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Bisai Otome (微細 乙愛 Bisai Otome?) is a minor antagonist in the short story Mars SS. She is in charge of the research project on the Martian Microbes.


She is described as a girl about the same age as Kamijou Touma's, but looking oddly sexy. She wears a blazer from some school that looks unnatural on her.[1]


After receiving signals from the Martian Microbes in her laboratory, Otome wished to take them back to Earth and shelter them. She tried to artificially create similiar microbes by reproducing the same environment as Mars on Earth and thus make regular microbes evolve. This is so she can investigate the microbes beforehand. This experiment was conducted in a small dome named Mars World. She managed to create microbes fertile enough to survive in the Martian environment, yet they gained no calculation ability like that of the Martian ones.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Mars SSEdit

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After Anti-Skill did not manage to subdue Fleiss, Otome headed along with her guards to finish the job. Fleiss and Touma managed to escape after a short battle, but Otome took Index hostage. This caused Touma to later return and battle her, and he eventually defeated her. After this, she informed the Martian Microbes of her failures. However, she also raised the suspicion that someone might be pretending to be the Martian Microbes based on how the information about them leaked out; this is left unanswered. Any subsequent events are unknown, but it can be presumed Fleiss destroyed the Mars World experiment.[1]


Otome is an Academy City Esper, and despite being a teenager she is apparently a Professor in charge of experiments and her own guards. She is somewhat proficient in using technology, employing Stun Grenades in conjunction with her Esper power and also using Smart Handcuffs. Her main weapon is a whip.[1]

  • Stun Grenade: A metal cylinder that neutralizes the target using powerful noise and light. How she evades the effects is unknown, but Touma theorizes she has special color contacts.[1] Otome's Stun Grenades also scatter tiny particles that transmit impacts easily in the air.[1]
  • Esper Ability: Otome possesses an Esper ability of an unknown level that allows her to control directionality of the transmission of the aforementioned special particles. By this method she extends the range of her whip, allowing her to land hits on her opponents. The Stun Grenades are deceptions in order to hide this. If not using the Stun Grenades, she can also blow the particles to a specific area with the movements of her blazer, like a giant fan.[1]


  • Despite being from the science side, it seems that Otome not only knows about magic, referring to Fleiss as an "analog magic user" (in comparison to her 'digital' skills).[1]


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