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The Black Crow Unit (黒鴉部隊 Kuro Karasu Butai?) is a private security organization that maintains and preserves order in Academy City under control by Ladylee Tangleroad, the Chief Executive Officer of the Orbit Portal Company.

The name of their group is attributed to the design of the mobile weapons they ride on which seems like a beak at the front.[1]


The Black Crow Unit was created because Ladylee wanted an organization to act for her. The official reason for the unit's existence is simply that they need to exist and act in Academy City, but they do not actually resolve problems in the city on a daily basis.[2] Although the maintenance of order in Academy City is supposedly the slogan, there is no speculation that it is for Ladylee's purpose and use only.[1]


Shutaura successfully using her Earth Palette to surround Stiyl and his comrades with explosions.

Black Crow members are referred to as "Crows" and are then appended by a number. An exception to this is Shutaura, who is referred to as "Crow Leader" or Captain.[3] All members of the Black Crow Unit wear some sort of a form-fitting full body muscle suit.

Black Crow Unit mobile weapons running on the roof of a tunnel.

The teamwork of the Black Crows is centered around Shutaura Sequenzia, and their tactics revolve around allowing Shutaura to use her powers, the Earth Palette, to its maximum efficiency.[1] Those who have joined have become enamored with Shutaura's ideology to the cause of maintaining order. As such, the members of the organization, are proud of being under her.[1] They are ever loyal, as shown when they betrayed Ladylee and let her go free.[3] Moreover, when they joined they have been charmed by her will to protect the city.[2] As a result, they have high morale and do not easily fall into disorder, and have a high sense of duty to the mission.[1]


Mobile weapons

Shutaura's mobile weapon

Shutaura's mobile weapon.

Unique amongst the Black Crow Unit is Shutaura's mobile weapon, which is both larger and have many more tools at its disposal. The mobile is an eight-legged mobile weapon, designed around around the image of "a marine organism moving around smoothly in the city," the design also added a beak to it, thus the name of "crow" for the unit. It has been designed to take advantage of Shutaura's ability, the Earth Palette, to which the shooting unit of the earth pellets are found in various places on the airframe, the anchor wires injectors are installed in the side of the fuselage. For delicate work, it is equipped with manipulators, small mechanical arms at the end of the "beak". The cockpit is styled to be steered like a bike, by incorporating the various visual guidances to the monitor it facilitates diverse and complex operations, like the deployment of its anchor wires to strike the earth pellets in several directions.[3]

It is a machine that boasts drivability in complex urban areas, deployment of tire units allow for support for high-speed combat. Not only that, it can jump high up into the air and can land safely afterwards. Moreover, it can move at a fast enough speed on walls.[3]

The machine's surface is black, and is equipped with an optical camouflage to blend in with the surrounding landscape, giving it high stealth capabilities. However, if enough damage is done, like when Stiyl Magnus attacked it, the optical camouflage is revealed. Despite this, it seems to be pretty resistant against very high temperatures, being able to withstand Stiyl's flames and Innocentius' 3000°C without suffering any obvious damage.[3]

Black Crow Unit personnel's mobile weapon

Black Crow Unit's mobile weapons.

Although at first they seem to be like normal three-wheeled motorcycles, the mobile weapons ridden by Black Crow Unit personnel are an efficient machine for their purpose of aiding Shutaura. Like Shutaura's mobile weapon, it is black and has stealth capabilities. It can run at high-speed even on walls, jump and land, as well as deploy earth pellets. They are like downgraded versions of Shutaura's mobile weapon, though their capabilities cannot be made light of, assuming the role as an extension for Shutaura's machine and generally a supportive role for it in team operations.[1] Even this mobile weapon seems resistant against high temperatures, though its outer armor suffered damage by Innocentius, so it does not seem to reach the level of heat endurance of Shutaura's model.

Large Mobile weapon

The large mobile weapon guarding the bridge.

The unit possessed a Large Mobile weapon (大型機動兵器 Ōgata Kidō Heiki?). In the movie, it guards a bridge when Anti-Skill tries to break through the sealed Endymion. In the manga adaptation it is confirmed to be from the Black Crow Unit, and is implied that they have more of its kind in their possession after they refer to their mobile weapons surrounding the area around Endymion.[4]

It is quadruped in design, and when it was used did not move from its spot. It has very strong armor and can withstand the bullets of an assault rifle. Of its weapons, it has two tripled barreled machine guns, and on the top two large beam guns.[3]

List of known members



  • Twice the Black Crow Unit has come against Stiyl Magnus and his forces, and twice the Black Crow Unit has been successful against them.



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