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Brick Wharf (レンガ埠頭?) is a magical facility in northern Scotland which functions as the centre of the northern British defence line, which protects the country from invaders.


Brick Wharf covers an area of about 400 square meters and consists of harbor with many buildings comprised, as its name suggests, of red bricks.[1]


Brick Wharf uses a long-range Interception Spell with an effective range of 200km. The spell analyses the type of magic used by hostile magicians and sends out the signal most effective against that type, via an invisible magical bombardment along a line over a meter in diameter, sending the target's magic out of control. It is able to lock onto 50 targets at a time and attack 20 of them in an instant.[1]


The facility originates from the time of the Industrial Revolution. At some point after that time, the Anglican Church remodeled the unused harbor into a magical facility.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kanzaki SSEdit

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Brick Wharf was the site of an incident caused by its manager, Slappar. In order to overcome a defect which prevent, he created a being known as Alfar which accelerated and distorted evolution in other living beings, intending to use it to evolve himself regardless of the harm it could cause the world's environment. When Alfar discovered what she was capable of and why she had been created, she drove out Slappar and took over the facility, intending to isolate herself from the outside world and prevent further distortion.[1]

Due to this, Slappar was forced to contact Necessarius for assistance. Kanzaki Kaori, the Jeans Shop Owner and the Tour Guide managed to get to 3km from Brick Wharf, sneaking from cover to cover. After confirming the situation, Kanzaki emerged from the thicket they were hiding in and approached the facility, repeatedly switching between magic styles to render the bombardment ineffective. After reaching the facility, she began investigating inside and made contact with Alfar. Not long afterwards, Slappar, having deceived the Necessarius agents, also entered the facility, using a tanker full of super-cooled water to make millions of microscopic runes, melting a hole in the wall with a wave of acid. With runes spread throughout the building, he prepared to take on Kanzaki but lost the will to fight after she apparently slew Alfar. Afterwards, Slappar was taken away to face punishment while Alfar was transferred to another facility so a means to seal her ability could be found.[1]


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