Billund (ビルン Birun?) is a city in the center of the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark. It is 150 kilometers south of Støvring.[1]

An otherwise unremarkable location that is only mentioned in passing as well as being quickly passed by Kamijou Touma and Othinus in their journey to Egeskov Castle, its outskirts is notable for having two military operations being conducted back to back by two countries on the same day, the United States of America and then Academy City during the manhunt for the two.

Academy City's attack using FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units proved to be very effective, defeating the tanks of the Danish diversionary unit of Operation Norse Wind, and would have likely completed its intended mission of killing Touma and Othinus if not for the intervention of Misaka Mikoto, an Academy City citizen, who likely had no intention of following the earlier order for Level 5s like her to kill Touma and Othinus. The failure of this mission would mark the last time any serious effort Academy City would do in hunting down Touma and Othinus.

Background of the attackEdit

The attack was likely conducted due to the defeat of Accelerator at the hands of Kamijou Touma, and the failure to rally the other Level 5s of Academy City to kill Touma and Othinus after they received orders to do so. This was intended by Accelerator. He was the first one to willingly answer the order in order for him to be defeated by Touma. This is so that if the news the #1 Level 5 of Academy City was defeated, the others would not bother attacking Touma anymore due to the higher-ups fear of losing the rest of the Level 5s.[2]

It is unknown if Accelerator foresaw that Academy City would try again, though this time using unmanned technology instead en masse, likely taking Touma's weaknesses into account.

Academy City later uses Supersonic Passenger Planes to transport around 150 FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units to Denmark.[3]

Academy City attack outside of BillundEdit

Operation Norse WindEdit

Main article: Operation Norse Wind

The United States of America's part in capturing Othinus and Touma later occurs around the same time the intended mission of the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units happen. During the operation, Academy City forces later be able to intercept America's military transmission, and from here learned of Touma and Othinus' general location. However, due to Ingrid Martin and the rest of the commando's intent to increase their level of secrecy even to their own president, Academy City couldn't find out their exact coordinates.[3]

Attack on the Danish militaryEdit

After Touma was successfully able to negotiate with Roberto to release him and Othinus, the units begin their attack. As soon as Touma and Othinus begin walking away from the commandos, and explosion appears before them as soldiers from the diversionary unit escape their tanks.[4]

The Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units then begin hacking the tanks to allow them to use its speakers, and calls for the surrender and disarmament of non-combatants as it scans for Touma and Othinus' biometrics. The units warn that if they do not display an intent to disarm then they shall be eliminated regardless of the reason. After hearing all that, Ingrid, Lynx, and Jaguar come out of hiding. Ingrid asks why Academy City is attacking the tanks as she believed that Touma and Othinus talked it out. Touma rhetorically asks her if the units look like they are on his side. Othinus then tells them to stop complaining and think rationally. She tells them that if the units' warning is accurate then they are after her and Touma, saying that as long as they disarm they won't be eliminated. Ingrid says that they are forbidden to be taken prisoner no matter the circumstances or situation, saying that if they are captured then they die. Othinus then says that they should work together, telling them that Touma can give them information on Academy City, and in turn they can tell them how to survive the situation.[3]

With them looking for Touma's advice, he tells them of the speed and capabilities of Academy City's supersonic planes as well as the capabilities of the FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units. Hearing this, the soldiers lament their misfortune. They ask why Academy City is attacking their troops as they believe that they also want to defeat Othinus just like them. Touma replies that it seemed like Academy City acted on their own during the battle in Tokyo Bay. As he ponders, not even he can tell what Academy City is doing. Othinus then says that she has noticed something. She asks why the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units are scanning the area specifically as if they had located them by satellite then they would've ignored the tanks and come to them already. Touma assumes that they were scanning all over the place because they didn't know where they are, to which Othinus replies that if they didn't know where they are, then they would've narrowed it down to the plain were they stood. Othinus says that they may have some general information telling them that she and Touma are in the area but says they likely do not have their exact coordinates. She says that the vague information for the units may have come from somewhere.[3]

