The Battle of Napali Coast in November 10 of the current Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline, is the final battle in the invasion of Hawaii by Trident forces.

Several encounters between the United States and Trident occur mostly in the northern part of the island, most notably in Nā Pali Coast. The battle was won after, Roberto Katze successfully secured Lindy Blueshake from Trident, GREMLIN, and the volunteer forces of Roseline Krackhart, and forced Cinesic Evers to trust the outcome between Saronia A. Irivika and Kamijou Touma.


The search for Lindy BlueshakeEdit

Despite the successful assault on Pearl Harbor by Trident and GREMLIN forces, they quickly abandoned the base to search for Lindy Blueshake,[1] after the subsequent discovery as well Olay Blueshake voluntarily showing her involvement to Roseline Krackhart.[2] Even though she showed her involvement, her discovery was an inevitability, as her great, influence, and past political maneuverings allowed Roberto to discover through the Imperial Package that she was the one who hired Trident.[3]

At the end of the discovery, Roseline Krackhart creates a 200-man volunteer military personnel she personally trusts and decides to search for Lindy Blueshake.[4] Trident and GREMLIN forces do this as well, with Cinesic Evers and Saronia A. Irivika wanting to use Lindy as a leverage against Olay Blueshake. Meanwhile, Olay herself would try to force Roseline using her technology to drive Trident and GREMLIN into a corner.[5] Furthermore, with the help of Leivinia Birdway, Kamijou Touma, Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, Hamazura Shiage, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Misaka Worst, Roberto Katze gets into the fray in order to protect Lindy Blueshake from being used by Roseline, and the possible harm she might get into. The search turns into a frenzy of people trying to outmaneuver each other to get the upper hand. All parties later converge on Napali Coast, the purported location of Lindy Blueshake.

The battleEdit

American counteroffensiveEdit

Despite the volcanic ash that made flying a harazard. Twenty United States stealth fighters flying low from Oahu, fire air-to-surface missiles towards the invading Trident forces near a coast in Anahola that was defended by Trident. Since the Trident forces' entire defense was built around anti-ship missiles, they could not properly deal with the offensive and are later annihilated, as Roseline's voluntary military force invades and quickly retake the beach.[6]

Involvement of the Kamijou FactionEdit

Although, the Kamijou Faction was very influential during the early parts of the invasion, such as during the Fall of Pearl Harbor, whither the Accelerator, along with the Dawn-colored Sunlight, managed to aid the United States forces long enough for them to evacuate. The group becomes a key factor during the battle, and in whole, the entire invasion. The faction provided Roberto Katze with transportation and bore him to the island of Kauai, where Leivinia Birdway warns them that Olay and Saronia may monitor their movements using the Free Compound Eyes to find Lindy. They later split up,[5] after landing on the southeastern side of the island, taking different routes to reach Napali Coast. Since the center of the island was too mountainous, their groups needed to circle around to reach Lindy, keeping to the coast. With Touma with Umidori, and Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, with Misaka Worst, moving clockwise, and Shiage, Roberto, and Leivinia heading counterclockwise around the island, apparently lucky that Roseline's troops are too busy dealing with Trident.[6]

Shiage's group later witness the beginning of Roseline's offensive against Trident, retaking one of the beaches of Kauai.[6]

Skirmish at Blue Energy Gas StationEdit

NT Index v03 275

Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto, along with Misaka Worst, played a key part in destabilizing Trident's defensive line.

Despite their animosity, Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto, with Misaka Worst, work together in order to destroy Trident's anti-ship missile defensive line by hacking, in order for naval reinforcements (most likely from Oahu) to arrive safely. They promptly attack the Trident forces stationed near Blue Energy Gas Station, and completely overwhelm the forces there. Weck Lunasand, and his young ward, Steve, bore witness to the two Level 5's decimation of Trident forces there.[7]

Convergence of forces at Napali CoastEdit

Saronia A. Irivika, along with a handful of Trident forces arrive via hovercraft at Napali Coast, and was the first to arrive at Lindy Blueshake and Harzak Lolas' cliffside log home.[8]

Touma and Umidori arrive later, and immediately engages the Trident forces into a fight.[9] Hamazura, Roberto, and Leivinia would arrive last on their truck, and is immediately attacked by a Trident soldier, who captures Lindy Blueshake, and scaring Harzak Lolas away. However, thanks to Shiage's ingenuity, the soldier was stopped, and Lindy was safely secured by Roberto. They are forced to leave Harzak behind to ensure his safety.[10]

