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A Brainwave Network (脳波のネットワーク Nouha no Nettowāku?) is a communication network that can be created and utilized by espers that feature a similar brainwave pattern. Once connected to a brainwave network, an esper becomes able to use it as a means to request for specific calculations to be performed. By doing so, the effectiveness of the application of their esper ability becomes far greater than anything they could achieve independently. 


To both form and utilise a brainwave network, it is required that a member of the network is an esper. This is because of the continuous release of AIM from the esper's body, which they use as a protocol to gain access to the network. It is also required that a member of a brainwave network shares a similar brainwave pattern to whoever they wish to form the network with. From there, a member of the network's brainwave patterns can be converted into an electrical signal, and with the AIM as the common protocol, creates the brainwave network.[1]

Due to the electromagnetic-related abilities of Electromaster espers, a brainwave network is much easier to create as the electromaster themselves can convert their brainwave patterns into an electric signal. Due to the connection of the brains of the espers in the network, it can be used for its calculating abilities, a network made up of ten thousand espers can even rival the Tree Diagram.[1]

Known Brainwave Networks

Level Upper Network

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An illustration on how the Level Upper Network operates on an esper.

The Level Upper network is a brainwave network created by Kiyama Harumi as an attempt to substitute Tree Diagram's power calculating abilities, after being turned down to use it several times. Harumi used the Level Upper, a sound file that uses synesthesia] to stimulate the five senses and forcibly modifies the brainwaves of its users. Due to this, the users of the Level Upper can increase the level of their abilities (hence the name), though eventually, they fall into a comatose state as a result of losing control of the network.[1]

Other than the fact that espers become more powerful, Kiyama Harumi, the center of the network, can use all abilities of all the espers connected to the network, at the same time if needed.[2] However, when she loses control of the network after being defeated by Mikoto, an AIM Burst takes form.[3] Due to its actions, as well as the fact that Harumi can no longer control the network, it is assumed that the AIM Burst has forcibly hijacked the network.

Misaka Network

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Last Order as the administrator of the Misaka Network.

Due to the fact that all Misaka clones have the same brainwave pattern, and that they are all electromasters, a brainwave network is possible, composed of all the clones. Like the Level Upper Network, the connection to the network allows them to increase their levels from Level 2 up to 3, due to the fact that they are of the same powers. The shared experiences, also allows them to use their powers more efficiently.[1] The network allows the clones to communicate telepathically, like a "Radio",[4] along with Last Order, the administrator. The network allows the storage of memories into the network as back-up, or distribution of it through the sisters in the network,[5] as well as coercive commands from Last Order.[6] Their vast calculation abilities make up half for Accelerator's calculation ability, allowing him to use his powers and other motor functions after being rendered cripple.[7]

Similarly, like the Level Upper Network, the Misaka Network can be used to summon an Artificial Angel. Here, Last Order can be installed a program that would force her to use the brainwave network of the Misaka clones (which renders them immobile) to help her manifest and control Fuse KAZAKIRI from Kazakiri Hyouka the manifestation of all of the AIM diffusion fields of espers in Academy City.[8]

It can be presumed that Mikoto can connect if she wants to as she and Misaka 9982, detected their powers as eerily similar to hers, described by her as, "It was as if my own power was coming from outside."[4]