The Beheading Coins (断頭金貨 Dantō Kinka?) are spiritual items distributed to the members of the Anglican Church and the Knights of England during the Crowley's Hazard invasion.[1]


The Beheading Coins appear as a somewhat large gold coin,[1][2] but on losing power they become beer bottle caps.[3][4]


The Beheading Coin originates with bribes which a criminal's family would pay an executioner, during the days when criminals were beheaded with an axe, in order to give them a quick, clean death.[1]

Similarly, the Beheading Coin is intended to be used as a last resort in order to give the holder a quick and painless death. It raises the user's concentration and cuts off their pain and fear for a few seconds, allowing them to choose death without hesitation.[1] It is essentially a portable magic-based anesthetic to assist in suicide attacks.[2]

The coins are also connected to the artificial demon, Qliphah Puzzle 545.[3][4]


Coronzon ArcEdit

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The Beheading Coins were distributed to members of the Anglican Church and the Knights of England during the invasion of the United Kingdom by the Crowley's Hazards,[1] with the Knight Leader giving final approval at Holegres Mirates's request.[5]


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