The Battle of Buckingham Palace is the final battle in the British Halloween, culminating in the defeat of Carissa and the end of her coup. Occurring on 3 AM of October 18, the battle initially starts with the Anglican Church forces entering London accompanied with the bombardment of the palace by the Coven Compass and Selkie Aquarium mobile fortresses. However, after arriving at the palace, they are unable to quickly take down Carissa and Curtana Original, protracting the battle.

The battle eventually ends with the combined efforts of the Anglican Church, Acqua of the Back, and the reformed Knights Faction, as well as many of the citizens of London after Elizard distributed the power of the Curtana Original to them. Kamijou Touma would later deliver the finishing blow to Carissa, destroying Curtana Original in the process.


With the overloading of the Curtana Original, the Anglican Church forces are able to even the odds a bit in their favor, severely weakening Carissa and her Knights. Despite this, the Anglican Church forces are still aware of the power that Carissa wields.[2] Moreover, they are unable to mount an attack immediately after the overloading as London is covered in Telesma that was expelled by the Curtana Original, since their forces rely on magic to defeat Carissa and the knights, and the dense Telesma makes it dangerous for them to use magic in London. Because of this, the Anglican Church forces spend their time preparing for their assault on Buckingham Palace, as well as gathering as much of their forces as they can.[3] It eventually reaches over 500 people.[1]

Carissa originally intended to use Buckingham Palace to make adjustments on the Curtana Original after the Battle of Folkestone,[4] but after the overloading of the Curtana Original is later forced to defend her ground from the palace against the Anglican Church forces.

Anglican Church plansEdit

Index v18 002-004 Textless

The Anglican Church forces, including Kamijou Touma, in the outskirts of London, eating and preparing for the battle ahead. Their total force would later amount to about 500 people.

With the devastating blow already received by the knights through the defeat of the Knight Leader and the weakening of their overall power due to the overloading of the Curtana Original, the Anglican Church forces hoped that the coup d’état would collapse if they are able to destroy the sword. The plan was to split the forces up into 20 groups of trucks and go toward Buckingham Palace as fast as they can in different routes, breaking through any kind of inspection points using magic spells.[1]

Knowing of the difficulty of their situation with Carissa being a "non-standard" enemy, the Anglican Church forces include Kamijou Touma as part of their plan, as his right hand can destroy the Curtana. To aid in their attack on Carissa, the Anglican Church forces contact both the Coven Compass and Selkie Aquarium mobile fortresses to bombard Buckingham Palace and further weaken Carissa.[5][6] The strategy was to use Touma as a slow-moving mobile cannon, where Kanzaki Kaori and the Amakusa Christians will bait Carissa towards Touma's direction in order for him to destroy Curtana Original.[1]

The Anglican Church forces however know that Carissa will immediately notice them the moment they enter London and attack them, hoping that the attacks would render her forces busy in defending themselves from the bombardment[6] before they could mount a "concrete" counterattack.[1]

Carissa's plansEdit

Anticipating the assault on Buckingham Palace by the Anglican Church forces and the use of the mobile fortresses as well, Carissa, likely wanting to further her plans in destroying the codes and documents in the Palace that would allow for the construction of a new Curtana, deliberately refuses to move from her position in London.[7] Anticipating them, Carissa further plays her role in looking like a tyrant. To prevent reprisals on the knights after she is defeated, Carissa "purges" the knights faction by making them think they have been severely injured by her, in the hopes of preventing them from falling apart, and consequently the country, as a whole, under the guise of retaining control over them due to their losing morale on Carissa's actions after the defeat of the Knight Leader and the overloading of the Curtana Original.[6] She would later have them transferred to a location far from the battle that would occur in Buckingham Palace.[7]

This however results in Buckingham Palace's security level falling, essentially making her the only one able to defend against the attack of the Anglican Church forces. Carissa's excuse for this is that she has the Curtana Original making guards useless for her.[6] Without knights to patrol London, guard her, or to defend against the Anglican Church forces, Carissa orders the mobilization of almost 20 Griffin Sky mobile fortresses to her location.[6]

Other plansEdit

Riméa, having suspected Carissa's true intentions apparently even before the coup, has spies in Edinburgh to confirm them. Prior to the Anglican Church forces' breakthrough into London, Riméa met with her mother and Archbishop Laura Stuart outside of the city, waiting for confirmation from her spies in New Light's base in Edinburgh.[8] She would later enter the city, apparently on her own.[7] Meanwhile, both Elizard and Laura Stuart enter London to stop by the British Museum, in order to pick up the Union Jack spiritual item from Charles Conder, before joining the battle at the palace.

