Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace as seen in the anime.

Buckingham Palace (バッキンガム宮殿 Bakkingamu Kyūden?) is the official royal residence of the British Royal Family, located inside of London. It is mostly used for meetings with important people from other countries.[1] By the end of the British Halloween the palace is destroyed from the battle that ensued there.


Palace GroundsEdit

Buckingham Gates

Entrance gates to Buckingham Palace. The coat of arms is missing, probably for trademark reasons.

The palace itself and the palace grounds are very large, such that it looks like an entire section of England’s capital city was left open as a combination of two adjoining parks. There is also a square rest area that had guide lights so it could be used as a heliport to Buckingham Palace.[1]


Buckingham hallway

Princess Villian walking down the hallway of knights' crests.

The hallway was as wide as a small room. Inside the hallway were carpets meant to be looked at instead of stepped on, paintings and sculptures scattered around, and even a maid carrying around a tea set.[1] Also, the hallway has a very tall ceiling. Much like the lights in a tunnel, shield-shaped crests were lined up on the walls at even intervals. These crests have meaning of a magical faction, so only the crests of knights were displayed. Having one’s family’s crest displayed in that hallway was the first step towards becoming a noble family.[2].

Meeting RoomEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E11 04m 40s

Queen Elizard in the meeting hall.

It is a spacious area that looked more like a party hall. A number of tables were set up in concentric circles like the rings of a tree. It reminded Kamijou Touma of the UN conference room he had occasionally seen on TV.[3]


  • Reception area on the 3rd floor.
  • The Grand Staircase

Rooms can apparently be as large tennis court there, especially those of princesses like Villian.[2] There is also simple reception area in the third floor of the palace.[3] Inside the palace are coded documents and paintings that contain the secret into creating another Curtana whenever the current one was lost or destroyed.[4] Prior to the British Halloween, the method in recreating the Curtana was deemed to be lost,[3] until Riméa revealed that they were part of the palace and Carissa knew all along. Furthermore, according to Riméa current magicians cannot decode them.[4]

Index's John's Pen external controller is hidden within the palace, something so secret that not even Carissa knows that it exists or that it is hidden within the palace.[5]


It is used for diplomatic purposes. As such, there are no magical mechanisms meant for security measures inside the palace, despite the fact that Great Britain is a magical country. According to Kanzaki Kaori, if it was covered in magical mechanisms, it would look as if they were inviting the foreign leaders into a trap. That would be a major diplomatic problem.[1] Moreover, because the Queen has the Curtana Second with her as such she doesn't need that kind of security.[3] Also, though it doesn't have magical security measures, it is still heavily guarded by a large number of knights, magicians, and most importantly the queen herself,[6] equipped with the Curtana Second.[3] Despite this, spiritual items can still be found in the palace as well tools that are used to deal with them.[7]

Due to the political intrigue related to the royal family, the palace has a cutting-edge switchboard that heavily encrypted the signal,[2] despite this it is possible for an intelligence agency to listen in on the phones.[2]

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E13 12m 54s

The underground tunnels.

The facility for preventing Curtana’s power from getting out of hand and creating an explosion was built into the Buckingham Palace, due to the fact that the British Royal Family stays there most of the year. A subway line runs beneath the palace. A special railroad car with a magic circle on it is kept in an area branching off from the normal track. The special car is set up so it can be promptly taken to the area directly below Buckingham Palace when Curtana Original is headed out of control.[8]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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The meeting regarding the Eurotunnel bombing was conducted in a reception area of the palace. The participants were Queen Regnant Elizard, Princesses Riméa, Carissa, Villian, the Knight Leader, Kanzaki Kaori, Index, and Kamijou Touma.[9]

British HalloweenEdit
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At the start of the coup, some magicians were instructed to run off with all the important items, unaware that one of the most important of them all, the external controller for Index's John's Pen was hidden within it.[5]

Carissa returned to the palace to readjust the Curtana Original. When the Anglican Church forces managed to overload the sword, many of the spiritual items that were stored in the palace became unuseable as result.[7] As Carissa choose not to leave the palace in the hopes of destroying it as part of her plans, the palace and the area surrounding it was the site of the final battle of the coup.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E14 18m 47s

Buckingham Palace after the battle, in the anime.

It received extensive damage from the attacks of the mobile fortresses, Coven Compass and Selkie Aquariums, Carissa's usage of Curtana Original's dimensional debris, and the usage of a Bunker Cluster warhead on the area.[10]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

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