Beverly Seethrough (ビバリー=シースルー Bibarī Shīsurū?) is a genius new director who created a successful romance film that outdid even veteran film makers. Her film "An Iron Bridge is a Sign of Love" is a favorite of Misaka Mikoto as its name might also parallel to her scene with Touma.


She had white skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair with a bit of caramel mixed in that was roughly lifted up in a hairband. She wore a highly functional-looking two-piece swimsuit and a T-shirt with a film company’s logo on it. When inquired, she stated her cup size was L.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts CityEdit

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She came to Liberal Arts City to work with a company that intends to develop techniques to counter the technological edge of CG or VFX of Academy City. She observes Mikoto and her friends in order to gain some ideas. She is one of the few guests who knew that the fight between Mikoto and the Mixcoatl was a real one.[1]

When Saten went to get a swimsuit for Xochitl, Beverly helped her by getting an H-swimsuit made only of glass beads and strings, and any violent movements will likely result in it breaking. This swimsuit can't even get wet otherwise it might just dissolve.

She helps evacuate the city by using her skill from directing to send a message across the entire city saying the foundations of the island is in danger and it would be best if everyone left, with Uiharu's help in sending the message.[2]

After the ordeal, Beverly decides to move to Europe since she's decided that her work was better suited for making romance movies now that the Liberal Arts City was gone.[3]

Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit


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She is briefly referenced when Hamazura Shiage and Kinuhata Saiai go to see a C movie and notice the quality of her work [4].


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