Bell Magic refers to magic that uses bells as part of a spell. It can range from a simple communication spell to a large-scale magic attack.


In both East and West, ringing of bells was done to drive out evil over a wide area, such as placing bells in the center of a village external malice. The ringing of bells also represented being ruled over by religion like Christianity and Buddhism and its temple bells. However, there is also a legends where if something that isn't good rings the bell in abandoned churches or Buddhist temples, then it could do harm to people.[1]

The theory that the bell has been made to drive off evil has such a high degree of interpretability that it could be rearranged depending on the situation, even enough to create a bell that could attack every corner of the city when rung.[1]

Communication magicEdit

Bells can be used to communicate with others. Torquay Shadowmint has a brass staff that has several small bells on the end. When shook, they do not ring but instead produces human voices.[1] It is unknown what method or spell other person can communicate with Torquay however.

Bell tower magicEdit

Bell tower magic refers to magic that uses bells in towers, specifically those found in churches. This type of magic is used by both the Anglican Church and likely the Roman Catholic Church.[2]

Anglican Church versionEdit

Known as the Bell Tower Chorus (鐘楼斉唱 Shōrō Seishō?), if bells are rung throughout an area with many bell towers through a magical procedure, they can create a large-scale magical attack, described by Saiji as a "bombing".[2] This spell works well in an area with a lot of churches with bell towers like London.[2] The bells used in the spell had inscriptions upon them. The intent was for the effect described in that inscription to reach every corner of the city when the bell was rung. Through the combination of multiple bells or ringing them in a certain order these inscriptions could be linked to produce completely different effects.[1]

When Torquay spotted the Amakusa Christians, apparently head of operation in using the bell towers to attack them, he refers to a few Anglican Church institutions with bell towers (see list below) for use in the spell. Torquay then recites an incantation.[1] In the chant, Torquay breaks apart the sentences, likely referring to inscriptions in the bells, and builds them up in order to preserve the power in the words and produce effects different from the original ones. He is basically rearranging them to produce his desired effect. In this context, the spell is apparently an accurate bombardment spell.[1]

Afterwards, Torquay then strikes the bottom of his brass staff against the roof of the bell tower he was upon. The collection of small bells on the staff represents the bells of the different churches, and with accordance to Idol Theory, it remotely causes the actual bells to ring.[1] It is unknown what Torquay would do afterwards, as the Amakusa Christians made a ruse that made him unable to attack them, but since he gathered strength in his hand on the staff it is likely he would once again strike it to make the bells ring.

The chant:

"God does not overlook a single sinner."
"Our father does not forgive evil."
"Faith brings light to the darkness."
"Our Lord has chosen you."

Bell Towers:

The following Anglican Church institutions have bell towers which are used in the spell:


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