line, she can only hear the terror of her comrades being slaughtered by a monster (Kihara Enshuu). Alone, she later comes upon a Baggage City guard, and tries to eliminate him, but is stopped by the arrival of Kumokawa Maria. She asks Maria who she is, to which she confides her identity of being from Academy City, and that she is looking for someone. Seeing that it'd be troublesome if she knew of her mission, Shuri takes out a shuriken and prepares to fight; however, Maria just warns her that she'd lose, as Shuri can only use both hands to fight, while she can use all four limbs. Shuri doesn't believe her, and takes out liquid red pepper water cannon that was hidden under her skirt. However, Maria was able to dodge her due to her athleticism. Oumi reiterates her desire to finish her mission. Hearing this, Maria decides to beat her to protect her life from the chaos that is currently happening in the city. Immediately after, using all four of her limbs, Shuri loses her consciousness to Maria.[12]

Marian Slingeneyer vs. Kihara Byouri

The experts in human modification face off.

Marian Slingeneyer, the Dvergr, faces a woman in wheelchair, apparently lost, after slaughtering several Academy City soldiers. Marian tries to help her, though figures out her true identity soon afterwards, and attacks her. Marian is later surprised by Byouri's ability to maneuver herself in a wheelchair. Byouri engages Marian with her mechanically enhanced wheelchair, which forces Marian to transfigure the bodies of the Academy City personnel she killed earlier into her form to dodge Byouri's assault.[19] As the battle continues, Byouri reveals that her wheelchair can have legs, making herself more maneuverable. However, Marian later dominates her by bending the legs of her wheelchair, and later cornering her in the burnable garbage area, near a pit for garbage to incinerated later. With her wheelchair stuck, Byouri is forced to use the machine on her legs that allow her to stand up. Byouri takes a machete-like blade from the back of her wheelchair and tries to attack Marian. However, due to her quick thinking of calling Academy City reinforcements for Byouri, allowed her to use their living bodies for transfiguration, and from there catapults Byouri into the pit, leaving her for dead.[7]

Oumi Shuri and Kihara Kagun vs. Kihara Enshuu

When she wakes up, she discovers that Maria has moved her to a control room for the supply of hot water to Baggage City. She tries to attack Maria again, though it doesn't work. Suddenly, someone fires a bazooka missile into them, though it misses, the assailant uses the bazooka as a blunt weapon to knock Maria out. There, a girl shows herself before a fearful Shuri. Here, the girl displays her control over the computers to show her graphs, where she quickly absorbs the information described therein. The girl attacks Shuri with quick and smooth movements. Thinking quickly, Shuri tries to throw metal spikes on the floor to slow her down. However, she kicks one of her metal spikes towards her, opening Shuri's lower defenses as she tries to defend her face, and allows the girl to kick a metal spike into her gut. She charges towards Shuri, avoiding the spikes, and uses Shuri's kunai against her. However,, a man in white and helmet appears and attacks the girl, knocking away the kunai. Here, Shuri witnesses the battle, as the man tries to save both of them. In the end, the man uses a convex shaped landmine, detonating and forcing the girl to retreat.[20]

Weary of him, Shuri draws out her kunai, though is told that by him that she has too much strength to defeat him, confusing her. The man says that he does not wish to battle her for he is more specialized on Kiharas. Finally, he advises her to meet Kamijou Touma if she wants to survive. He later tells that he has his own objective and that he will not be able to protect them, as he is a Kihara himself.[20]


Travels in the underground passageways

After Maria comes to, Shuri recounts what had happened, and here Maria realizes that the man in white is Kihara Kagun, the person she is looking for. Seeing that they are still in danger, Shuri tells her that they need to keep on moving. However, Maria decides that they need to clear their clothes of potential bugs, believing that Kagun does not want to be found. After seeing that she alone has this problem, Maria takes off her clothes to blowdry it to destroy the Data Pheromone System, she reckons, is being used to track her.[11] In the eerily quiet underground passageway, they come upon several abandoned Academy City military equipment scattered by Kihara Enshuu as a trap. Despite Maria's insistence on not touching it, Shuri tries to pick one of them as a change to get cutting-edge Academy City, though she later finds out that the equipment is useless and then move on.[21]

