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The British Royal Family Arc (イギリス王室編 Igirisu Ōshitsu-hen?) is a major story arc of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. Also called the English Civil War Arc in the Western Toaru Majutsu no Index fandom, the arc focuses on a magical conflict in the United Kingdom, as Second Princess Carissa launches a coup d'état on the throne with the backing of the Knights of England using the Curtana Original. She is opposed by her sister Villian, who has the aid of Necessarius, including Index and Kamijou Touma, the two originally in England to investigate a magical attack on the Eurotunnel.

The end of this arc, as well as the next arc, would immediately segue into the final arc of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels. In this arc, the end of the civil war is marked with Kamijou Touma's first confrontation with Fiamma of the Right, who had taken advantage of the chaos to steal a spiritual item that control Index and grants him access to the Grimoires in her memory. This is followed by Touma leaving Index in the care of Necessarius as he chases after Fiamma into Russia, alone.


Eurotunnel bombing

Main article: Eurotunnel bombing

After the defeat of the Pope at Fiamma of the Right's hands,[1] the Roman Catholic Church has now fallen completely under his command. After assuring that Vento of the Front and Acqua of the Back no longer had power of the Roman Catholic Church, Fiamma of the Right begins his plans.[2] Wanting to take Index's John's Pen remote control from Buckingham Palace, Fiamma of the Right has the Roman Catholic Church manipulate France in the hopes of creating enough conflict between France and the United Kingdom that would destroy London and the palace. The result of this endeavor is the Eurotunnel "bombing" that used a Roman Catholic spell.[3]

The result of this action severely damages the economies of both nations, especially the United Kingdom, as the tunnel was its sole route to mainland Europe and have become reliant with it, greatly heightening tensions between the two nations.

Carissa's plans

For Carissa, who long ago has become worried of the state of the United Kingdom amongst the world's nations and has prepared to take matters into her own hands, the Eurotunnel bombing is just another sign of the other countries' impunity, especially France, on the United Kingdom. Carissa believes that the country will fall into ruin regardless of it siding with Academy City or the Roman Catholic Church.[4] She dreams up a plan for her vision of the United Kingdom, after coming to a conclusion that England would lose all its value and even its people would be looked down upon by other EU nations, if the country continued on its current course. She decided that the most effective means of maintaining England's honor and peace would be through military force through the use of the Curtana Original. However, Carissa knew well of the destruction that the Curtana, and likely replacement created, would cause as well as the present danger that a monarch in the future would abuse it. As such, she would rise as historical tyrant only to fall later but not before killing every British Royal family member that can use Curtana, sealing all the Curtanas, and any possible means of reviving them, becoming a sort of scapegoat for her country.[5]

With that, she hires New Light to search for the long-lost Curtana Original, and has the Knight Leader and the Knights of England come to her cause of protecting the kingdom's honor and safety in their turbulent world, though keeping her plan of "tyranny" secret from her allies. Carissa is convinced that France is to blame,[4] and wanting to use Curtana Original to punish France. However, she is unable to do anything as she has no hard proof of their involvement and that the Curtana Original hasn't been delivered to her yet.

Other plans

Laura Stuart, and likely Elizard herself, aware that Carissa may pose a threat, had summoned Index to analyze her actions in order to determine the danger she may pose before she could do anything, likely unaware of the Knights of England's involvement with her plans.[6] Regardless, this summon was in the guise of determining the magic used on the Eurotunnel if it was French in origin.[7]

Meanwhile, Acqua of the Back, who has now figured out that the source of the chaos affecting the world is Fiamma of the Right,[8] secretly makes contact with Vento of the Front, who has also begun to oppose Fiamma of the Right.[1] They the movements of France and England after the Eurotunnel bombing. Vento of the Front tells Acqua of the Back that she will not be joining him in England and instead "shock Fiamma a lot more" indicating her later actions in Russia.[2] Acqua of the Back later visits one of the members of the Divination Operation Brigade, as he needed a new weapon after his last one was destroyed. The weapons keeper, as thanks for the all the work he has done for them, gives him the Holy Sword Ascalon. He also gives Acqua of the Back his arms, his escutcheon that he commissioned 10 years ago, with the artisan that constructed it still remembering him.[9]


Before the coup

The summons from the United Kingdom

Touma and Index are knocked out by the knock-out gas.

