Brunhild Eiktobel (ブリュンヒルド=エイクトベル Buryunhirudo Eikutoberu?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki, and is its primary antagonist, with much of the events related behind her attempts to create Gungnir.

Later after being defeated, she is reintroduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index as GREMLIN's efforts advanced, having to team up with Ollerus and his ilk to prevent Othinus from completing the true Gungnir.


Her name is a likely reference to Brynhildr, a shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Norse Mythology, Brünhild being the Modern German transliteration.

Moreover, in Norse mythology, Hel is a being who presides over a realm of the same name, located in Niflheim, where she receives a portion of the dead. Hel is also referred to as a daughter of Loki, the Norse god of misfortune, and to "go to Hel" is to die.


Brunhild is a girl with long blonde hair and white skin, about the same age as Kanzaki Kaori. She wears a hat with decorative feathers in it, a dress that comes down to just above her knees, and men’s pants. She also has protectors covering her elbows and knees and a bulletproof vest covering her chest.

She gives an odd impression. Each piece of clothing has nothing in common with the others. Wearing thick men’s pants beneath a women’s dress is strange enough, but the protectors on her joints are likely the type worn while roller skating. And the bulletproof vest is on a level where it seemed unlikely any clothing would match it. And yet as a whole, it all has an odd sense of unity, as if she has created the same silhouette as Medieval European armor using modern materials.[1]


Brunhild is shown to be very caring for people that she cares for, such as Ceillier Flatley, and is utterly merciless to those who harm them, as shown with her battle against the Artificial Valkyrie.[2] This is somewhat influenced by her nature as a Valkyrie, something that allows her to hateful revenge for the sake of her loved ones due to it being outside of herself.[3] With this, she is similar to Silvia when it comes to Ollerus.

She has shown to be at least trusting when it comes to teaming up with other people. Despite not knowing where Ollerus was or his plan was, Brunhild paid no mind to it, only asking until everything has been concluded.[4] She went along with Silvia, not putting much up of a fight against Misaka Mikoto despite her being capable of much more.[5] What's more, she is shown to be cool-headed and taciturn. She doesn't tease Leivinia Birdway, nor reprimands Silvia for her teasing, casually holding out her hand to prevent any serious fight between the two.[6] She doesn't needlessly talk much unless she needs to or is spoken to by others.

She shows some pride on being a Valkyrie, and dislikes things that befouls it, such as the idea of Valkyries wearing bikini armor.[7]


Brunhild was a part of a small cabal of about only 20-30 people in Finland. This cabal's main purpose was to continue their traditional way of life. She was born as a Saint and a Valkyrie, though in spite of this dual nature, she ignored her nature as a Saint and continued her way of life as member of a Norse cabal instead of a Christian.

Apparently knowing of her existence as a "mixed-one", being both a Saint and a Valkyrie, other Norse magicians, specifically the Five Great Norse Societies, fearing that her special condition would corrupt their history and culture. For this she was dubbed as "Hel". As such, the Five Great Norse Societies teamed up and destroyed her cabal. Brunhild escapes, though the societies continued their campaign of terror against her, killing people that were even remotely connected to her, such as normal children that spoke to her, and even desecrated graves that she had dug up for them. Half a year prior to the beginning of the story of Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki, she is finally captured during the time when both her natures as Saint and Valkyrie were at an equilibrium, making her as powerful as a normal human.[8] These societies then, not wanting to kill her as she was a rare specimen being a Saint and Valkyrie,[3] though the true nature of her capture was because they wanted to extract information from her regarding the Final Rune and Gungnir.[9]

And thus she was tortured as she waited for the waxing and waning of her natures as a Saint and Valkyrie to empower her again and allow her to escape. They tortured her in order to get her to talk regarding the Final Rune and Gungnir. However, they didn't do any irreversible damage to her body, and they didn't sexually abuse her. This is not because they cared about her. It's because once she breaks and gives up, it would be impossible to get her to talk. Instead, they kept on torturing her, but leaving her with a glimpse of hope each time.[8]