Maria is later asked by Shuri about Kamijou Touma, though she gives an unsatisfactory response, and talks about on how her sister should know more. A tank suddenly falls above them, where it explodes due to its explosive reactive armor. Thinking that there would still be someone inside, Maria induces a dust explosion to explode the remaining armor, by flapping her maid outfit (though requiring for her to strip). They later find out its remotely controlled by a Shar Berylan. Still blocked, they are later forced to crawl inside to get to the outside, and thither they witness one of Academy City's HsB-07s that have taken damage from Marian Slingeneyer's assault. However, because of the blasts all around them, a building collapses and the ground they stood upon collapsed as a response, though they are fine and manage to get to a safe area. Here, they begin doubting if they could meet Kamijou Touma in this chaos, and figure that they should get out of Baggage City instead.[22]

Marian Slingeneyer's counterattack

After defeating, Byouri, she returns to the room she has set-up (whose magical defenses have been rendered useless due to the fighting) and takes out her Loki's Net magical artifact, deciding that now is the time to counterattack against Academy City.[7] She attacks a contingent of HsB-07s and Five OVER Modelcase RAILGUNs, and one particular HsB-07 pilot that tried to challenge Marian was obliterated, and of the debris of his aircraft was turned into a souvenir. With that, Marian orders Loki's Net to eliminate the other aircraft as she goes back down.[15]

After returning to her room, Kumokawa Maria and Oumi Shuri stumble upon it, while Marian was speaking to Sigyn, regarding her importance, as well as the true purpose of Natural Selector. Seeing that they need to be eliminated, and in turn, Maria and Shuri seeing Marian's "furniture", the both of them take flight, as Marian pursues them.[5]

Kihara Enshuu's plot

Kihara Enshuu surveys the strangely abandoned residential areas of Baggage City alone.

She reappears walking around the residential areas of Baggage City in the outside, baffled by the apparent fact that the population of Baggage City has somehow disappeared, after mulling on a couple of theories as to what happened, Enshuu decides to just blow everything up, though vetoes it as GREMLIN might survive, and deciding that it would be best to thoroughly kill GREMLIN instead.[5]

Enshuu later meets up with Kihara Byouri, and helps her out of the trash compactor. Byouri takes one of Enshuu's phone as so she can open a port to Academy City, as so she can receive permission for her powers. Here, she she grows wings from her knees and thighs, allowing her to walk. Here, Enshuu tells Byouri that she saw someone who looks like Kihara Kagun. Byouri later lectures Enshuu on the nature of the Kiharas, and after Enshuu turns her back upon her. Byouri takes this opportunity to attack her, reasoning that it may bring out a better Kihara if she is loss. Surprisingly, Enshuu notices this and uses the thought pattern of Kamijou Touma to attack her, Enshuu later leaves her with bloodied hands.[23]With that behind her, she makes her way to the room where Kihara Ransuu and Útgarða-Loki were fighting in, and discovers their bodies lying on the floor. Here, she vetoes helping Ransuu and instead takes one of his chemicals, and begins creating an agar to cultivate microbes to create moldy air, as a biological weapon to eradicate the population of Baggage City.[18]

She later comes upon Baggage City's plant factory area. She kills Ayles Bigant, just so she can get into the locked room he was in. Afterwards, she searched for blacklights in the container, gathered a few, and irradiated the microbes with the light for them to mutate, taking an hour for her to get the desired output.[24]