Meanwhile, Acqua of the Back and the Knight Leader would later enter the city independently as well.

First phase of the battleEdit

The magic bombardment of Buckingham PalaceEdit

In the Battle of Islay, rendering the Knights faction that had attacked them incapable of continuing their attack, Smartvery and the witches of the Anglican Church and their mobile fortress, Coven Compass, receive permission from Villian to fire on Buckingham Palace where Carissa was in. Despite the fact that the distance from Buckingham Palace is 1.5 times that of fortress' large-scale flash bombardment, the lack of relay points to guide the attack (present earlier during the overloading of the Curtana Original), and the probable interference of the ruins found in the Isle of Man to the spell, the fortress is able to successfully fire on the palace.[5]

At the same time as this, Selkie Aquariums 1, 2, 4, and 5, bombard Buckingham Palace from Dover Strait as well, while 3 and 8 are busy engaging the Knights and the Royal Navy.[6] In total, Buckingham Palace is barraged by the combined attacks of the mobile fortresses at least 100–200 times.[6] Despite the powerful attacks, since the coup had the population of London moved to select establishments like theaters and hotels, and the fact that the bombardment is concentrated in the area surrounding the palace, there'd be no collateral casualties incurred because of the attack.[6]

Counterattack by CarissaEdit

Despite the bombardment, Carissa is able to make a counterattack. She makes use of Curtana's ability to sever dimensions in order to rain the debris it creates as projectiles. She targets the truck that carries group, forcing Itsuwa the driver, to evade them instead of going directly to Buckingham Palace. Despite their efforts, one of the debris manages to hit the truck, putting it out of commission and forcing the people inside to flee. During the hail of debris, Touma loses Index while Villian goes to the palace on her own. Touma later meets with Itsuwa though cannot get to her because of debris. She tells Touma to follow Villian who has left for the palace on her own. Itsuwa tells Touma that she and the others will be heading along the alleyways on a different route to Buckingham Palace, telling him that they should regroup at the palace. After being urged by Itsuwa, Touma later leaves her and finds that Index is with Kanzaki, trying to get to the palace. Touma then finds a piece of cloth torn from Villian's dress, making Touma afraid for her sake. In spite of this, Touma tries running towards Buckingham Palace as fast as he could while trying to avoid the myriad of debris that Carissa throws out using Curtana Original, as well as the debris created by the things at it destroys everything in its path.[6]

Touma is easily able to enter Buckingham Palace as the attacks by Coven Compass and the Selkie Aquariums have made its mark, destroying the walls surrounding the area as well as the wreaking havoc on the grounds. The palace itself had a third of its right side destroyed.[6]

Battle at Buckingham PalaceEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 04m 03s

The Griffin Skies above Buckingham Palace, with Touma, Villian and Carissa underneath.

Touma sees Villian arguing with Carissa. Knowing what would inevitably happen, Touma pushes Villian out of the way just in time before she could use her sword on her. In spite of that, debris from the Curtana Original cutting dimensions still appear. Still, Touma's efforts are congratulated by Carissa, though questions why Touma is the only there. Carissa assumes that the others have been killed, but Touma tells her that the rest of the Anglican Church forces will be arriving soon. Carissa is relieved to hear that because her many preparations would have been nothing if the rest of the forces cannot come to fight her. There, Carissa reveals to Touma and Villian her 20-strong Griffin Sky mobile fortresses hovering above them.[6]

Now that the odds are increasingly stacked against him and Villian, Touma worries of an attack from not only Carissa but not from the knights. Carissa however, reveals to Touma that there'd be no hidden knights to attack them as she has "punished" them after they have begun doubting if Carissa was fit enough to be the head of state due to the defeat of the Knight Leader and the overloading of the Curtana Original. This enrages Touma, believing to have killed those who have followed her. Carissa reveals that she did not simply killed them, and implies to Touma that she has done something much worse. Touma calls out Carissa for treating her knights so callously, to which Carissa responds that it is an honor for those knights to have done their duties. In the end however, Carissa mocks the knights' cowardice, and says that she had to make sure that the coup would be successful, hence the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses.[6]