Touma and Index are enjoying their evening before dinner trying out Touma's kotatsu. Touma later gets a call from Tsuchimikado Motoharu that he and Index needs to go to England without explaining anything, and knocks them out using knock-out gas.[10] The both of them as well as Sphynx, are taken to the airport with Touma's money stolen by Motoharu and exchanging with British Pounds. With them too late to board the last bus and train, and banks closed preventing Touma to change his money to Japanese Yen, Touma is forced to take Motoharu's offer. After waking Index and Sphynx up he explains to Index the situation, and later had her change to normal clothes. Index notes that though that they are going back to her city of birth, she doesn't really feel like it is her birthplace as she has no memories from before about a year ago. Here, Touma discovers for the first time since his own memory loss that Index too has lost their memories.[11] They later find out that Motoharu has prepared for them to board Academy City's supersonic passenger plane, much to their horror. Seeing this, Index and Touma decide to board on a commercial flight—Sky Bus 365. Only Sphynx boarded the intended supersonic passenger plane and arrives in London before both of them.[12]

Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident

Main article: Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident

Laura Stuart orders Stiyl Magnus to take care of the situation surrounding Sky Bus 365.

Little did Touma and Index know that they will be involved in a terrorist incident on the plane. Touma initially agrees to the captain's plan on the crew handling the terrorist threat themselves, but becomes personally involve after Index is attacked by one of them. Enraged, Touma hunts down the terrorist and comes into conflict with the captain, who fear that Touma may endager the plane and the other passengers by his vendetta. Meanwhile, the Anglican Church and the Knights of England had their own plans, in which, using magic, they would force the airliner to land on a blocked off highway, and have the terrorist get taken out by the knights using their Robin Hood spells.[13] Their plan goes awry when New Light, who had just found the Curtana Original, used magic to tamper the Anglican Church's magic on the plane in order to prevent the highway from being blocked off for the emergency landing of the plane.[14] In response to this, Laura Stuart has Stiyl Magnus deal with the terrorist.[15] He borrows a transport plane from the Royal Air Force and intercepts the airliner's flight.

When Touma is caught by Eiker Lugoni, the other terrorist, in a difficult predicament, Stiyl magically tells Touma that he is still an amateur and his hesitating in taking a life endangers others. Stiyl had the transport plane he was on come close to 10 meters next to Sky Bus 365, which was noticed by several people including Index, the captain, and the flight

Stiyl releasing his cards next to the plane.

attendant. Stiyl has the back of the transport plane open up, allowing him to send out his rune cards out. With that he uses his flame sword to pierce the hull of the plane in the cargo hold. As the air rushed out, Eiker's body got sucked towards the hole, plugging it. Stiyl tells Touma that the plane is landing in 10 minutes, wondering if Eiker can survive his ordeal. He tells Touma that since he bear's being Index's manager, he would like for him to show him his resolve. As Eiker screams in pain, he tries to pull the pin, but Touma knocks the grenade away.[16] He then mockingly tells Eiker to hang in there. The plane later safely lands in Edinburgh Airport.[17]

Princess Carissa, who was watching news of the landing, discovered that the transport plane that was taken from the Royal Air Force had used borrowed technology from Academy City, becomes even more convinced that the United Kingdom is becoming weak and begins her next move.[17]

Eurotunnel bombing meeting in Buckingham Palace

Main article: Eurotunnel bombing meeting in Buckingham Palace

Kanzaki Kaori later meets them at the airport and

Meeting the British Royal Family.

takes them to Buckingham Palace sometime after 8 PM.[18] There, Touma and Index meet Queen Elizard, First Princess Riméa, Second Princess Carissa, Third Princess Villian, and the Knight Leader. The meeting starts in earnest after Touma is given a brief lecture regarding Curtana Original and the Curtana Second, the latter Elizard currently wields, and the history of the United Kingdom with the two blades.[19] The meeting opens up with a discussion regarding France's involvement in the bombing and the dangers of the Roman Catholic Church and God's Right Seat. The discussion later turns to the Sky Bus 365 terrorist incident and the mysterious tampering of the Anglican Church's magic on the plane using a long distance spell.

The discussion regarding France's involvement in the bombing and the dangers of the Roman Catholic Church and God's Right Seat.