Second part

Kumokawa Maria and Oumi Shuri vs. Marian Slingeneyer

The pursuit continues, but ends with Maria and Shuri having their blocked path by Marian's "materials", and the duo are forced to confront her. Marian aims at Shuri, Maria kicks at Shuri in order for her to avoid her gold weapons, and warns Shuri not to fight. Maria tries to figure out Marian's powers through a scientific analysis. However, ever haughty, Marian explains that the moment that her gold touches them the alteration of their body begins. Maria employs a passive strategy to counteract this, building damage on Marian slowly, and then the both of them charge towards each other. Despite the danger, Maria's techniques manages to keep Marian's weapons at bay, and manages to trick Marian, allowing her to wrap her legs around Marian's right leg. With that lock on, Maria was able to exert pressure on Marian's leg, hurting her. Marian attacks Maria, but the latter gets away before she can hit her. Maria then takes a stance and warns Marian that she can use 8 parts of her body to beat her. However, as soon as Maria charges, Marian uses her remaining human materials, there the floor, walls, and ceiling begin to exude fat, slowing down her advance, and with the water pressure sends forth nuts and bolts towards her. In a moment of preoccupation, Marian attacks, though Maria tries to headbutt her, but she is quickly struck down by a rogue bolt knocking her out.[25]

Annoyed, Marian contacts Sigyn for support.However, she notices Shuri muttering something, and later mimics perfectly Sigyn's voice. Here, it is revealed that Sigyn was already in the grasps of the Kouga Ninja, and had divulged the weakness of Marian's abilities. Shuri shows off that her materials, since they are still human are still affected by alcohol, making them drunk, and difficult to control and alter. Shuri then insults Marian's powers, saying that it is not useful for the Kouga. With a serious disadvantage, Marian flees, with Shuri in hot pursuit.[25]

Maria later wakes up to the care of Saflee Opendays, Osad Flakehelm, and Mistray Flakehelm, and tells her that Shuri is chasing down Marian, relieving her.[26] Marian is later seen having escaped Shuri, trying to lick her wounds, though she is later visited by Bersi.[27]

Saflee Opendays later tells Maria that the heating facilities have been taken out, after she asked why it was cold. She blames the Kiharas, though tells her that the people that were in the domed facilities would be safe from the cold. However, that is only assuming those who have turned the city of battlefield will left them alone. Saflee states that they have half a day to defeat the rampaging "bosses" in Baggage City, or else millions of people will die. With that Maria teams up Saflee, with their first target being Kihara Enshuu, who is creating a biological weapon using mold, and head for the plant factory. Maria later questions on how Saflee knows this, to which she states a man wearing a helmet and a coat told her, which Maria assumed to Kihara Kagun, the man she was looking for.[28]

Kumokawa Maria vs. Kihara Enshuu

Travelling together, Saflee is hit by Shuri's paper airplane, which she promptly sends back, as they arrive at their destination. The both of them rationalize that they could not possibly destroy the plant factories and time, and that it would be more logical to destroy the electrical transformers for them. Finding them, they discover Enshuu, anticipating the weakness of the plant factories and her plan. Maria and Saflee begin their fight against Enshuu, as the microbes continue getting irradiated.[29] The both of them charged towards Kihara Enshuu, with the latter keeping them both at bay. Enshuu takes out a multi-purpose lighter and set aflame one of the containers that she had put oil on, rapidly melting the ice that formed between the containers that were piled on top of each other. Using her remotely controlled helicopter-like toy she was able to gather information and set-up a small space that would not be affected by the collapse of the containers. Despite the difficulty however, Maria's athleticism allows her to escape the falling debris and meet up with Enshuu in her safe zone. Angered by her actions and her talking about Kihara Kagun, Enshuu references several Kihara thought patterns at the same time. Maria steps outside of the safe zone, and kicks Enshuu on the cheek, which made Enshuu collapse on the snow. Enshuu, injured, tries to retreat from her. Here, Maria tells the reasons why Enshuu lost: she tells her that she will not become what she have analyzed, which means that her personality will be the one influencing the combat patterns she tries to mimic. Enshuu tries to use Kihara Kagun's personality but is shut down quickly by Maria, punching her in the gut. Enshuu tries to use Kamijou Touma, and then Kumokawa Maria's combat pattern, but this simply irritates her, and Maria simply beats her down every time she changes her combat patterns. Here, she tells Enshuu that she cannot win, and breaks down, saying that as a Kihara she should win. Enshuu then turns her multipurpose lighter into something akin to a flamethrower and charged forward, finally using the Kihara she knows fully well, herself. She is however, mercilessly kicked down into the snow.[30]

