The Barcelonan Priest, referred to just as priest, is an unnamed Roman Catholic priest who manages a church in Barcelona, appearing in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Agnese's Magic Side Work Experience.[1][2]



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Fear of curses[2]

Though the priest maintains the front of a good member of the church (even when having tried to frame an innocent man), he is largely driven by his own fears and for his own sake rather than for the wellbeing or the sake of others.[2]


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Likely past,[2] Nihili Padpois[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Agnese's Magic Side Work ExperienceEdit

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The priest was carrying out a wedding ceremony when Agnese Sanctis, Lucia and Angelene snuck into his church to gather information after discovering the forensic cleaning at Nihili Padpois's restaurant, with the nuns noting his own addition to the vows.[1]


The priest's weapons, intended to defend himself from curses and foes, are countless swords made of gold. A valued metal which does not rust and retains its shine, gold is often used to repel impure curses. The sword is an angel's weapon and a symbol of separation, in religion, mythology and other lore.[2] The golden swords are fused to the priest's body under his habit and attached to his skeleton, with idea of becoming one with them to take on their traits as an extreme form of defense against curses. When revealed, they fan out behind him like golden wings. The priest tends to shoot them as projectiles.[2] However, as Agnese pointed out in her confrontation with the priest, while pure gold is used as a symbol of incorruptible, it often becomes a source of resentment and jealousy and as such, is also a popular choice for gathering curses, its meaning drastically changing depending on the interpretation used.[2]

The priest is capable of carrying out magical forensic cleaning.[2]


  • (Conducting a wedding) "In sickness and in health.”[...]“May your bond be a strong one, never to be broken even by a curse."[1]
  • (To Agnese Sanctis, regarding Nihili Padpois) "'I don’t know how exactly it happened because I have no way of investigating something that happened across the Atlantic, but his family really was cursed and that’s all that matters!! I cleaned up this town. I kept this district of Barcelona so clean you can’t find even a hint of filth!! But...but those efforts are meaningless when a true source of impurity moves in. Everything I did was for nothing!! I had to get rid of the cursed one, no matter what it took!!"[2]
  • "Say what you like, but I will protect my own little world.”[...]“This is my sanctuary. I spent many long years creating the perfect paradise for myself!! I refuse to let anyone contaminate it. My world needs only the things I want in it!!"[2]


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