Elizard shows Index documents for her opinion, to which she concludes that the spell that was used was a Norse spell, and goes detail regarding it, specifically it used by females. Seeing this, it is obvious to them now that the magician is a female. Elizard reveals that the magicians came from Scotland showing to them that are enemies not only outside the country but inside as well. Here they conclude that the magicians used the highway that was to be used as an emergency landing strip for the plane as the reason why they tampered with the magic, and that they may have a great objective to challenge the church. The meeting concludes with Elizard saying that they need to investigate the cause of the Eurotunnel bombing and deal with their external enemy the French; and second, find out what group this inner enemy magician belongs to, discover their objectives, and crush them if needed.[7]

With handling out of roles, Index goes to Folkestone to meet up with the investigation there,[14] with the Knights of England for her role in the investigation of the Eurotunnel bombing with Princess Carissa[4] and Princess Villian in tow.[20] Meanwhile, the Anglican Church will hunt down the magicians coming into London. Touma is later granted permission to aid in tracking down the magicians who are coming to London.[14] He is later joined by the mercenary Oriana Thomson for this purpose.[21]

Necessarius operation to track down New Light

While Agnese Sanctis and the Agnese Forces are in Edinburgh to investigate the organization's bases,[14] the Amakusa Church, Oriana Thomson, and Kamijou Touma are assigned to track them down in London. Meanwhile, New Light has arrived in London after 11 PM.[22] After driving past the narrow streets of northern London through the blank spots of the city's security cameras, New Light begins their operation with each of them having their own Skíðblaðnir spiritual item and their own instructions on what to do with them, with Lancis holding the Curtana Original within her Skíðblaðnir,[23] while the others do a supportive role as relay points. In which as relay points, they need only to adjust their locations to match up with the location of the Travelling Fortress where the Knight Leader, owner of the 5th case would be on, and if any one of them acts as relay point then they will succeed.[24]

In the underground of London

While Lessar is confronted by Touma and Oriana Thomson, Bayloupe becomes enraged by the commotion she is

Bayloupe being surrounded by the Amakusa Christians.

causing. She is later surrounded by the Amakusa Christians and is approached by an armed Itsuwa. Refusing to be apprehended, Bayloupe attaches her horn and flips her case up. Itsuwa attempts to thrust her spear into Bayloupe's arm, but Bayloupe's tool bursts out from her bag and strikes the spear, knocking them both back. As the Amakusa draw their weapons, Bayloupe destroys the wall she was leaning on and flees into the station.[25] Itsuwa catches up with Bayloupe as she is climbing down from an empty platform. She throws a sign held by her Steel Glove at Itsuwa but it is sliced apart by her seven wires. As Itsuwa recognizes the symbol as being related to Thor, Bayloupe mentions how Thor used other tools besides his famous hammer Mjölnir, such as the steel glove - a more convenient

Itsuwa struck down by Bayloupe.

weapon for girls like New Light. Adding that there are other aspects of Thor besides that of the lightning god, she swings her weapon, sending fragments of the floor at Itsuwa who dodges and then charges at her. In response, she swings it again, grabbing concrete dust in the air and flinging it at Itsuwa with explosive force, blowing her to the side. Bayloupe then jumps, grabs again and brings down the glove towards Itsuwa with an explosive impact. As Itsuwa dodges, she swings again to the side, knocking Itsuwa down with a direct hit. Thinking the fight is over, Bayloupe says she will use Gjallarhorn next if Itsuwa wants to continue, threatening to turn her to ashes with lightning if she moves. Grabbing the case and telling Itsuwa to enjoy the changes they bring about, she rides her glove into the tunnel at high speed.[25]

Itsuwa reaching out for the microphone.

After she was gone, Itsuwa reached over to a microphone on a pillar used for announcements. There, she announces to the now-troubled Bayloupe that she is trapped in the Necessarius Underground Labyrinth. She tells Bayloupe to make sure she works hard on not dying as someone failed in regulating the difficulty in the labyrinth that Bayloupe is now, saying that it is off limits now because people kept dying in it.[25]

Itsuwa would later meet up with Sherry Cromwell in the underground labyrinth to analyze the case. There, they discover that it is a spiritual item that is based on Skíðblaðnir. Itsuwa says that in her battle with Bayloupe, she determined that the case was not a dummy since she was protecting and carrying it fiercely and carefully. Sherry states that it may not be a dummy, and tells Itsuwa that she might investigate but suggests that she should go talk to

Kanzaki Kaori defeats Floris.

