Ureapaddy wielding the Brahma Astra.

The Brahma Astra (ブラフマーアストラ Burafumā Asutora?) is an Astra that is used by Ureapaddy Exica. It is the ultimate weapon within the Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens magic cabal. The only pure Astra within the cabal that can be used by a human, many lives have been sacrificed for its sake.

Concept and Origin[edit | edit source]

The Brahma Astra is derived from the legendary bow of Hindu mythology used by Brahma, the god of creation and of the universe. The magic arrow it has contains feathers of wind and an arrowhead of the sun. Once it is fired, it will be automatically guided to its target. It will pierce through any obstacles in the way and surely kill the target. Once the target is dead, it will return to its owner like a boomerang so that the enemy cannot capture it.[1]

Despite being named Brahmastra, the author instead uses both the name of the deity, Brahma, and Astra, as two separate words instead of a pormanteau.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The bow appears as a large golden bow. It's contours are very angular, with two points jutting out on the limb between the arrow rest. It apparently requires the use of a bowstring.

Background[edit | edit source]

Main article: Astra Reorganization

How the Brahma Astra came to be is unknown, but how it is currently came out during the magic cabal's Astra Reorganization project, five years prior to the start of the beginning of the series. The cabal gathered 15 people who had the greatest affinity to the Brahma Astra, one of which was Ureapaddy Exica.[1] The goal was to create a downsized version of an Astra that a magician could safely use with no recoil, and draw out the full power of an Astra despite the great burden that would produce. Instead of an ordinary Astra that the cabal uses which only mimics the effects of what its supposed to represent, the experiment intended to create a pure Astra that was built up into the proper form of a weapon, just like the Astras the Hindu deities held.[2]

The result of the project however, ended in disaster, with 14 people dead, and only Ureapaddy surviving but severely injured. However, the Astra itself was a success. How it was a success cannot be determined, but it can be assumed that it includes being able to be wielded by Ureapaddy, and having an actual physical form. As result of the project however, Ureapaddy could only use the Brahma Astra incompletely, and even then if she did, she needed to ignore any damage done to herself and others if she wished to use it.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Ureapaddy draws the Brahma Astra.

The only requirement for Ureapaddy Exica to use the Brahma Astra is for at least three shootings stars glittering the night sky. The shooting stars act like a GPS and accurately calculate out the target's coordinates from the shooting stars' position in the atmosphere.[3] However, it doesn't need to be a true shooting star, but something that represents it like a rocket exploding sending out debris or the Debris Storm.

Since the targetting is perfect, adding more shooting stars will not increase its accuracy, though it will allow the user targeting for simultaneous shots.[4]

With Debris Storm however, this artificial and larger method to use Brahma Astra required Ureapaddy to use Endymion to conduct her magic power into space. This allows her to fire tens of thousands of Brahma Astra arrows simultaenously by creating a massive amount of shooting stars, and preventing her magic power from attenuating.[4]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Arrows apparently magically appear when the user needs to fire so long as the requirements have been met. These arrows' destructive power's range reaches up to 50 meters in radius. It is powerful enough to crystalize the ground. The arrow also has the ability to pass through any obstacle, allowing it to leave unscathed anything that comes through its path until it has reached its intended target.[3]

According to Ureapaddy, she can increase the output of the Brahma Astra 509,000 times. Combining that effect along with the other such as her being able to fire several shots at a time, and its accuracy, a fact that Kipsila Endinia warns would not leave a safe place in the planet, able to evaporate seas, reach the highest of heights, and even disrupt the planet's orbit.[1]

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