Brionac (ブリューナク Buryūnaku?) is a spiritual item in the form of a spear used by the Knights of England.[1]


Brionac is the supposed name of the spear wielded by Lugh, a deity in Irish mythology. It is a popular name for unique spears in Japanese video games, but has apparently never appeared in surviving Irish or Welsh texts. Apparently, the name "Brionac" was in fact first found and possibly invented in a 1990 book by the Japanese game writer and designer Takerube Nobuaki, who is not an expert on the subject.[2]


It is a spear that can create five beams of light to shoot from its tip. These beams of light can either take a straight path or bend, and can do some serious damage when it hits something. This function is still present even after being broken in half.[1]


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