The British Royal Family (イギリス王室 Igirisu Ōshitsu?) is the group of close relatives of the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe the British Royal Family is the Royal Family Faction (王室派 Ōshitsu-ha?), which includes its committee, is one of the three primary political factions that control the state of the United Kingdom through the check and balances they maintain with each other.[1]


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Bottom left: Index and Kamijou Touma meet the British Royal Family.
Clockwise from upper left: Villian, Riméa, Elizard, and Carissa.

The head of the royal family is of course the ruling monarch, the monarch is also the Supreme Head of the Church of England, as such, the Church answers to the reigning monarch. [1] The only way to join the Royal Family faction was to either be a descendant of the monarch or demonstrate one’s political skill as a close aide of a member. The faction represented the nation, but it had significantly fewer members than the knights or the church.[2]

The family primarily resides in Buckingham Palace, while Windsor Castle is their secondary residence. Buckingham is where meetings with important people from other countries are held,[3] as well as important people from within the country and the other factions.[4] Other bases of the Royal Family are referenced as well.[5]

Domestic concernsEdit

The Royal Family Faction consists of the Queen and her committee, together with the other two factions, the Knights of England and the Anglican Church. The faction's relationship is supposed to be equal to the other two, in which the Royal Family controlled the Knights of England through direct orders; The Knights of England made use of the Anglicans through political items; and the Anglicans manipulated the British Royal Family through holy advice.[1]

This check and balance allows for none of the factions to act on its own, as the other two factions can create a large commotion to prevent the rogue faction from action on its own. The Royal Family however, had the most weight when it came to decisions on the national level.[4]

The Royal Family’s duty was to intervene and seize control of the parliamentary government in order to take substantial control of the country. While the Knights and the Church worked in the shadows, the royal family had the most power in a public sense because it needed to be able to control the police and the military.[2] They also controlled other related agencies. Despite this, all three factions are required to send to representatives to parliament in order to be able to decleare their equivalence, making it seem that the parliament arbitrates between the three factions.[6]

Foreign relationsEdit

Diplomatic relations with other countries is single-handedly done by the Royal Family.[7] Members of the family, such as princesses, would be used for political marriages in order to get the best treaty for England.[2]


There are a number of Magic spells and spiritual items associated with the Royal Family. The most prominent of these is the Curtana, the sword which signifies England's ruler.[8] The Royal Family also uses highly protected carriages, known as Traveling Fortresses.[9] The spiritual item Union Jack can only be used by the Royal Family.[10] The ley-line system allowing England to send magic to the Pound Economy nations has a safety mechanism which only allows members of the Royal Family to activate it.[11] A large-scale spell was rumored to exist that would activate if a member of the Royal Family was killed, causing destruction on a national scale in retaliation, though the spell doesn't actually exist.[12]

The Royal Family is a potent magical symbol itself, such that an anonymization barrier placed on the graveyard of Edinburgh Castle was at risk of being broken from pressure when they were to visit the castle.[13]



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