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Biagio Busoni (ビアージオ=ブゾーニ Biājio Buzōni?) is the antagonist of Volume 11. His rank is that of a Bishop, which has the power to command 1000 soldiers for his project.


He is a ruthless man who sees the glory of the Roman Catholic Church as everything, willing to sacrifice the lives of everyone on the guardian armada in order to preserve its name.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

He was assigned to be the overseer of the project to remodel the "Queen of Adriatic Sea," originally a weapon that could only target Venice, into a weapon that can be used anywhere, namely Academy City.[3] As of Volume 14, he's captured after the events of Volume 11 and is locked up in the London Tower along with Lidvia Lorenzetti.[1]

Document of Constantine Arc

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

Lidvia and Biagio interrogated by Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis.

He is later visited by Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis for interrogation. Here, he has been sleep deprived and his skin and hair has lost its sheen and now just looks cracked and dried. Regardless, his supreme arrogance still seeps through his weary visage and defies Stiyl and Agnese's presence, telling Stiyl to bring out the famous torture . He glares at Stiyl which makes Agnese shudder for she was under him and that she did him wrong, though Biagio makes no regard of her. But Biagio is not the only arrogant one, as Stiyl tells him not to underestimate Necessarius, for there are many ways to get information from them without having them alive.[1]

Lidvia then tells Stiyl that they too do not care for trivial things such as that as well, but asks what is happening outside. To which Stiyl says that she can make a guess on what was happening outside. Lidvia's expression faltered, as she cared for the weak as there were the ones Lidvia reached out to. However, Biagio can only give a harrumph at the situation. Lidvia then says something which shocks and then irritates Biagio, have everyone in the tower released in exchange for what she knows.[1]

Ever defiant, only clicks and groans can be heard during Biagio's silence as Lidvia confides to Stiyl and Agnese the secrets of the God's Right Seat after settling with having Oriana Thomson to be released instead to guide the weak in her stead.[1]


Biagio carries multiple necklaces holding several dozen crucifixes. His magic allows him to release the multiple meanings behind his crosses to use all kinds of power.[4][2]

  • St. Margaret's Crucifix: Expand crucifixes that Biagio is wielding or has thrown to be three meters in length and 40 cm in thickness. This spell is based on the story of St. Margaret the Virgin, who was swallowed by an evil dragon from the inside and survived by expanding her cross to stab it from the inside. Activated using the incantation "The Cross reveals the rejection to evil." or the similar "My cross will reject this evil."[4]
  • Weight of the Cross: Multiplies the weight of Biagio's crucifixes by increasing gravity's effects on them several thousand times over. He activates this spell after throwing the crucifixes into the air so that they fall towards the enemy at high speeds, like a cannonball. This spell is based on tales relating to the weight of the cross and the cross being a symbol of humility like those of St. Lucia and St. Christopher. Activated using the incantation "The weight of the Cross corrects the haughty."[4]
  • Simon Carrying the Cross: A spell based on Simon helping the Son of God carry the cross to the execution hill. The spell forces the enemy to carry a huge weight, focusing the weight of all surrounding people and equipment on the victim. The attack works by laying this weight on top of the enemy, so it comes down from above. This spell is activated by Biagio raising one of his crucifixes above his head and using the incantation "Simon bears the cross of the Son of God."[5][2]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

A minor character, Haimura designed Biagio with no defining characteristic, burying him in overly decorated clothing.[6]



  • (To Stiyl, from Volume 14): "Bring out the torture devices the Anglican Church are so proud of. I want to show an amateur like you what true piety looks like."[1]



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