Bee Launcher (ビーランチャー Bīranchā?) is a custom Powered Suit used by Silvercross Alpha.


The Bee Launcher is a huge powered suit that has a giant sensor dome for a head, 2 arms and 2 legs. Additionally it has 12 poles extending from his back. Each of these poles can store 10 Edge Bees; making a total of 120 Edge Bees.[1]


The Bee Launcher is a reconnaissance Powered Suit specialist in gathering information. The 12 poles on its back serve as both hives for the Edge Bees and high precission antennas. It can receive video information from the many Edge Bees it carries, intercept signals from other machines like the cleaning robots and security robots common in Academy City and it can also deploy cables from the suit that gather information from communications network or security cameras.

However it is not a battle suit and the only weapon it has are the Edge Bees. Still, it posses enough physical strength to knock a car into the air; the car making three flips before falling down. It is also able to eject Silvercross Alpha just before its complete destruction.[2]


Freshmen ArcEdit

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Silvercross Alpha uses this Powered Suit in the attack of the Freshmen to the private salon used as a hideout by Hamazura Shiage and Fremea Seivelun, deploying its Edge Bees inside of the building. However, it proves to be no match for Accelerator, who tears its arm off and destroys it.


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