Blank Paper (分類不能 (ブランクペーパー) Bunrui Funō (Buranku Pēpā)?, lit. "Classification Impossibility") is a spell which the magic cabal Dusk Waiting to Awaken want to create to assist with their research.


Blank Paper is a spell which is supposed to act as a booster to increase learning speed, allowing someone to make progress in seconds which would otherwise take years. This would allow one to make instant advances in any field of research and quickly determine which directions of research are dead ends. It has been compared to drawing a simple picture, asking for the specific thing the picture is supposed to be and having the blueprints automatically filled in, or like using a microwave to prepare meals which would normally require a chef.[1]

The spell would overturn the advantages major groups such as the Anglican Church have due to years of accumulated techniques and knowledge, as it removes the need for time spent working on spells and techniques which is normally a key factor in determining a group's power and results.[1]

If the spell became widespread, it would have the effect of destroying the current power balance keeping the world stable, as it would allow everyone to be equal and be able to change the world, threatening everyone else and bringing about war.[1]


One of the key components for the construction of Blank Paper is information on the margin of error within which a spell can operate outside of its proper formula.[2]

The construction also requires the use of Stonehenge, using the circle's function as an observatory as well as a clock and calendar.[1]


At some point in their research into recreating a lost magical system, the Dusk Waiting to Awaken hit a dead end and sought a way to enhance their learning speed in order to increase their progress.[1] In order to acquire information they required for the creation of the spell, they performed an experiment in the Pacific involving the summoning of R'lyeh, however they failed to obtain the information they needed.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

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In order to get the information they required for the creation of Blank Paper, a group from the Dusk Waiting to Awaken impersonated the Amakusa during their admission test for Necessarius and using the pass obtained to steal the Necronomicon from the British Library. It was then used in a ceremony to summon R'lyeh in the Strait of Dover which, though interrupted, gave the cabal the information they required.[2]

After obtaining the information, a group from the cabal led by Vase advanced to Stonehenge and after dealing with some of the groups around it, interfered with the stone circle using the experimental data in order to begin the creation process. Vase entrusted the creation ceremony to several of his subordinates while he and the rest fought the arriving Amakusas. However the ceremony was ultimately interrupted by the arrival of Freadia Strikers who swiftly dispatched the cabal.[1]


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