Kamijou Touma vs. CarissaEdit

With only Villian by his side, Touma is forced to do battle Carissa alone. Immediately, Carissa goes for Touma's neck with her sword, forcing Touma to drop down before she can do so. However, because of the dimensional cutting ability of the Curtana Original, debris is formed from it and falls upon Touma, who rolls away before it crushes him. Carissa swings again at him from top to the bottom. This time Touma holds up his Imagine Breaker, negating the sword's slicing of dimensions, surprising Touma. Jumping back to his feet, Touma tries to strike her, but Carissa is undeterred and swings the sword again, creating another dimensional debris. It hits Touma's fist and is not negated by the Imagine Breaker. As Touma flinches in pain, Carissa kicks the debris away from him and then kicks Touma in the gut. The force of the kick is strong enough to throw his body a few meters away. In the throngs of pain, Carissa approaches him and says that she was going easy on him, remarking that her power comes from the Telesma provided by Curtana. She says that there are side effects to putting a large amount of Telesma in her body, and that she should make a spell to remove the restraint. Carissa then says that it is dangerous for Touma to be lying where he is. Touma then discovers that one of the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses' shadows changed into a lance and hits Touma, which sends him flying again. Another Griffin Sky join in as well at attacking Touma. Carissa reasons that Touma remains standing is because the mobile fortresses are in automatic mode, using the least amount of force on him. Carissa then manually sets the Griffin Skies to anti-Windsor Castle levels, making them foes that are now beyond Touma's abilities.[9]

As Touma ponders what to do, one of the shots from the Coven Compass strikes Carissa. Her response to this was to use the Curtana Original to cut dimensions and create debris that serves as a shield for her. It strikes the dimensional debris and the spell scatters in all direction. After seeing Touma's shocked expression, Carissa sinks her sword into the dimensional debris and swings it toward Touma. He is knocked back several meters by it, injuring him severely. Villian comes toward him but she isn't able to do anything. Carissa mocks Touma's efforts, saying that though he has a mysterious power in his right hand he is still a flesh and blood human in comparison to the leader of angels, a status that is bestowed to someone who wields the Curtana Original. Carissa then uses her sword to ignite the leaking gas from the ground, creating an explosion and the shockwaves hitting Touma. As Touma is lifted from the ground, Carissa uses the shockwave to reinforce her movement as jumps towards Touma. After hitting the ground again, Touma tries to hold out his right hand but it was too late. Carissa creates a dimensional debris aiming for Touma's neck.[9]

At that moment, Kanzaki Kaori, arrives and saves Touma. Kanzaki tells Touma that it would be a great opportunity to pay him back for the things he had done for her. She also reports that the others will be arriving soon as well. Kanzaki then asks Index, which she had previously brought along with her, to analyze the Curtana Original. Carissa mocks them for being late, to which Kanzaki responds that it is because she spent her time preventing the places where the civilians were kept from being crushed by her recklessly throwing dimensional debris. Kanzaki tells her that she doesn't intend to resolve it on her own as she has comrades to aid her.[9]

Anglican Church forces arriveEdit

Kanzaki and Carissa clashes, warning the other not to hold back. As they were fighting in great speeds Touma is unable to see their battle properly. Despite this, Touma runs in a route around their battle, wanting to move outside of Carissa's vision, making sure that Carissa was keeping an eye on him due to his Imagine Breaker. Carissa notices him, impressed by his bravery. As she clashes swords with Kanzaki, one of the dimensional debris created by Curtana Original is kicked towards Touma by her. Touma manages to dodge it, though getting scraped in the process. Kanzaki calls out to him in her worry, but Touma tells her to push forward and not worry about him.[10]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 05m 52s

Touma's comrades have arrived.

At that moment, Tatemiya Saiji and the rest of the Amakusa Christians, the Agnese Forces, and other members of the Anglican Church arrive, such as Orsola Aquinas and Sherry Cromwell with her Golem. They are awestricken by the battle unfolding before them, but readies to assist Kanzaki. Carissa adjusts her tactics by the oncoming Anglican Forces. Despite the glaring numerical disadvantage, Carissa is undeterred. She makes of use of the dimensional debris created in her battle with Kanzaki, sending them in all directions to block attacks, acted as walls, and as projectiles. To exacerbate their problems, the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses however arrive as her reinforcements, and rain lances upon Sherry's golem, raining debris threatening to crush the rest of the forces, while Agnese and Lucia frantically try to take cover. Seeing how the Griffin Sky could thin their numbers, Kanzaki orders the Amakusa Christians to split into teams to deal with Carissa and the Griffin Sky mobile fortress. The Amakusa Christians quickly do as their told, and though one of which was not taken down, Kanzaki was able to use it to her advantage. Swinging the lance it had to hit the other Griffin Sky mobile fortresses and attack Carissa. Despite destroying 5 Griffin Skies in the process of her attack, Carissa survives. Despite their frustrations, Itsuwa rallies the Amakusa Christians in to continuing in order to increase their attacks on the Griffin Skies, to which the Amakusa Christians do so quickly.[10]