Agnese first who is investigating New Light's base in Edinburgh. With that, she bids Itsuwa farewell, and says that she should head back above ground and get rid of the rest of New Light. Itsuwa contacts Agnese as she makes her for the exit telling her of the new discovery. Agnese apologizes to Itsuwa for not getting any information on Skíðblaðnir, but states that they will now proceed to search information regarding New Light's plans through what Itsuwa discovered, and asks to confirm if they had only taken out one of the four members of New Light. Itsuwa tells Agnese not to worry as Kanzaki Kaori had just beaten Floris. Itsuwa later regroups with Kanzaki and the other Amakusa Christians after severing her connection with Agnese.[26]

In the streets of London

Lessar prepares to attack Touma

Lessar causes a commotion that attracts not only the attention of the police but Necessarius as well. Here, she is forced to confront Oriana Thomson and Kamijou Touma. Oriana and Touma discovers Lessar with three case as they are in the car. Already suspicious in behavior and looks, their discovery of the spiritual item Steel Glove in her possession, prompts Oriana and Touma to conclude that she is of New Light. Oriana uses a people-clearing field to prevent civilian involvement and then used a powerful fire spell. Despite this, Oriana stops the car and leaves just as Lessar attacks with her Steel Glove, a spear, piercing Touma's side of the convertible, and forcing him to leave through its hood as she tears the car apart and making it explode. With the fire she created from the blast, Lessar grabbed it and tried to swing it down on Touma. She is then however intercepted by magic, though she doesn't fall as she used the Skíðblaðnir as a shield accidentally. Seeing Lessar's concern of the case, Touma determines the importance of the case and asks Oriana to focus on destroying it instead of fighting Lessar, which she agrees. Lessar, makes a retreat after seeing that Touma and Oriana now knows the case's importance. As she jumps far too high, Touma and Oriana are unable to follow her. Despite this, Oriana points out the weakness of her tactic, and that her jumping from rooftop to rooftop is limited in the city of London, prompting them give chase once again.[27]

As Touma chases Lessar jumping from building to building, Touma loses track of her until Lessar takes out a pumpkin-

Oriana kicks Lessar from the building.

shaped communication device. Lessar talks to Touma and introduces herself to him. Here, she wonders why he is meddling with UK affairs despite being a foreigner, and that shouldn't get involved and just leave. Touma reveals that they know New Light has excavated something from Scotland, which Lessar doesn't deny and says that they are merely changing the country's course as it will lose a war at the rate it is going in. After warning Touma one last time to not get involved in UK affairs, the pumpkin blows up, ending their conversation. Despite this, Touma continues to search for her until he sees her on a third-floor window of a building, having come upon a road to wide for her to jump. At that moment, Oriana enacts her plan and kicks Lessar from the building. As Lessar falls Touma tries to catch her, but changes his mind at the last minute due to the presence of falling glass, much to Lessar and Oriana's dismay. Needing to save herself, Lessar uses her Steel Glove to break her fall and allows her to escape. This forces Touma and Oriana to give chase again.[28]

Touma finds Lessar go up in an emergency staircase, and as he tries to climb it, Lessar destroys it with her Steel Glove. As it falls, Touma jumps up to where Lessar was, prompting her to attack with the Steel Glove, though Touma destroys it with his Imagine Breaker. They later end up on the floor after the staircase collapses, with Lessar still adamant in giving up her Skíðblaðnir. Lessar is at a dead end as she no longer has an escape route and her weapon has been destroyed. Moreover, Oriana has arrived after hearing the noise. With that, Touma tells Lessar to give up as they all follow her go into an apartment. Touma mentions that her other comrades have been captured, though Lessar says that they still have yet to find Lancis. She states that the others need only to act as relay points to match their locations with the royal carriage, the Traveling Fortress, and that there are five Skíðblaðnir cases. Oriana pulls out a flashcard hearing her, though Lessar simply laughs. Touma demands to know who has the fifth case, though Lessar doesn't answer, accepting that she has lost the battle and that she is willing to be killed by them.

Lessar smiles as she admits to them that they were transporting the Curtana Original, the sword that will change the country of the United Kingdom.

Touma later realizes that her acceptance of death wasn't directed at them. As Touma pulls at Lessar, she is hit by a sniper attack. Oriana tells Touma to get down because there is a sniper, though this doesn't stop him from treating Lessar's wounds with paper. Touma asks Oriana if she has a healing spell, to which she denies. She then tells Touma that they are being attacked with the Robin Hood used by the Knights of England and developed by those under Princess Carissa. Lessar then speaks once more with a smile, and admits to them that they were transporting the Curtana Original, the sword that will change the country of the United Kingdom.[24]

British Halloween

Main article: British Halloween

Initial events

Carissa orders the invasion to begin as the Curtana Original is hers.

