Brand New Bright Step is a song sung by Sachika Misawa that can be found in her polaris mini-album. Written, composed, and arragned by fu_mou, in Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion, it is the song sung by Meigo Arisa in her first live concert seen by the audience.


Movie VersionEdit

Japanese English
Sotto inoru you ni kotoba
Tsumuide itte tsunagete itte kitto itsuka sutōrī e to
Zutto ienakatta kimochi sae
Imanara kitto kimi ni tsutae rareru ki ga shite
Whispering, almost like praying, words
Bringing them together, stringing them together, one day, they'll become a story
Right now, it feels like I could even
Tell you how I've felt for so long
Negai ya omoi ga kasanatta shunkan ni
Kimi no iu kiseki de hitotsu demo kanae rareru nonara
When dreams and wishes come together
If even one could come true, thanks to what you call a miracle
Brand new bright step Brand new bright step
Saa ima ugokidasu atarashī sekai
Kakegae no nai rakuen e to
It's a whole new world, changing
Into the only paradise of its kind
Brand new days Brand new days
Ima hibiki au shinpashī kanjite
Itsumo soba ni kimi to Kokoro tsunaide ku
With feelings echoing between us
As our hearts come together you and me side by side


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