Maria then tells her the other reason why Enshuu has lost, she tells her that she used herself to use those combat patters, a part of herself was shown when she used them, and with this Maria was able to analyze her combat pattern. Angered, Enshuu increase the output of her multipurpose flamethrower, endanger herself as well. Out of pure instinct as a Kihara, she charges forward with her flamethrower. In kind, Maria responded and attacks her, Enshuu however persists. But then, Enshuu's hand was then pierced by a kunai. Oumi Shuri and Saflee Opendays has arrived, and with this opening Maria knees Enshuu in the temple. Enshuu is later tied up by them.[30]

Kihara Kagun vs. Kihara Byouri

The man in white, Kihara Kagun, reveals himself to Kihara Byouri.

Byouri survives Enshuu's attack on her and is able to discover that she has been defeated. Here, she tries to attack them after transforming again from afar but is unable to, as a helmeted man appeared, forcing her to attack him, though, his helmet is destroyed, she finally discovers the true identity of the masked man, Kihara Kagun. Here, he reveals that he has manipulated events,[8] in order for Byouri to lose all of her safety devices, as proof that he had killed her, as so he can fight her on the same level. Kagun blames Byouri for corrupting the attacker of his students that forced him to kill him in front of them. The attacker was a pawn prepared by Byouri many years ago, in order to force Kagun in giving up becoming a teacher that is looked up to, someone who is so unlike a Kihara, and now redemption for him is to kill her.[30] She attacks him with her projectiles, as her Skyfish form, but Kagun is unscathed after getting hit by her. Here, he reveals his power, a laser blade that he held between two of his fingers, demonstrating his power by severing her right arm. However, Byouri then reveals another of her transformation, Yeti, allowing her to form a gigantic furry arm and tries to crush Kagun, however, he lives and remains unscathed. This confuses Byouri, not knowing how Kagun is able to achieve such a queer power that is beyond her knowledge in science. With her Skyfish form, Byouri attacks Kagun, hitting him but remains uninjured. Kagun attacks Byouri still, and pulls her down to the level where he was tried to be crushed by Byouri using his Yeti transformation. While she was preoccupied with figuring out Kagun's powers' relation to science, Kagun manages to "shift" her head, something that should be certain death, however, she once again reveals another form, Little Gray. This transforms her limbs to expand into a large blob. Using this, an explosion occurs and engulfs Kagun, though he remains uninjured his clothes are torn, while Byouri is damaged yet is quickly recovering, at the cost of her becoming deformed due to her transformations.[31]

Byouri then conjectures that since Kagun is using powers beyond her ken of science, she believes that may be a part of GREMLIN. Determining his weakness, Byouri attacks a non-fatal blow upon Kagun, and hither she realizes she is correct. Kagun confirms this by stating that his power, Whitting creates miracles that allow him to survive if he is faced with a great disadvantage, making him avoid damages. Kagun continues that the number 2 Level 5, may be taking over her, as the reason why she only used her power until only the very end.[31] Suddenly, Byouri transform again into Loch Ness, forming into a giant monster. Seeing this, Kagun reveals that he is not planning to win, and would rather have a stalemate were the both of them die. An explosion occurs, and the both of them fall into Maria's path, and here, a severely injured Kagun stabs Byouri's monster head, and wrenches it off clean from its body.[32]

Maria seeing his teacher again, runs towards him, though he is unable to focus on her as he collapses on the ground. Kagun looks up to Maria, and simply said sorry to her as he dies. Maria could only shout and cry and try to remind her dead teacher that he has saved them and are grateful to him, and what he has done wasn't futile.[32]

Marian Slingeneyer and Dáinsleif'

However, Marian also witnesses the death ,and hither, she breaks down completely. Distraught beyond any rational measure, Marian takes out Dáinsleif, despite Othinus' pleadings as the experiment would be ruined if she uses something as powerful as that sword. Here, Marian lashes out on Othinus, and breaks contact with her.[32] Despite Maria, Saflee, Shuri, trying to figure out to defeat it, their fates are sealed, as through its use, Marian downs Saflee and Shuri with ease. Maria tries to comprehend what had just occurred, and concludes that it must be the sword, as well as the effects it has on them, stopping their hearts before something even more terrible happens. Marian is impressed by Maria's analysis, althought this will not save Maria. Marian unsheathes the sword, and immediately after, her consciousness begins drifting away from her. Suddenly, a right hand appears from nowhere, somehow allowing Maria to retain her life, and immediately after, she discovers Kamijou Touma appears, finally destroying the distortion that has engulfed Baggage City.[33]

The end of the distortion

Kamijou Touma vs. Marian Slingeneyer

Kamijou Touma destroys the perverse distortion in Baggage City.