When Carissa's group arrives in Folkestone for the investigation of the Eurotunnel, Knight Leader notices the change of weight of his case and reports to Carissa that the Curtana Original has arrived. With that Carissa orders the invasion as she now has the Curtana Original she is now the rightful ruler of the United Kingdom,[29] while she has Index prove to her that France is the one truly behind the "bombing" of the Eurotunnel. Index is later knocked out by Knight Leader as she is useful in proving France being the one who destroyed the tunnel. Carissa then immediately begins threatening France in order to force the Maiden of Versailles to answer.[4]

As ordered, the Knights of England take over various facilities all over the United Kingdom, especially those belonging to the Anglican Church. The knights are quick to act, capturing both Laura Stuart and Elizard at Windsor Castle, both of whom dismayed at Carissa's action and has long suspected her.[6] The Anglican Church, meanwhile decided not to waste unnecessary strength by forcibly bringing back their normal conditions. Instead, they were preserving their strength and waiting for a chance to strike back. The church knows they would lose if it came to a simple comparison of power, so they had taken the truly important items from the churches and cathedrals and gathered together to speedily evacuate while putting up local resistance.[6] Touma later returns to the Necessarius Women's Dormitory after leaving Oriana to deal with an enraged Sherry Cromwell fighting against the knights,[30] and helps the evacuation after handing out Lessar to get healed. He is also advised there to smuggle himself into a train used by the knights in order to get Folkestone, Index's current location.[31]

Battle of Folkestone
Main article: Battle of Folkestone

Acqua of the Back's last attack on the Knight Leader.

Meanwhile, the Amakusa Christians, Intending to end the coup early, commandeer a sea plane from Hyde Park and drop Kanzaki Kaori into Folkestone.[32] As Carissa and the knights are busy tracking down Villian who has escaped, the Knight Leader offers to face Kanzaki alone, which he later easily defeats.[33] He later joins up with Carissa again after cornering Villian, and is later tasked in executing her for the sake of the coup. However, she is rescued by the arrival of Acqua of the Back.[34] He quickly escapes with Villian, and has her go to Amakusa Christians' temporary base in Folkestone.[35] Acqua of the Back would later engage the Knight Leader and his knights in a battle, protracted by the hidden mechanics and ruses of their swords. In the end it is Acqua of the Back who would come out victorious, though the Knight Leader remains alive.[36]

She would later meet up with Touma and Floris, who was being transported after they too escape the knights as they came into Folkestone, after the Amakusa Christians find them.[37] Searching for Index on his own, Touma later comes upon a carriage and Acqua of the Back defeating several knights. Touma's horror and fear at the sight of Acqua of the Back is later relieved after he shows Touma that Index is in the carriage. Despite this, Touma is still cautious of him, though Acqua of the Back is uninterested and notes how Folkestone is more dangerous than London.

Carissa using the destructive powers of Curtana Original to launch Touma into the sky.

Touma later sees Carissa and her Curtana Original,[38] who then demonstrates its fearsome destructive power, forcing Acqua of the Back to take Touma and Index and escape.[39] Acqua of the Back later leaves after explaining his motivations to Touma, and the true culprit of the chaos of the world, Fiamma of the Right.[8] They in turn are later picked up by the Amakusa Christians and are taken back to their seaplane to flee Folkestone.[40]

Carissa's little stunt in using the Curtana Original later forces her to tune the sword back in Buckingham Palace. After bullying France and attacking one of its submarines stationed at Dover Strait to attack London, Carissa leaves for Buckingham Palace.[39] It is here however that Carissa sows her own demise. Despite her knowledge of the Amakusa Christians being in Folkestone, the loss of both Index and her sister Villian from her grasp, and the defeat of the Knight Leader to the now-injured Acqua of the Back, Carissa makes no attempt to attack them by herself or with her knights, apparently as a sign of ignorance. She later prefers to go back to Buckingham Palace in order to make readjustments on the Curtana Original.[39]

Turning of the tide

Overloading of the Curtana Original
Main article: Overloading of the Curtana Original

