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The Bank (書庫 (バンク) Shoko (Banku)?, lit. "Archive", Yen Press: Data Banks) is a comprehensive database in Academy City which is said to hold all of Academy City's data,[1] from student records[2] to AIM diffusion field data.[3] Only major institutions from Academy City like Anti-Skill[4] and the Academy City Board of Directors have any access to the Bank. There are multiple access levels, and even members of the Board of Directors can't access everything.[5]


The Bank contains Academy City's research data, including school grades, all other esper development data, chemicals and equipment used for esper development, data on next-generation weapons, and all other research information, stored and searchable within a single large database.[6]

Many institutions in Academy City, including every school and hospital, rely on the Bank and make use of it, but only over the internet. The physical location and form of the Bank is unknown to most people.[7] The Bank actually has no set form, being repeatedly relocated and rearranged in order to protect it. It has taken on the form of many systems over time, including an underground nuclear shelter, a skyscraper, a satellite, an electronic information control system, the high-speed server of a general securities trading office used for oil and stock trading, and most recently, the Processor Suit.[7][8]

The Bank has a control center where inquiries may be performed personally. However, its access is restricted to at least members of Judgment, and the amount of information given to them depends on the person/s doing the inquiry.[9][10][11]

Known AbilitiesEdit

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List of Esper Abilities in the Bank

The following are known entries in the bank's records:[12]


  • Misaka Mikoto initially calls Touma's ability a fraud because the Bank does not contain any record of a negating ability.[3] It is later revealed, however, that Imagine Breaker is listed in the Bank, despite not being an Esper power, with a note about its negating ability attached. Rensa gave high odds for it based on rumors that Touma had made up himself.[13]


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