During that time, she met the person who delivers food to her prison cell, a 10-year-old child by the name of Ceillier Flatley. Ceillier was the only one she could talk to normally, and eventually opened up to him. Eventually, Ceillier apologizes to her, saying that he was ordered to talk to her to soften her up for more torture. Though Brunhild understood his situation and held no anger towards him, he kept on blaming himself for not being able to do anything to help her. It's then that Brunhild decided to help the child. For that, she decided to endure the pain and patiently wait until her power recovers.[8]

One day when her power as a Valkyrie has almost completely recovered, one of the magicians who tortured her showed up instead of the child. The magician tells Brunhild that the kid attempted suicide by slitting his wrists because of all the guilt he felt. The magician showed Brunhild a note that the child wrote. It said, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you." The note falls on the floor for Brunhild to see it, and immediately after, Brunhild snapped and breaks out of the facility.[8] She later takes Ceillier to a hospital in Belgium, still covered in blood. Despite his treatment there and with her continuous funding for his recovery, Ceillier continued to be in a vegetative state.[9]

Influenced by her nature as a Valkyrie, her love for Ceillier pushes her to the brink, swearing to destroy the Five Great Norse Societies, and use Gungnir to grant her wish in saving Ceillier Flatley and getting him out of his vegetative state.[9] Thus begins her grand plan to attain Gungnir, eventually leading to the destruction of the Five Great Norse Societies, and drives much of the storyline behind Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki.


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kanzaki SSEdit

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She single-handedly destroyed the Five Great Norse Societies.

After being found to be the culprit behind the attacks, she is chased by Kanzaki Kaori who manages to corner Brunhild on her first fight and, later she manages to acquire Gungnir replica which can manipulate the forces of the nature and fought once again against Kanzaki Kaori but still lost.

The real reason behind the capture half a year ago was not to stop Brunhild from corrupting the Norse myth community. It was to get Brunhild to talk about the Gungnir and the final rune. Also, the kid who committed suicide is still unconscious in hospital. Kanzaki realizes that Brunhild isn't doing this for revenge. Rather, she wants to use the powers of a God to save the kid.

She orchestrated most of the events in the side volume to gain a method of carving the final rune in the earth, so that it and Gungnir couldn't be destroyed.

In the end she was defeated by Kanzaki and turned over to Necessarius, who plans to ask Brunhild about the Gungnir, the final rune and the how she planned to carve it onto the core of the Earth. However, since records show that torturing probably wouldn't get her to talk. As such, they plan to bring the kid, who was really under a spell to prevent him from waking up, in and use him as a negotiation tool to get Brunhild to talk.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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Brunhild reappears in the main novel series as a free woman, the charges against her being dropped after she cooperated with her captors, the Church of England, during World War III. She was able to reunite with the boy she wanted to save, now awake in a hospital in northern Europe. But on the same day the Kihara's assaulted the Natural Selector tournament at Baggage City, artificial Valkyries sent by GREMLIN launched an attack on her while she was at the hospital. At first she was outnumbered, but the Saint Silvia and Leivinia Birdway came to her rescue. However, the attack was a distraction as the battle allowed a GREMLIN agent outside the hospital to grab the plans for Gungnir from Brunhild's mind with her mental defenses lowered. Siliva assured her that they can track GREMLIN now to their base of operations.[2]

Ichihanaran Festival ArcEdit

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Eve of the FestivalEdit

She is apparently a part of Ollerus' group, along with Silvia, Fiamma of the Right, and Leivinia Birdway. Entering Academy City in order to oppose Othinus and GREMLIN, who plans to capture Fräulein Kreutune, despite the fact that they could've intercepted them outside of Academy City, though chose to have the battlefield in Academy City in order to interfere with GREMLIN's teamwork, as Thor noted.[10]

During the FestivalEdit

Brunhild is with Leivinia Birdway and Silvia, the former takes them to a location in School District 12, after Leivinia was tricked by a ruse by Touma to distract them from getting Fräulein. Here, Silvia mocks the building trying to imitate a Buddhist temple, not having any actual magical symbol, to which Brunhild agrees. As they converse about the queer religious building in the city of science, Leivinia calls for their attention if they had found any signs of Marian Slingeneyer yet. Silvia tells that she should already know the answer when they have not come upon any traps on the way in. Leivinia asks if they were tricked to which Brunhild says that they were most likely have, and states that Touma has indeed grown if it had in him to plot like this in the situation that he was in. Silvia tells Leivinia not to be upset, saying that after Leivinia tricked him so much, she shouldn't have any right to get mad when her returned the favor just once. However, Silvia adds on how she understands why she is panicking, as what Touma did costed her the perfect chance to apologize to him. Her reply only makes Leivinia angry, threatening her. Brunhild then asks why should they do next. They conclude that since Touma had no reason to make them think that he had connections with Marian, then he must've done so in order for him to distance them from something—something that they would come across naturally had it not been for the efforts of Kamijou Touma.[11]