Here, Touma comments that he has only now just caught up, and is late, though would now force GREMLIN to play by his rules. He apologizes for being late and failing to save Kagun, though that is beyond his control. His mere presence alone saves Maria from the deadly effects of Marian's sword.[Notes 5] Maria tells Touma that he is late and that Kihara Kagun is late, and he acknowledges it. Marian tries to use the swords first effect on Touma, but it had no effect due to his Imagine Breaker. Angry at Touma for denying Bersi's efforts (destroying the distorted world that had filled Baggage City), even then Touma will still fight her. Still with the sword sheathed, Marian tries to cut down Touma, to which he realizes that it cannot be negated by his Imagine Breaker. Immediately later, Touma determines the power of the sheathed sword, which collects vectors in a single point and send them directly out. Marian continues attacking, and sucks Touma in the sphere at the end of the scabbard of the sword, but easily manages to get out, and destroys one of her gold tools. Although this was a set-up that would allow Marian to put Touma in a position in which she could strike her. Thinking quickly however, Touma grabs the fragments of the tools he destroyed to cut his uniform and allow it to be sucked into the sphere of Marian's scabbard. With the sphere collapsing due to the pressure, the sphere explodes, sending Marian back and ensuring Touma's victory.[34]

Still adamant in giving up, Marian threatens in unsheathing completely her sword, but Touma plainly tells her that he knows that she will not unsheathe the sword, for she should have done it in the first place, ending all the battles even before they begin. Furthermore, he states that she did not want to draw it, stating that it might destroy more than what she wants destroyed, as well as the fact that she went berserk after Bersi's death, she still managed not to draw the sword. Marian tries, and unsheathes the sword, but could not even do it, when the power of the sword begins to emanate. In her moment of hesitation, Touma steps forward and punches her, defeating her.[34]

The arrival of other parties

After the battle, Maria asks what he is going to do, and he answers that he'll have to destroy Marian's sword. Maria then asks on how Touma found out about GREMLIN in Baggage City, to which he answers that Kihara Kagun (Bersi) was the one who told him (not personally), leaving various hints as well helping him get off Hawaii. Touma then asks Maria what kind of person he was, to which she replies that she is someone worth pursuing. An expression of disappointment draws upon Touma's face as he recounts on how he could not save him, though Maria says it is fine as Kagun died with satisfactorily. Suddenly, Othinus comes out of nowhere and rips Touma's right hand off, and destroys Dáinsleif'.[10]

Just as it was his most dire of hours, Ollerus arrives at the nick of time and confronts Othinus. She merely sneers at the one who has failed to become a magic god. Ollerus declares he's not here to fight her, and suggests Othinus leaves with the unconscious Marian Slingeneyer as he has business with the Imagine Breaker. Both of them spar and discuss the principles of purity of Magic Gods amid sneers, until Ollerus reveals that he is not alone and has Fiamma of the Right on his side — his Holy Right empowered by the fact Touma's arm had been severed by her, enabling his world-saving powers to activate. Othinus seemingly agrees with Ollerus' previous suggestion, but on a whim decides to kill them. The battle ends in a draw, with Othinus leaving with Marian Slingeneyer.[6]


Touma's consciousness later flickers as his right hand somehow connects back to his arm. Here, Fiamma of the Right mentions that generation of Imagine Breaker is still attached to Touma, as it seems to find meaning in being beared by Touma. Touma later comes to, and Fiamma of the Right and Ollerus talks to him, with the latter introducing himself to Touma. Although still in pain, Touma tells the both of them that there may be still people requiring rescue in the city. Ollerus acquiesces to his requests and tells them what they need to do.[6]