Kanzaki temporarily leaves the battle requesting Touma for help with his right hand, in order to throw off Carissa's strategy of using dimensional debris against the Anglican Church forces, to which Touma agrees. Touma however warns that when he was against Carissa his right hand worked only a few times. Kanzaki reveals during her battle with Carissa that the debris appeared 1.25 seconds after Carissa used the Curtana Original to cut dimensions. Kanzaki tells Touma that he has a 1.25 second opportunity in negating the appearance of the dimensional debris in their world. In spite of the short time frame, Touma agrees and tells Kanzaki that he will wait for a good opportunity to strike. Kanzaki then tries to return to do battle with Carissa. However, Carissa doesn't give her that chance as she shoots several dimensional debris toward the Amakusa Christians, striking Saji and Itsuwa. Here, Carissa mocks Kanzaki for neglecting to protecting her comrades as she discussed strategy. With that, Carissa jumps in midair. Kanzaki tries to act, believing that she is targeting Touma. But it was too late however for them to notice that she was targeting her sister. She creates a dimensional debris and kicks off it to change her direction. Villian tries to use her bowgun on her but she is too late as she has already grabbed Villian by her head and had her sword on her neck.[10]

Carissa mocks Villian for being there despite her inability to use magic, reasoning that she was there because of her own cowardice or even arrogance for using magic for the first time a while ago that caused Curtana Original to go haywire. Despite this, Villian is not afraid of Carissa and glares at her, preparing her bowgun. She tells her that now she knows what the people who protected her is facing in order for her to escape, but now it is her turn to protect people. She fires her bowgun at Carissa, though she easily dodges it. However, it was a mere ruse by Villian, as the arrow, which was a spiritual item made with the help of the Anglicans, hits one of the shots of the Coven Compass' large scale flash spell. The attack is turned into a mass of water, destroying one of the Griffin Sky and heads for Carissa. For the first time, Carissa is shocked by the turn of the events, and hurries to avoid the water. At that moment, Villian shoots another arrow which hits another large scale flash spell from Coven Compass. It turns the attack into golfball-sized spheres, which Carissa evades. As Carissa closes in on Villian, she tells her that what is happening is the limit of what relying on others can give to her. Villian agrees, saying that what was happening was the "peak" of her relying on others can give to her as close combat members of the Amakusa Christians appear and speed up towards Carissa. Here, she realizes that the golfball-sized spheres actually boosted the physical abilities of the Amakusa Christians and not an attack. Carissa is then forced to deal with them using dimensional debris again. Seeing as the spheres that boosts the Amakusa Christians had buried themselves in the ground, Carissa tries to create another dimensional debris to dig them out and then destroy them. However, Touma finally gets his chance and negates the phenomenon of cutting of the dimensions, preventing Carissa to create dimensional debris. Vulnerable to the Coven Compass' attacks, Carissa tries to defend herself. However, immediately afterwards, Index uses Spell intercept on one of the incoming large-scale flash bombardments of Coven Compass. It hits the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses and hits Carissa through an opening in Curtana Original’s defenses. Carissa is then caught in a tremendous explosion.[10]

Cluster bombing of Buckingham PalaceEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 08m 11s

Carissa standing tall even after the bombing of Buckingham Palace.