While continuing on their way, Brunhild and the others passes by Kumokawa Maria and Tsuchimikado Maika. She questions Japan's term for maids, but Brunhild states that they are just costumes for the festival and pay no mind to it. However, her opinion quickly changes as the beauty contest from Eiri High School is broadcasted, having a girl wear a sexy valkyrie bikini outfit, much to her chagrin. Of course Silvia rubs it into to her by saying that it too was a festival costume. Brunhild then mentions that it is because she doesn't like that image forced into her, especially since there are already perverts like that wearing bikini all year. Silvia smugly comments on how nobody would depict Valkyries in such a way if no one had ever wanted them to be sexy, citing their roles in Norse mythology, as spouses of warriors, servers of alcohol, and dancers of bewitching moves. Silvia stops talking however just before Brunhild really did become angry. All the while this is going on, Leivinia keeps silent, still frustrated.[7]

As the battle between Accelerator and the revived Kakine Teitoku rages in School District 7, it is heard by the group. Leivinia becomes interested by the ruckus, as it could be their only lead even if it is a decoy. Brunhild talks about of who lies behind the fog of war, as a battle against them might become draw out. Leivinia replies that it might Touma, saying that he might be working with someone and that she sometimes can't event predict how his mind works. Silvia smiles and asks if Leivinia is simply a sulking child that was after the older neighborhood boy she relied on moves on and leaves her behind, and asks if she is surprised that she underestimated the person she looked down on. Leivinia deems that Silvia is simply making fun of her, and gets angry. Silvia continues and says that Leivinia's anger is misdirected and childish, and should consider herself lucky that Touma didn't get her back much worse than what she did him. In that restaurant where they rested, the air had killer intent. Silvia keeps on talking and implies that Leivinia is just manipulating Touma in order for him to safely drop out of this dispute with GREMLIN. However, at that point Leivinia attacks, but is quickly restrained by Brunhild. Silvia is hit, but with only a single drop of blood of trailed down the corner of her mouth, who kept on smiling. Leivinia demands to know where Ollerus is, to which Silvia says that he is preparing. With that, Leivinia stays her hand, and tells them that they should go.[6]

NT Index v06 214-215

Silvia confronts Thor, while Brunhild confronts Mikoto.

Leivinia soon finds Fräulein Kreutune in the multi-level overpass, and is forced to engage against Kamijou Touma for her fate. Silvia and Brunhild that was supposed to support her, are confronted by Thor of GREMLIN and Misaka Mikoto of Academy City, respectively.[5] And so, magic and science clashed, Brunhild of the magic side, one of the 20 Saints in the world, against Mikoto of the science side, the third ranked Level 5 esper of Academy City. Despite the fierce titles bestowed upon the two, the battle seemed one-sided, for great speed Brunhild held, and her steps if she wished were faster than sound. Brunhild chaged towards Mikoto and swung her sword down her like a steel fan. But Mikoto reacted before the blow, and with her powers moved a part of the road they were on, putting Brunhild's aim off, but its power was immense still, and many glasses were shattered the instant it fell. Brunhild questions Mikoto's ability to know where she was despite her speed, not knowing that her powers allow to control iron sand on the road's surface and allow her to see her footprints. And with that same iron sand did Mikoto use to consume Brunhild inside like a storm of needles. But no harm came to Brunhild, for she swung her claymore in a circle, and the iron sand was blown away in a roar. The force her swing threatened to knock Mikoto down, but she escaped by magnetizing a wall between before it struck. Mikoto tries to gather the iron sand once more, but Brunhild came upon her and aim the sword upon Mikoto's neck. Mikoto used her powers to forced the blade to halt, but Brunhild's strength overcame it for her to swing it. But it was enough time for Mikoto, and a lightning spear struck the sword and Brunhild. Mikoto did not allay her attacks, for she swung towards Brunhild many reinforced concrete objects. However, Brunhild recovered from the shock, and with her strength stopped the mass of objects that Mikoto flung towards her.[12]