Seeing this opportunity, the Anglican Church forces, wanting to prevent the coup from being drawn out into a longer conflict,[41] decide it is time to strike against Carissa in her most vulnerable state. After her losses in Folkestone, her already shaky relationship with the knights have already taken a blow due to the Knight Leader's defeat. Anglican Church forces hope that the knights will turn their backs on Carissa if she loses the Curtana Original, the only thing that determines the success of the coup. With that in mind, the Anglican Church forces make use of the very people she let get away, Touma, Index, and Villian, to do a mission to overload the Curtana Original.[40]

Touma, Index, and Villian are chosen for the mission specifically because they cannot produce magic power as the knights have made a security measure on London that detects anyone who can produce it. Their mission is to have Villian interfere with the barrier in a subway tunnel in order to open up a branching track that goes directly underneath Buckingham Palace, allowing for a special railway car that has a magic circle on it to be the conduit for the Coven Compass spell, which the Anglican Church forces have been contacting, to overload the Curtana Original.[40] The mission is successful, and there, Villian is able to find the strength to protect others.[42]

As for Carissa, though she is injured and much of her and the knights' power have been lost,

The Curtana Original's power leaks into fragments and damages Carissa's body.

they are still a formidable foe.[43] In spite of the threat posed by Carissa, the Anglican Church forces are now able to contend against Carissa now that she and her knights are weakened.[44]

The Anglican Church forces scattered at the beginning of the coup would later rendezvous and consolidate in the outskirts of London, as well as prepare their magic and weapons as they wait for the telesma in London to dissipate before making their move.[44] Anticipating the assault on Buckingham Palace by the Anglican Church forces and the use of the mobile fortresses as well, Carissa, likely wanting to further her plans in destroying the codes and documents in the Palace that would allow for the construction of a new Curtana, deliberately refuses to move from her position in London.[5] Anticipating them, Carissa further plays her role in looking like a tyrant. To prevent reprisals on the knights after she is defeated, Carissa "purges" the knights faction by making them think they have been severely injured by her, in the hopes of preventing them from falling apart, and consequently the country, as a whole, under the guise of retaining control over them due to their losing morale on Carissa's actions after the defeat of the Knight Leader and the overloading of the Curtana Original.[45] She would later have them transferred to a location far from the battle that would occur in Buckingham Palace.[5] To augment her forces, Carissa would later make use of Griffin Sky mobile fortresses.[45]

Meanwhile, Elizard and Laura Stuart, who have escaped captivity from the knights, would later arrive in the outskirts of London, and meets Riméa there.[46] The Knight Leader also contacts Acqua of the Back as he prepares prior to the upcoming battle in London, where the Knight Leader is unsure in rejoining Carissa's forces, to which Acqua of the Back says that he should watch first before acting rashly. They would later arrive in London independently as well.[47]

Battle of Buckingham Palace
Main article: Battle of Buckingham Palace

Silhouettes of the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses summoned by Carissa.

With the assistance of the Coven Compass and Selkie Aquariums, the Anglican Church forces enter London in separate groups and separate points of entry.[48] Despite this, Carissa uses Curtana Original's dimensional debris to block the attacks of the mobile fortresses and to attack the Anglican Church forces. Touma's group is later forced to separate due to her attacks. He is the second to arrive at Buckingham Palace after Villian.[45] After saving Villian from being attacked by Carissa, Touma is forced later to contend against not only Carissa and her sword, but against the Griffin Sky mobile fortresses she brought along after "purging" the knights. Touma is later saved by the arrival of Kanzaki Kaori and the rest of the Anglican Church forces.[49] There, Kanzaki asks Index to analyze the Curtana Original, while she and the others fight Carissa.[49]

Touma's comrades have arrived.

The battle is hard fought and the group makes little headway against Carissa, though they do make a dent on her Griffin Skies. Kanzaki later tells Touma that they will need him and his right hand to destroy the Curtana Original, and that they will give him an opening to allow it after divulging that there is a small delay between Carissa swinging a sword to cut dimensions and the dimensional debris appearing. When the battle turns to their favor thanks to Villian and Index's combination, Carissa orders the firing of a Bunker Cluster cruise missile on the palace.[50] Thanks to Kanzaki's quick thinking, she is able to make a defensive barrier over their area, though not all of it is covered and some of the explosive shells get through, eventually destroying the palace itself. When Touma comes to he tries to call out for his comrades, though to no avail as Carissa, who is unscathed by the bombing, orders to the preparation of another one.[50]