The attack destroys the remaining Griffin Sky mobile fortresses but Carissa remains standing and wiith only a few scratches on her body. Despite the Anglican Church forces gaining complete numerical advantage, Carissa points out to them that they are still unable to harm her no matter how many they are. Carissa then orders the destroyer Wimbledon to fire a cruise missile equipped with Bunker Cluster warhead towards Buckingham Palace. Carissa reveals that she was planning to use it against her mother after drawing her out using the Griffin Skies, but since they have been destroyed she is forced to advance her schedule. Knowing of the destruction the missiles would cause and with only a minute before it reaches them, Kanzaki tries to use a large defense barrier with a 3 kilometer wide radius. Carissa tries to attack her using dimensional debris while Kanzaki is busy creating the barrier. Kanzaki is able to dodge it but the construction of her barrier is delayed. Kanzaki tries to create the barrier again. However, it is too late, the warhead splits and is able to get through the holes of the unfinished defense barrier. In spite of this however, 200 of the missiles exploded prematurely because of the barrier, sparing London. As the missiles were set by Carissa to detonate 5 meters underground, the missiles bury themselves into the ground before exploding in Buckingham Palace. Magicians present on the scene would later use defensive spells to weaken the destruction caused by the missiles that got through.[10]

After the explosion, Touma tries to call out to his comrades but nobody would answer. He later sees Carissa standing unfazed by the explosion. She asks Touma if he still has some hope left and then orders Wimbledon to fire another Bunker Cluster.[10]

Second phase of the battleEdit

Riméa calls for aidEdit

Riméa observes the battle from afar when she is contacted by her spy from Edinburgh. There is a tomb in Edinburgh fit enough for a king of a entire culture, confirming her suspicion regarding Carissa that she is carrying the weight of the entire country on her own shoulders and that she is willing to become a tyrant in order to save it from its enemies and from the danger that Curtana Original's power possess. She then uses a communication spell to contact not only the knights, who have now regained consciousness after being "punished" by Carissa, but those at Buckingham Palace as well to tell them of Carissa's true plans. She then pleads with them to take up arms to save Carissa not as the second princess but as a woman as she believes Carissa can be saved if there are people who are willing to fight for her. The Knight Leader is just behind Riméa during her announcement, deciding to take up his sword to save Carissa as well despite being depowered after the Overloading of the Curtana Original.[7]

Initial actionsEdit

Despite the revelation of her motivations, Carissa continues to resist. All hope seems lost as the Anglican Church forces no longer have enough strength to create a defensive barrier as the cruise missile with the Bunker Cluster warhead will soon arrive. Touma tries to search for a communication spiritual item, wanting to contact one of the Selkie Aquariums in order to hit the missile, though Carissa just mocks his efforts as the mobile fortresses would have attacked if they could when the first missile was launched. The missile arrives but before it can launch its Bunker Cluster warhead, the Knight Leader and the knights arrive. He uses his Thororm Defense Spell to negate the missile, crashing without exploding. Seeing this, Carissa uses a dimensional debris to attack Villian but the Knight Leader just knocks it away with his fist, injuring him. He tells Villian that after the coup is over she can have him decapitated, but he would at least save Carissa so that the entire Royal Family can join forces to stop Rome and Russian Churches. Villian tells the Knight Leader that he should act according to his own will not something he is forced to do.[11]

With that the Knight Leader orders his knights to split into two teams: one to heal and recover the collapsed Anglican Church forces members, and the others in assisting him attacking Carissa. Knight Leader comes upon Touma who is still trying to dodge Carissa's dimensional debris attacks. He apologizes to him leaving the fate of his country and the fate of the princesses to them, to which Touma accepts and says that they should all work together to stop Carissa. Working together, Touma is the one who attempts to negate Carissa's dimensional slices while Knight Leader works to restrict the movements of the Curtana Original. With only the spells and skills they have prior to their empowerment via Curtana Original, the Knight Leader and his knights engage Carissa and her Curtana Original. As they clashed weapons and try to prevent her from using her dimensional cutting, Carissa points out that Riméa's speech was given in a perfect timing to rouse both the Anglicans and the knights. She points out that her sister's speech made it so that it sounded like it was directed at him, and his decision to change views moved the other knights as well. She points out to the Knight Leader that her sister just manipulated him, though he replies that he doesn't mind as long as he can save her. Carissa points out that he is severely outmatched now as he no longer has any blessing from the Curtana Original, though he replies that it is trivial and the presence or absence of power will not make him waver.[11]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 13m 23s

Acqua of the Back arrives in the battlefield after destroying the antenna used for military transmissions.