As if acknowledging Mikoto as a worthy foe, Brunhild speaks to her, asking why she is participating in this conflict for Fräulein Kreutune if she had little to do with magic. For a great risk did Mikoto bring upon herself when she wraps herself in the core of GREMLIN. Mikoto tells Brunhild that she doesn't want to hear from someone who is trying to kill her, and straight to the point, does not know nor care about the big picture surrounding their conflict. Moreover, she says that she has no good reason to be fighting. However, Mikoto says that there is not a need for a good reason to save a friend, as what her friend once said, and now, she will support him in spite of the dangers that will befall him. With that, Brunhild cut down her obstacles and made an opening for her with her sword, and the same time, Mikoto swung her iron sand sword. Colliding, Mikoto saw that her vibrating iron sand sword could not slice the claymore, and released it. She then took a coin, and fired her Railgun towards Brunhild, shouting that she has her own reason to save Kamijou Touma.[12]

Despite the apparent nature of letting her guard down against Brunhild, Mikoto took the time to use her eletromagnetic powers to control Leivinia Birdway's gun before she could fire it. This and Thor's later use of his fusion arc blades to cut up the road between them, allowed Touma to recover enough in order to fight Leivinia anew.[12]

However, with the defeat of Leivinia Birdway at the hands of Kamijou Touma, Brunhild suddenly stops her attacks, her sword covered with various objects that Mikoto stuck into them to slow her down. And Mikoto felt something that made her hesitant to carelessly attack since she didn't see that as an opening. Mikoto asks what's the matter, to which Brunhild says that the issue has been resolved, and she is unsure if she should continue fighting, head over as reinforcements, or view the situation as unfavorable and make preparations to reorganize. As what happens later, Silvia takes the last option, and the conflicts in the multi-level overpass ends.[13]

As they leave Academy City, Silvia complains on how what they did was a complete waste of time. Leivinia replies that it couldn't be helped, and states that even if they did want to get Fräulein, she can't be used to lure Othinus anymore. Silvia asks her if she is still affected by being forced to fight Touma, saying that even if she cannot accept how it ended and even if it was based on Touma's reasoning she cannot understand, she cannot complain after she lost, infuriating Leivinia. Silvia continues to tease, comparing her to a little sister that got scolded by a big brother whom she thought would always listen to her, and whom tried to talk things out to her after all she did to him. Leivinia threatens to use her full Major Arcana on her, to which Silvia points out on how Leivinia didn't use it against Touma, knowing that it would give her an advantage, showing a big grin all the while. Brunhild then interrupts, asking about Ollerus, whom Silvia said earlier was preparing. Silvia replies that he is dealing with their true purpose, one that has nothing to do with Fräulein Kreutune, and told them that the preparations are complete.[4]

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel are in a log cabin somewhere arguing about the meal Silvia was preparing. Brunhild then brings up the topic of their counterattack on GREMLIN, to which Silvia says that she has already passed the message along. Brunhild says that they need no wait any longer, to which Silvia agrees. There, they began eating what Brunhild describes as their Last Supper. Brunhild then asks a question, surprising Silvia with her sudden talkativeness. She asks Silvia about the fairy tale books scattered on the table, to which Silvia just mentions that it is they're "trump card" against the Magic God. Brunhild does not press further about for more information, instead she asks that since the preparations are complete and the time has come if there is any reason that they need to stay where they are. Silvia then says no, and quickly they pick up their gear and leave the log cabin.[14]