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, Marian has her consciousness returned and discovers that she is being carried by Bersi, who has now been turned into a Einherjar by Othinus. Despite being terribly hurt by this, Marian does not call out on Othinus, who tells her that she shouldn't whine about her resurrecting him, and incidentally, destroying his single wish, which was to die. Here, they talk about how Ollerus has interrupted her plans, and that everything was all going to plan as Imagine Breaker has obviously shattered something as Touma entered the city. Othinus later tells that their next goal is in that lone Windowless Building in Academy City.[6]

Surrender of Baggage City

Yuiitsu is sent by Academy City to Baggage City with very sensitive, top-secret documents and to negotiate with the now decimated Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. She speaks with an old man who sets the Guardians' policies and forces his hand by demonstrating that it would be best to end the conflict now, while negotiating she uses that argument that if Academy City were to weaken and no longer be the capital of the Science side, the Kihara Family would spread throughout the world, a fact that terrorizes the old man. He agrees to sign the papers Yuiitsu brought with her, which ends Baggage City's involvement in the conflict against Academy City.[6]

Implications in future events

With the events of the arc in conclusion, the Science Guardians falls into the will of Academy City, making it once again the central power and foremost authority of supernatural phenomena of the science side. There is currently no information regarding the political implications of deliberately attacking a city in Eastern Europe with thousands of tourists that are most likely of differing nationalities, not to mention the fact that Academy City considered everyone, even civilians, as a target, and endangered the city and its citizens by attacking important heating and electrical facilities.

With the experiment apparently successful, as Othinus concludes that there have must've been something supernatural that existed in the city, as the Imagine Breaker have shattered something. With this, Othinus is closer to their holism-related goal, with the furnace in Hawaii already set-up (Eruption of Kilauea), and the fact that she has already sent agents to accost Brunhild Eiktobel regarding the Gungnir, they only need to get rid of a few barriers to get what they wanted, and that is someone who is not a Saint nor a Valkyrie, and not an Esper, something that is located in Academy City, held within the Windowless Building.[6] GREMLIN would most likely focus their attention towards Academy City this time to attain their goal.

Concurrent events

Meanwhile in a hospital in northern Europe, Brunhild Eikotobel puts Ceillier Flatley into a sleep, as she begins to confront unwanted guests, Artificial Valkyries of GREMLIN. She displays her strength to the artificial valkyrie, but later discovers that they can recover. She is later outnumbered by them, but the Saint Silvia and Leivinia Birdway came to her rescue. However, the attack was a distraction as the battle allowed a GREMLIN agent outisde the hospital to grab the plans for Gungnir from Brunhild's mind with her mental defenses lowered. Siliva assured her that they can track GREMLIN now to their base of operations.[6]


  1. Like the Battle Royale Arc, important characters' profiles are displayed in a series of illustrations, where the new profiles are introduced, or grayed out when they are beaten or killed. There is implication that like the Battle Royale Arc, where the battles are being observed by Aleister Crowley, the battles within the events of the arc are also being observed.
  2. In contrast to Academy City espers, who created powers based on Personal Reality, which is based on the controlling of microscopic on the observations of the human, effects can be generated in the macroscopic world, the holistic esper would be produced from a major change in the whole "system" the esper is part of.
    Othinus set-up the battles to increase in scale in order for her to see if it would cause microscopic changes. The reason why a distortion occurred in Baggage City that allowed for much of the events and tragedies to happen in the arc was because of the necessary transition towards the "future" the holistic experiments were resulting to. In that distortion, the laws and space time changed that allowed for more tragedies to occur much more easily. The distortion also seemed to isolate those who are involved, and unable to leave (the blizzard in Baggage City).
  3. The afterword references that the Touma that appears in the beginning of the arc is different to the one who appears much later, though it is unknown if it meant that Touma appearing at the beginning was one of the illusions used by Útgarða-Loki or Kihara Ransuu, or Touma simply having a different attitude.
  4. It is implied by several circumstantial evidence that it is Sigyn who is being referred as the "treasure".
  5. It is also implied that the effect applies to Saflee and Shuri as well, despite technically being killed.


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