Riméa later uses a mass communication spell to the people on the battlefield, divulging to them Carissa's true motives.[5] This rallies not only the Knight Leader and the knights but the Anglican Church forces as well. Meanwhile, Touma keeps on fighting Carissa, and hopes to prevent another attack from a Bunker Cluster. At that moment, The Knight Leader appears and stops the fire cruise missile using his magic and apologizes to Touma letting them handle Carissa all this time, to which he accepts and tells

Acqua,Knight Leader and the knights confront Carissa.

him that they should help each other. Acqua of the Back later arrives as well to aid against Carissa, destroying the antenna that sends out military transmissions ergo stopping her from ordering any further attacks using the Bunker Cluster missiles.[51] From there, Acqua of the Back, the Knight Leader, as well as the recovered Kanzaki Kaori, does battle against Carissa in a clash of four swords.[52] The three Saint-level magicians then fight Carissa, forcing her for the first time to be on the defensive. Despite this, Carissa manages to regain the offensive again by attacking the ordinary magicians and knights in order to ruin their synchronicity as a group.[52] Elizard however arrives just in time to relieve the forces against Carissa, fighting her own daughter herself with the Curtana Second. Elizard manages to hold her own with Curtana Second but it is clear Curtana Original still superior.[53] With that, Elizard throws away her sword and uses the Union Jack spiritual item to distribute the power of the Curtana Original to the people of the United Kingdom and asking them through a communication spiritual item if they would like to help them save Carissa.[54] Now with the aid of the empowered citizens in London, the magicians and knights present renew their attack on Carissa, who is too preoccupied in

Touma defeats Carissa.

preventing the power of Curtana Original from being drained further. Because of this she cannot attack properly against them creating an opening for Touma after Index has finally finished analyzing it and used Spell Intercept on it to distribute its power. He has Acqua of the Back throw him towards her, and with his right hand, not only destroys the Curtana Original but punches Carissa in the face, finally ending her coup.[55]


While the Amakusa Christians tend to the injured, the Knight Leader goes to Elizard after she recovers the Curtana Second and apologizes for his part of the coup and asks what they will do now. Elizard tells him not to worry about it his actions as he did what he must. Elizard tells him as well not to worry about the people discovering the truth behind the spell that empowered them, though says that even if they did discover that it was magic then they will just simply tell them that magic exists as there is no rule that says that magic should always be hidden.[3]

He later goes up to Villian's side, looking around for Acqua of the Back. He tells Villian that he left because the Russian Orthodox Church has made their move according to a comrade of his, and is planning to stop the conflict in a different direction than through the Anglican Church. Hearing of the word "comrade" Villian says that she feels that she alone is still the only one doing nothing when everyone has gained so much the past 10 years. Seeing that Villian is hurt by Acqua of the Back's lack of farewell, the Knight Leader becomes angry at him for leaving with him with a difficult job. Villian notices, to which the Knight Leader then tells Villian Acqua of the Back's parting words to her, with some modifications of his own. He tells her that when the war is over Acqua of the Back would be able to hang his escutcheon in Buckingham Palace, but adds a part where it seemed like Acqua of the Back is proposing to her, surprising Villian and giving the Knight Leader a smug sense of satisfaction.[3]

Fiamma of the Right arrives

Fiamma of the Right gloats over the results of his machinations of that brought chaos to the United Kingdom.

Carissa later comes to and finds herself 2-3 kilometers away from Buckingham Palace. There, she finds that though she is still holding the hilt of Curtana Original it has now been destroyed. Suddenly, Fiamma of the Right himself arrives before her. He mocks the defeated Carissa, revealing that he used his influence over the Roman Catholic Church to get the French government to cause unrest within the United Kingdom with the Eurotunnel incident. Carissa made his plan much easier than he had originally intended by distracting everyone with her sudden coup d’état. During all the fighting, Fiamma of the Right got a hold of the spiritual remote control for Index’s John's Pen mode that was within Buckingham Palace. Having achieved his goal Fiamma of the Right decides to just kill Carissa, but Kamijou Touma arrives right in time to thwart his attack. Fiamma of the Right is delighted to see that another major piece of his plan has come to him; though Fiamma of the Right says he won’t risk fighting Touma just yet since the remote control might be destroyed. For fun, Fiamma of the Right gives a little demonstration of his new toy and summons Index in John’s Pen mode to attack Touma and Carissa. Fiamma of the Right reveals he was after the knowledge of the 103, 000 grimoires held within Index, something that the remote control allows him to access. Fiamma of the Right takes his leave, saying to Touma that he is going to Russia in order to collect the "materials" and that he needs to call down an Angel—until then, Touma can hold onto Imagine Breaker.[3]

