Bailey was a pet ragdoll cat living at Brick Wharf and a victim of Alfar's ability to force unnatural evolution in other living beings.


Originally having a typical-ragdoll appearance with large blue eyes, after being distorted by Alfar's presence, Bailey grew two extra heads.[1]


Bailey was described as a very curious creature.[1]


While being kept as a pet in Brick Wharf, Bailey encountered Alfar on the other side of thick glass. Wishing to be able to touch him and not content with a stuffed cat she was given, Alfar ignored her creator Slappar's instructions and wandered outside of the areas he had designated for her to stay within.[1]

Bailey later found Alfar trembling in a corner, frightened from the distorted creatures she had encountered (unknown to her, the result of her ability). Alfar was happy at finally being able to touch Bailey, but happiness turned to horror a few hours later when Bailey started to change. After Alfar realized that she might be responsible for this change, she ran to the laboratory and placed Bailey into one of the containers, halting the change, though by that time Bailey had grown two extra heads.[1]

Alfar then found a report on her written by Slappar, and on learning about her special characteristics and why she was created, resolved not to let any other being suffer Bailey's fate. To that end, she drove out Slappar and occupied Brick Wharf.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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While attempting to reclaim control of Brick Wharf from Alfar, Kanzaki Kaori finds various distorted creatures in containers in the laboratory, including Bailey.[2]


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