The two of them are later seen in a convoy of ships heading for Tokyo Bay, supposedly sent by the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance to support Japan during the attack of Tokyo by GREMLIN. Here, the convoy of ships are intercepted by GREMLIN member Hel, she takes out her revolver, immediately alerting the sailors there. As one of the sailors demand her to lay down her weapon, his voice later disappears. A woman then talks to Hel, saying that they have silenced the men who do not know of magic, and mocks her for using such a large spell against them. She then asks if she wants to actually do battle against an expert. Another woman's voice speaks up saying that she is not the type to enjoy fights. Hel asks who are they, to which Silvia introduces herself as well as Brunhild Eiktobel. Hearing this, Hel pulls the trigger of her revolver upon the ship, and though the bullet merely grazes the metal of the ship, it suddenly bursts into flames. She then speaks of how her spell works, but then the fires are put out, and a sound of shattering glass can be heard. Here, Silvia reveals that she has used her barrier magic to stop it, and tells her that if she wants to kill the crew of the ship, she first has to kill her.[15]

Hearing of this, Hel begins to analyze more residual information of deaths in the location, making countless candle-like flames appear before her, signifying each death that has passed there. Here Hel promises to kill Brunhild hearing of her boasting being the queen of the underworld, mocks her for it, as she too have been once called Hel. Thus their battle begins.[15]

VS the WorldEdit
NT Index v10 303

Ollerus appears to save his old enemy.

As Touma and Othinus were finish making their way through Odense they are confronted by Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel. The former of which seeks vengeance of Othinus for what she had done to Ollerus after being with the Turn into a Fairy spell. Ollerus is however still alive, but is unable to show himself to them, as according to Silvia, is not in the shape to do so and describes what had happened to him as a horrific scene.[16] As Silvia savagely beats an overwhelmed Touma, Brunhild readies herself to execute the former Magic God, but before she can do so, Silvia throws Touma’s body over to her as she did not want Othinus to die until she had taken the one precious thing from her. As Silvia returns her attention back to the assault on Touma, Brunhild once again readies herself to kill Othinus while Silvia is distracted. This however, gives Ollerus the opportunity to strike both Saints down. Despite now having the power of less than that of the an average magician, he is able to overcome this limitation through sheer willpower. His uses the opportunity to make both Saints collide into each other, knocking them unconscious, though at the cost of his arms. Ollerus then parts to take both Saints so he can try and persuade them when they wake up.[17]


Brunhild was born as both a Saint and a Valkyrie, which gives her tremendous power, like the ability to move faster than sound and strength capable of bending a tanker in two with a single punch.[8] She usually wields a 1.5m claymore, an exceedingly wide double-edged sword used to slice an enemy in two, armor and all, with brute strength. However, she doesn't just rely in her overwhelming strength: in their first clash Kanzaki could notice Brunhild had honed her abilities with the sword through rigurous training like her.[1]

Rune magic: As a Valkyrie and norse magician Brunhild is knowledgeable in the use of runes to achieve various magical effects, like stopping the motion of an arrow or checking to see if a cup has poison on it.[18]

  • Attack spells: Her claymore is supported by attack spells to increase its power and sharpness. Her spells were strong enough to allow her to block Kanzaki's Yuisen, though the claymore was chipped in the clash.[1] She can apply the same or similar spells to other weapons she picks up, like the sword from one of Gremlin's Artificial Valkyries.[2]
  • Healing interruption runes: Brunhild can use magic to carve runes inside the opponent's lungs that interfere with natural healing abilities and recovery magic.[18]
  • Body hijacking spell: Brunhild can use a spell to take over other people's bodies and speak throught their mouths, likely through a similar method as her healing interruption runes.[18]
  • Seal of sleeping: Using a piece of wood the size of a stamp branded with runes and a small incantation, Brunhild can forcibly put people to sleep. This is based on the myth of Odin sealing a rampaging Valkyrie. By leaving the seal on top of the sleeper's forehead they presumably will continue to sleep unperturbed even if there's a fight nearby.[2]
  • Final Rune: The legendary rune, supposedly only Odin knows its true purpose and method of use. Brunhild needs to carve this rune in the core of the planet itself in order to complete her Gungnir. Brunhild can use magic so that the Final Rune is written automatically without any further input from her, but it takes a few hours to finish. Once completed the rune would be indistinguishable from the environment and indestructible like an original grimoire, all the while providing Brunhild with an inexhaustible supply of power as all magical and spiritual powers in the world would are gathered in the spear and supposedly elevating her to the level of the Norse head god.[9]
  • Palm rune: Additionally, Brunhild carried a rough copy of the Final Rune in a small wooden board on her palm as reference for her automatic writing spell. Any enemy that sees the rune in any way, for example, by her showing her palm to them, will have their mind assaulted by the the rune's mental contamination, which rivals an entire original grimoire and its hundreds of pages with a single character. Even an experienced magician and Saint like Kanzaki had her consciousness stripped only to realize a few moments later she had fled the scene in an instinctual and unconscious reaction to protect her mind from destruction. She was still under great mental pain from the small glimpse of the rune.[9]