The knights attack on Carissa become more intense while the Anglicans begin to recover from the previous Bunker Cluster attack. Finally pushed into a corner, Carissa tries to order the firing of all the cruise missiles equipped with Bunker Cluster warheads from the destroyers, Wimbledon, Henry VII, Sherwood, Hastings, and Shakespeare on Buckingham Palace, despite wanting to use them on her attack on France, knowing that the Knight Leader would not be able to use Thororm's Defense Spell on all of them in time. Touma and the Knight Leader try to rush her before she can make the orders, but they are spared their efforts however, as Acqua of the Back arrives and slams the antenna used for military transmissions on top of Carissa. Although, she dodges the attack, Acqua of the Back's actions ensures that Carissa could no longer carry out any of her orders to the armed forces.[11]

Clashing of four swordsEdit

After a bit of bantering, Acqua of the Back and the Knight Leader flank Carissa with their swords. Despite using the dimensional debris against them, Carissa is forced back for the first time. The battle however goes ill for Carissa further as Kanzaki Kaori, the first of the Anglican Church forces to stand up again after the Bunker Cluster attack, comes into the battle as well. With three swords against Carissa, and despite her use of the dimensional debris and her swordsmanship, the battle for her is to evade their attacks as much as she can. Carissa acknowledges her limit despite her sword, to which Kanzaki says that she believes that not everything can be accomplished with only those who are special. She tells Carissa that they were only able to go all out because there are people supporting them, as such, she tells Carissa, that since she is being aimed at by magicians from all directions she can only continue to focus on possible attacks from her blind spots which limit her options. Carissa agrees that the number of allies can determine the victor in a battle, but then says that it is the reason why she never once thought her victory would lie in that direction. At that moment, Carissa uses dimensional debris not on them but on the group of knights working to treat the Anglicans, knocking them into the air. Immediately afterwards, Carissa creates a dimensional to create another debris. The Knight Leader tries to use stop the debris but is instead hit by one of the Anglicans trying to Carissa in a misfire. As the Knight Leader could no longer hold it because of the attack, the debris still hurtles out of control.[12]

Carissa points out that no matter how large a group is they are still a collection of individuals, and as such connections can be severed between these individuals when their weaknesses or openings can be exploited. Carissa continues to attack the group with her dimensional debris. Acqua of the Back tries clashing swords with Carissa alone without the back-up of either Knight Leader or Kanzaki that made their assault against her effective in the first place. After a clashing a bit, Acqua of the Back is later forced to retreat back as he was bleeding. Carissa once again proclaims her superiority in military affairs after regaining the momentum of the battle.[12]

End of the battleEdit

Elizard arrivesEdit

After gathering up Villian's servants that have come to London on their own to aid in the battle, Elizard arrives in Buckingham Palace.[13] She quickly strikes Carissa with her Curtana Second but she manages to block it with Curtana Original, relieving Acqua of the Back and the Knight Leader from being pushed back by Carissa. Elizard states that she has come to stop her as Carissa has no plan that better than hers and even doing worse. As they clash swords with astonishing speed, Carissa points out that no matter what they have done, the clashing of two groups eventually ended with the clash of the two Curtanas, and that she will win as her Curtana Original is superior to the Queen's Curtana Second.[14]

The fight continues and the swords clash, and bit by bit Curtan Second becomes damaged by the Curtana Original. Elizard points out however the flaw in her thinking that she can change the country by using already existing systems. With that, Elizard swings the Curtana Second so hard that it escapes from her grip. This surprises Carissa enough to put her on guard as she believes Elizard is planning something. Elizard claims that what is happening is a revolution that is not using the old framework and that if Carissa is surprised by it then she is still bound by that framework. Believing that Elizard is simply trying to cheer up the panicked people and decides to respond as a tyrant would by cutting her down. She tries to use the sword to cut Elizard down but is stopped when she unfurls before her the flag of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Union Jack spiritual item.[14]

Carissa can only stand by and watch as Elizard uses the Union Jack to distribute the power of the Curtana Original to every British citizen, and with that all of Curtana Original lost its power.[14]

People of the United Kingdom vs. CarissaEdit

"Now, it is time for a great number of heroes to stand up for themselves as the people’s general election begins!"