As for Roseline Krackhart, she and a few of her forces travel through Kauai, and reach Waimea Valley. She and her forces later get stuck there due to the debris from a recent skirmish against Trident tanks.[11]

The President assumes commandEdit

With Lindy with them, Roberto and the group decide to head to the central mountainous area of the island, in order to lose Olay's FCE and Trident, and later discover a way to get out of the island. Although, Roberto knew there was no definite escape route. That is until Roberto discovers that Trident's defensive line is being neutralized by Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto. Mikoto herself, rendezvous with the the truck they are on, and later engage an enemy tank.

Immediately afterwards, the truck is later struck by a Cutter shell by the American volunteer group. They are apparently a group led by Martin Flowers, and after a litttle subordination by one of his men, who attempted to shoot the President, Martin hands out his command to the President, who agrees that they should not follow Roseline's plan on using Lindy against Olay.[12] There, Roberto finally contacts Roseline Krackhart, who is currently stuck in Waimea Valley, and convinces him of a more ideal, and quick solution to end the invasion than using Lindy Blueshake.[11]

Parley at Nohili PortEdit

According to Roseline and Roberto's deductions, even if Olay gives up, Trident will not ncessarily stop, since they believe that Olay's political influence might allow them to escape from being held responsible for attacking America. Furthermore, if they withdraw, they will not only be traitors by criminals who started a war with America, and possibly death penalties may skyrocket after they are captured, there is also doubt GREMLIN will continue fighting on their own without the aid of Trident. As such, Roberto decides to have a negotiation with Trident's commander, Cinesic Evers.[11]

With the volunteer marine forces, they go out of their way in avoiding any military engagement against other Trident forces, and focus on attacking the forces protecting Cinesic Evers. They later arrive at Nohili Port, a civilian port on the western side of Kauai, and defeat the Trident forces stationed there.[13]

There, Roberto interrogates Cinesic of the European Union's involvement, which by Cinesic's defensive position implies that the EU truly is involved with aiding the invasion. Roberto then states the apparent judicial difficulty in handing out a sentence to an entity that declared war on the United States of America, and tells that the US may not be able to punish Trident under any existing law, laws that should also protect Trident from illegal and unfair punishment. Cinesic counters that it would not matter, since the people who should judge and hand out punishment, the government, would already have been taken over by Olay and Saronia. Roberto retorts by saying that since Saronia is of the occult, he has a specialist that should take care of Saronia. He further states that Saonia and Olay's defeat has already been decided, and that their negotiation is not about who wins or loses, since Trident's defeat has already been decided, and it's only purpose is to negotiate a proper punishment for them. Moreover, he says that the isolation of Hawaii is near its end, and that Trident would be unable to defend itself from the onslaught of the United States military, as well as protect itself with international laws that would prevent that from occurring.[13]

Roberto gives Cinesic time to assess his situation, but urges that he will only fail if he does not yield. However, unexpectedly, Cinesic order all troops deployed in Hawaiian Islands, to move to Napali Coast and assist Saronia. Here, he states that as ong as Saronia is safe, Trident can turn this situation around, since all the pieces are right here in front of him, and Lindy Blueshake, a tool against Olay, can be still be used. Cinesic gambles the fate of the invasion upon the outcome of the battle between Saronia. A. Irivika and Kamijou Touma.[13]

Struggle at Sunny Watcher 44-19Edit

At Sunny Watcher 44-19, Lindy Blueshake's cliffside home,[5] Touma and Umidori face against Saronia, with her already using her magic to make Touma's arm limp.[9] With no advantage against magic and the overwhelming amount of Trident forces pouring into the area, Touma and Umidori, retreat into the now-abandoned Lindy Blueshake home. Apparently, Accelerator and Mikoto was unable to pull their forces away from the area, and are trap there. However, Touma, knowing that attacking forces, both Trident and GREMLIN would know that they should logically play in the defensive, Touma suggests to charge ahead, cutting off support from each other. To achieve that Touma asks Umidori to supply him with an ample supply of nitrogen spears. Despite the difficulty of making cyborg arms for her spears, Umidori acquiesces, and is told by Touma to use available resources, to make something that at least resemble arms. Touma then calls Leivinia, regarding the analysis of Saronia's true powers. Here, she states that the information regarding her powers was false, and they were led astray by her. Touma then states that they should at least be able to figure what Saronia was trying to hide based on the false information she had propagated. Leivinia agrees, and sends out the order to her subordinates to figure it out. Touma later aids Umidori in the construction of her arms.[14]