Ingrid then shrugs, and shows that America's military transmission may have been intercepted, but says they hide their location from the operation leaders, the president, and even the diversion unit to increase their level of secrecy. Othinus then says that the soldiers then owes them now, much to Ingrid's chagrin as she tells her that the situation would not happen if not for them, the terrorists. Touma tries to calm them down, leading to the both of them grabbing his collar. Touma concludes that the units know to check the area but don't have their exact location yet. He says that they will be fine if they escape now. After summing up the situation, the fighting finally settles down.[3]

Flight from Academy CityEdit

With the soldiers leading the way, the group begins their escape, with Touma lagging behind as he has to aid the still weakened Othinus. Jaguar then become worried at the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units firing, though Touma cannot understand him. Jaguar then says that Denmark is flat as a board making them unable to hide for cover as there is none. They then start arguing after Ingrid takes offense to the term flat as a board. Hearing them, Othinus chooses not to translate what they are saying to Touma. They later follow them into a conifer forest, at which point the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units mow it down. This forces Touma to use his body to protect Othinus, leading him to be hit by the debris left by the explosion. Touma shouts that they have been found. Ingrid says that they can't stop here and orders Jaguar not to fight back as there is no point. The soldiers then continue to flee, as Touma pulls Othinus back up and follows them, while staying low. The attack continues however in the forest. After a while however, Ingrid says that none of the shots are hitting them, and asks if they are warning shots. Touma tells them that they have too much power, detailing on how their bullets are being fired from kilometers away and with that much distance, the air resistance may melt the surface of the bullets and alter the trajectory. Ingrid asks if they are safe for now, to which Touma says that they will eventually analyze the situation as well. They then see that units begin approaching them all at once. Despite the fact that they were running, the units still came closer and closer to them. Finally, Touma says to the soldiers to surrender as there is no point in sticking with them any longer. Ingrid says that they would if they could, telling on how commandos should not be taken prisoner. Touma reasons that the units are not taking prisoners, and says that if they give up they will pass right by them. Here, Touma urges them to give up on their pride as so they can survive. Although hesitant, Ingrid and the others later raise their hands in surrendered, with the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units passing them by as expected.[5]

NT Index v10 232

Touma and Othinus fleeing sure of how things will turn out.

Aiding an injured Othinus, Touma continues forth with the units right behind their backs. Othinus tells Touma to abandon her as well as she says that he is only being hunted down as well because he sided with her, telling him to go back to his normal life. Touma however refuses, saying that he was already deemed a target, and as such are in the same position. Othinus looks to Touma and discovers that he is smiling in spite of his own fear and battered body. Touma tells Othinus that they should find a way to escape no matter. Othinus asks what happens afterward, saying that if they do manage to escape another enemy will just pop up time and time again. She asks him what they should do when they truly escape. Touma answers that isn't his question to answer as it is her life and she should decide for herself. As shivers from the cold, he recounts to her their intended plan of turning her back to a human, surrendering, and then paying for all her crimes. Then he tells her of a future for her where she decides for herself what to do with her life, giving examples like starting a bakery or flower shop. With that the two continue forward as the units come in for the kill.[5]

End of the operationEdit

NT Index v10 256

Mikoto's embrace of victory.

The operation ends however with the arrival of the Level 5 Misaka Mikoto. She arrives just in time before the FIVE_Over Modelcase_'RAILGUN" units could attack the powerless Touma and Othinus. Using her power, she manages to hack into all of them, destroying some, though many were used to confront Touma. Mikoto rides on top of one of them and shows herself to Touma, surprising him. Mikoto makes it clear to him that she isn't going to join his side for no reason as she isn't that convenient a girl. Mikoto threatens Touma and tells him to defeat her. Seeing this, Touma lays down Othinus on the ground and faces off against Mikoto. Touma asks if Mikoto is mad, to which she confirms and asks him why he became a spy for GREMLIN.[6]

From the on during her battle with Touma, the units were either being controlled or destroyed by her, the latter due the fact that Touma used his Imagine Breaker to negate her control over the unit and sow chaos on her control over them. After defeating Touma and then letting him and Othinus go, Mikoto later stays behind to destroy the rest of the unit, ensuring that the mission to kill Touma and Othinus is a failure.

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