Russia makes its move

Vento of the Front's warnings to Acqua of the Back were correct for Russia had begun its move, not only the nation but the Russian Orthodox Church as well. When Bishop Nikolai Tolstoy orders the capture of Sasha Kreutzev for Fiamma of the Right, Vasilisa is forced to betray Annihilatus and the Church in order to let her escape. Vento of the Front later intercepts Sasha as she tries to escape. She has her hide with her in a cave hidden by the snow. Sasha tries to question her though Vento of the Front has little patience for them. She asks Sasha where she is planning to go, to which she is lost for words. Vento of the Front states that alliance between Rome and Russia has brought God's Right Seat to the country and that Sasha will not be safe until she leaves it, to which Vento of the Front suggests going to Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations. Vento of the Front says that though she has no real duty in helping her, she doesn't like the people who are after her more, and that she is willing to do things that she isn't used to. Sasha is worried that going there might give Russia a cause to invade, though Vento of the Front states that it is already too late as Russia is attacking the nations that have declared independence. Sasha doesn't believe it, but says that bringing her there would certainly cause more bloodshed. Vento of the Front points out that she is an important target that needs to be alive, as such Russia would be forced to not attack indiscriminately. She reveals Fiamma of the Right behind the conflict and that going to Elizalina would have the Anglican Church and Academy City's attention turn towards there as well, forcing Russia not to attack.[3]

Kamijou Touma's decision

Index later falls unconscious and Stiyl arrives shortly afterwards. Enraged, he yells at Laura Stuart, disregarding the position of superior and subordinate, asking how long she's going to continue tricking others and hurting Index. Elizard tries to relieve the tension, stating that many safety devices are installed on Index are necessary measures to guarantee her basic human rights. The Queen states that if there was no device that allowed them to control her from London remotely, the danger of someone abducting her would be too great, and that the alternative was cutting off her limbs and keeping her inside the Tower of London. The Queen says it was a necessary evil as she had the 103,000 grimoires inside of her, something that can't be dealt with by just Stiyl's feelings. Hearing this, Stiyl shoves Laura away in anger. Elizard tells Touma that since the Collar was destroyed, it was impossible to make any predictions using their original plan. The malfunction with her occurred because they did not test the use of the external controller since the Collar has been destroyed. She says that if Fiamma of the Right attempts to access her knowledge while in her current state, it may even do more harm to her body. Elizard picks Index up in her arms and states that they will look after her in London as they were the ones that created her framework in the first place, so they will carry out specialized healing and will attempting to cut off any interference from Fiamma. She points out however, that it will not be enough unless Fiamma is defeated and the long distance controller is destroyed, her safety cannot be guaranteed.[3]

Touma tells Stiyl that he going to Russia to punch Fiamma.

Touma then tells Stiyl that he going to punch Fiamma of the Right in the face and tell him to watch over Index. Stiyl gets angry at first, but he agrees when Touma points out that Necessarius may do more things to Index and how Stiyl would better able to protect her than him from them.[3]

Effects and future implications

The conflict was the inevitable result of the manipulations of Fiamma of the Right on countries that are under the Roman Catholic Church's sphere influence. However for all the destruction it caused, it prevented the onset of a full blown conflict with France. Despite this, it only delayed war with France, as an even greater conflict would arise immediately after the ruins of the British Halloween—World War III. Now with Carissa's attacks on France during the coup and the Roman Catholic Church's influence, there is now no reason for France to stay its hand against the United Kingdom. With the country still reeling from the coup, the acts of the perpetrators of the coup would not be addressed until after the end of war as they are used for the defense of the country. Indeed, as Queen Elizard is forced to stay in the United Kingdom, the country's power is considerably weakened despite the use of Carissa, the Knight Leader and the knights, along with the Anglican Church.

Under the belief that it can win with the support of the Roman Catholic Church, Russia attacks Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations, making war now inevitable. Indeed, Russia sends an ultimatum to Academy City on the very same day that the British Halloween ends, demanding Academy City to halt all projects and pursuits it is undertaking.[56] War would later formally begin the next day with Academy City rejecting Russia's terms.[57]


  1. Events of the novel begin on this day, though much of the events happen on October 17.


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