Gungnir replica: A 3 meter long "spear" made after the spear of Odin. Its silhouette is made up of an ash tree’s branch at the center with many pieces of steel complexly intertwined around it. In some ways it's like the tip of a spear, but the characteristics of a sword, an ax, and other weapons can be glimpsed as well. It pulsates like a living being and wraps around the ash branch like a snake. Her version only reached 70% of the possible output, as she couldn't finish writing the Final Rune in time and her nature of a Saint mixed up symbols of the Longinus spear into the weapon, reducing its purity. The trinity of symbols she used for her weather manipulation further reduced the norse purity of the spear.[9][19][20]

  • Weapon destruction: By replicating the myth of Gungnir destroying Balmung, one of the strongest human swords, in a single strike, Brunhild can use the shifting nature of the Gungnir replica as a vise to crush an enemy's weapon touching the spear.[19]
  • Weather manipulation: Brunhild unified all of Gungnir's supposed abilities as a throwing spear in a single system, making it a weapon that can manipulate all kinds of weather and natural disasters, like lightning, tornados, volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, etc. Since Norse mythology doesn't have a concept of elements Brunhild used a combination of three symbols: fire, ice, and frost. Brunhild can use Gungnir to summon white lightning strikes, pure white lava that follows the motions of her spear to attack the enemy like a giant hammer, volcanic eruptions, underground water geysers, large amounts of salt that damage the ground, dozens of over five meters stones simulating a landslide, pure white flames, slicing winds, etc[9][19][20]

Character Art DesignEdit

Design EvolutionEdit

Brunhild's design remains the same throughout the series. For Brunhild's use of modern and unrefined items to create a Valkyrie's battle outfit, Haimura borrowed designs from rider armor and police riot squad equipment.[21]



  • (To Kanzaki in Norse Mythology SS): "I see no reason that we must fight, but I will have no choice if you get in the way of my plan. If you do…I will see you again upon the completion of Gungnir."
  • (To Setrua in Norse Mythology SS): "Setrua, I just finished destroying the Hammer that Tempers Gold within the Earth. I have now crushed all five cabals. My true purpose begins now. Like the hands of a clock, I am now inexorably approaching you as you lie there unmoving. Once I arrive, I will act true to the name of Hel that you forced upon me by sending each and every one of you to the underworld."
  • (To Kanzaki in Norse Mythology SS): "I may have lost everything, but there is still one thing I want to carry through to the end."
  • (To Kanzaki in Norse Mythology SS): "…A Valkyrie, hm? Isn’t that just great? All I am is a loser. I was supposedly chosen by the gods, but I’m just a fucking loser that cannot even protect the smile of a small child. But I am a stubborn loser. I will complete Gungnir and use its power to awaken that boy. This is the power of the greatest god. It has to be enough to perform a miracle like that."
  • (To Kanzaki in Norse Mythology SS): "At the very end, he left a note apologizing. Apologizing for failing to save me! That was what he was thinking up to the moment he slit his wrists!! I should have been able to save him. If my power had been perfect, I would have been able to!! If I had not had the characteristics of a Saint and was merely a Valkyrie, I could have!! I should have been able to save him from those cabals!!”
  • (To Silvia from NT6): "I get it worst when it comes to having that kind of image forced on me… In fact, there are even some in the magic world! There are self-proclaimed maidens of battle that dance around all year in a bikini like some kind of pervert!!"
  • (To Hel in NT8). "Hel, hm? People once called me Hel. I never thought I would run across an idiot who proudly showed off the sinister name of that queen of the underworld."


  • Despite being from Finland, the Finnish never were Norse or Scandinavian but Finno-Ugric people that descend from what is now Siberia. Finland has its own unique Culture and Mythology related to its relatives in Eurasia.


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