Touma receives a call from Leivinia later. Here, she tells her that Saronia's power is to make an area into an enclave, whither she rules those who are already a part of it, and punishes those who are outsiders, like Touma. Although, the exact method on how Saronia makes an enclave in Hawaii is still unknown, though Touma figures out that Saronia requires at least a few days to prepare to actually set up her enclave. With that, the call ends, and Touma is left to figure out on his own. At that same moment, Umidori finishes making an make-shift arm, only one, as such Touma is forced to manage, with Touma planning on charging on and gather information about Saronia's spell, then try to find a way past it. With time on the essence, Umidori states that she is not going to use Bomber Lance, her power, and says that she is going to use the violent feedback of an esper using magic in their favor, by forcing it upon any object she chooses instead, due to her being a cyborg. Here, Umidori forces her make-shift into the ground and then uses a vague magic spell. Immediately after, the cliff collapses, destroying parts of the cliff-side house, and making several Trident and GREMLIN forces fall into the waters below. Umidori is then put out of commission, and warns her that a magician, Saronia, who just ordered back up from West Napali Coast, arrives before them.[15]

Kamijou Touma vs. Saronia A. IrivikaEdit

NT Index v03 318

Saronia appears before Kamijou Touma in Napali Coast.

Touma duels with Saronia, despite lacking the use of a left arm. Predictably, Saronia shows her superiority in physical combat, as Touma's body lacks the balance he needs to pull off his punches. Even then, Touma manages to catch sight that Saronia isn't using magic against him, despite the advantages of doing so in their fight.[16]

Still on the defensive, Touma tries to dodge and put distance between him and Saronia, buying time by talking to her and air her grievances, while he tries to figure out her powers.From time-to-time, Saronia would use pollen on Touma, though it would misfire and miss, forcing Saronia to resort to attacking Touma physically. However, Saronia manages to trick Touma by distracting him in throwing seeds and then firing pollen upon him. Touma is hit, making the entire left side of his body limp, and unable to support his weight, he falls, though, he manages to pick up a large part regarding her magic. Suddenly, Touma picks up his phone and dials numbers on this, Saronia notices, but she manages to disable Touma. There, Touma reveals what he knows of Saronia's powers, much to her amusement, knowing of his current predicament. At that moment, Touma's body launches upward, supported by Umidori's true arms, which wrapped around his left leg. With that surprise, Touma manages to finally attack Saronia, and succeeding, though, since the Bomber Lance have been spent, Touma falls to ground again, only able to crawl. Without realizing it, Saronia begins ranting about the result of World War III, and on how other nations are reconstructing every aspect of her nation like a puppet, and calling it just and good. Touma then tells Saronia that it is his duty to fight those who are making her suffer in the name of justice, and that she shouldn't do things that will make the world blame her. Of course, Saronia does not believe him, though, all the while Touma is trying to figure out about her magic. However, without her realizing, Touma has managed to crawl towards the garden to the side of the log house, and touch the seedling that Harzak Lolas planted, a queer plant that is not native the shores of Hawaii. It was an unexpected move, and with that Saronia's enclave in Hawaii is destroyed and her rules gone. Unable to counter Touma's moves, Touma completely overpowers Saronia for an unknown time.[17]


With Saronia defeated, Roberto once again asks Cinesic Evers to yield, seeing that Saronia may be used as a hostage even if Trident tries to get he back, and that getting her back may actually result in her summary execution, leading to the failure of the capitulation of the United States. Unable to do anything of declaring war against the United States without Olay to clear them, and the isolation of Hawaii near its end, Cinesic began to discuss the terms of their surrender to Roberto. There, Roberto says that the penalty may equal to 300 years of detention in clandestine United States facilities in the Arctic and Alaska, and states the sentence can be reduced if he orders the quick withdrawal of his troops, and reveal all information you have on the organization they have on GREMLIN.[18]

Hearing of the surrender of Trident, several GREMLIN-affiliated magicians quickly slip away unnoticed, since they were also wearing Trident uniforms.[19]


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