The Black World (黒一色の世界 Heī̄sou no sekai?) is a phase-shifted state of the world or reality. As its name states, it is a black world of nothingness, and serves as a temporary blank canvas for Othinus after "destroying" the world.


As its name suggests, the black world is an empty world where everything is black. Somehow the ground is perfectly flat and Kamijou Touma described it as even more level and free of defect than the silicon wafer of a semiconductor. As it extends through the "horizon", the ground does not rise or fall by even a micron. Also, it is said that everything is pure black, that neither the sky nor the ground can't be distinguished from each other. There is nothing in it, not even valleys, mountains, the sun or the moon. It seems to go on to infinity that when someone continues walking through it, that person won't remember where he is going or came from. Moreover, it can somehow support living beings as if it had air, since both Touma and Othinus had no problem being in there despite the nothingness.[1] However it is likely that with her tremendous power, Othinus is the one that allows this effect to take place.

The black world was brought by Othinus's manipulation of the phases to 'end' the world, and recreated between the different versions of the world that Othinus created. It was also what remained of the world when it was blown apart as Othinus threw Gungnir.[2] During these phase shifts, there remained one last phase that Othinus couldn't change or even detect.[3]


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

NT Index v09 016-017

Othinus and Touma in the black world.

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Shifting and Fluctuating WorldEdit

After Othinus acquired Gungnir and 'ended' the world, Touma initially woke up in the black world, finding Othinus also there. At first, he still didn't accept the reality that the world had truly ended but after walking for a long time through this world to find if there were other people left, he realized that they were the only ones left and that the world had already ended, and went back to Othinus determined to bring everything back to normal.[4]

The black world was revisited various times by Touma and Othinus during Othinus's many recreations of the world in an attempt to break Touma's spirit. In the final battle between the two, after losing Gungnir, Othinus used the entire black world as her crossbow.[2]



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