The Botanical Ethanol Fuel Plant (植物性エタノール燃料自動生成工場 Shokubutsu-sei Etanōru Nenryō Jidō Seisei Kōjō?) is an unnamed, automated ethanol fuel plant located in School District 3.[1]


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Interior of the Botanical Ethanol Fuel Plant

The facility is an automatic ethanol fuel plant that uses grapes instead of corn or sugarcane for alcohol extraction, indicating a high-grade product that stresses the brand.[1]

In the facility, wires were laid out entwined with the grape vines and hydroponic containers were lined up in ground. There was bluish purple illumination, likely from UV lights to promote photosynthesis.[1] Above a staircase, a large group of silver machinery was lined up and they were connected vertically and horizontally by metal pipes, like beer breweries. In actuality, the grapes were fermented to bring out the alcohol, so the equipment worked in a similar way. There also had to be equipment to create a high concentration of alcohol to turn it into car fuel.[1]

There was the floor where the remnants of the grapes that had all the alcohol squeezed out of them were collected, which was all turned to rubble in seconds by Mugino’s Meltdowner.[2]


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Battle Royale ArcEdit

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The plant was the site of Mugino Shizuri and Hamazura Shiage's battle and much of its interior is destroyed during the course of the battle.[1][2][3][4]


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