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Front of Bayard.

Back of Bayard.

Bayard (ベイヤード Beiyādo?) is a metal horse, used for transportation and capable of evading magical detection.


Bayard is the name of magical bay horse, appearing in French folklore, possessing the ability to change size depending on his riders.


Bayard is constructed of a silver metal, cast in the shape of a horse. Folded up, it is about 1m high. The name Bayard is carved on it.[1]


Much like a real horse, Bayard is capable of transporting a rider. It is capable of moving on auto-pilot to a pre-set destination. Though it doesn't possess the effects of the horse written about in literature, Bayard is able to slip past and hide from magical searches.[1]

The horse can be folded up so that its legs are tucked under its body. On being stroked on the neck, the horse unfolds and rises onto its legs. On being tapped, the horse starts moving.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

British Royal Family Arc[]

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After rescuing Princess Villian from being executed, William Orwell had Bayard take her to a Necessarius hideout while he fought off the knights.[1]

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