Immediately after, Elizard calls out to the British people, people who loved the country and wanted it to be their homeland. She tells them that they can choose to become heroes this one night using the power that they have gained. She tells them that they can choose to help her, the coup, or even choose a third path like even returning the power, so long as they choose to use the power not under anyone else's will but of their own prerogative.[15]

With that, the people of London from different walks of life, men, women, and children, answered Elizard's call of becoming a hero. It not only included civilians but soldiers who was involved in the coup. Carissa can only curse and glare at the triumphant Elizard after the power of her Curtana Original has been drained. Elizard tells Carissa this is how one truly leads a country, but Carissa disagrees as she believes Elizard simply gave power to the people to use as her shields in order to get her position back. Elizard however tells Carissa that her ignorance comes from her royal arrogance. She tells her that it is her privileged background as royalty that allowed her to use the power of the Curtana Original, but is also why she has become arrogant, telling her that no one has decided that normal people could not use the power of the Curtana. She tells her that in her arrogance she has been blind to the fact that she was still operating under the same framework and her revolution would have changed little. She lectures her not as the Queen but as her mother, chastising her ridiculous suicide plan. She then tells her that their country isn't so weak as she seemed to think and that she will see now how the people of the United Kingdom will become heroes in order to save her, the second princess.[15]

Despite the usage of the Union Jack there is still enough power inside the Curtana Original for Carissa to threaten her mother. Her aggression however is answered by normal people empowered by Curtana Original through the United Kingdom, protecting Elizard or fighting Carissa. Seeing this, the Anglican Church forces and the knights as well regroup, with Kanzaki, the Knight Leader, and Acqua of the Back at the center. Elizard taunts Carissa, saying that she may have lost when it came to fighting with Curtana Second against Curtana Original. Carissa replies that despite the loss of her Curtana Original's power, it is still plenty enough to defeat them, though she is wavering. Elizard tells Carissa that if she loses her focus for even an instant, Curtana Original's power will be stripped away by the hands of ninety million people of the country, advising her not to neglect attacks as she tries to remain focus. As more and more people arrive to the battlefield, Elizard reminds Carissa that the more power she loses over Curtana then more it adds to their strength. Carissa doesn't believe her as their power is still less than 20% of hers, and that she believes that though the people may have power they do not have the knowledge of magic to properly wield and control it. Hearing this, Elizard agrees and says that she will have to do something, though Carissa points out she threw away Curtana Second. Elizard however mocks Carissa, saying that she is still the Queen and have the right to a single vote in this "people's general election", even if she just uses her fist like the rest of the people who has gathered there.[16]

Little did Carissa know that Elizard out a great spell during her communication to the peoples of the United Kingdom, changing her communication spell's properties to match the user’s thoughts and had adjusted the Telesma from the Curtana Original so it was in a “convenient form” that would remain stable as they used it. In short, she had made it possible for those normal people to use the power they had acquired to carry out the actions as they imagined them in their head. At the same time as this, the normal people would not be able to figure out the truth about their power, that it is magic instead of the explanations they have made for themselves.[16]

Thus more than 500 people who had gathered there began to attack Carissa who is too busy not to lose control of her Curtana Original in order to properly fight back. Stiyl Magnus later arrives as well, throwing a rune cards from a transport plane to summon Innocentius for the battle. Then, Index is finally able to finish analyzing Curtana Original and uses Spell Intercept on it. It moves the sword in Carissa's hand and its excess Telesma becomes redistributed. Carissa notices and tries to regain control. At the same time as this, Touma, who also swore to protect Carissa like the rest, realizes that Index's Spell Intercept may be temporary. Deeming that he should try to strike now he calls out to Acqua of the Back for aid in getting to Carissa quickly. After simply yelling out to Acqua of the Back he already knows what Touma's plan is. Touma runs to Acqua of the Back and lands on his Ascalon, at which point he then swings it towards
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 18m 28s

Touma sends Carissa flying through the ruins of Buckingham Palace.

Carissa who was 10 meters away. With a smile on his face, Touma is able to destroy the Curtana Original with the speechless Carissa still holding it up. His fist then strikes Carissa's face and sends her flying to the ruins of Buckingham Palace and later crashing on a London road. Thus ends the battle and the coup d’état with her defeat and the destruction of the source and symbol of her power, the Curtana Original.[16]


  • Elizard and the Knight Leader in front of the damaged palace.
  • Fiamma of the Right gloats over the results of his machinations.

With the destruction of the Curtana Original, the people that were empowered by the sword went back to normal. As the Amakusa Christians try to treat the wounded, the elation felt by the participants of the battle is quickly interrupted by Fiamma of the Right. As there is no one there who could oppose him with Acqua of the Back leaving early immediately after the battle, Fiamma of the Right manages to steal Index's John's Pen remote control from the ruins of Buckingham Palace and make Index go awry, eventually leaving her unconscious.[17]


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