Bunker Cluster (Anime)

A Bunker Cluster missile mid-flight

The Bunker Cluster (バンカークラスター Bankā Kurasutā?) is a cluster munition warhead developed independently by England that releases hundreds of explosive shells that are made to pierce into underground weapons. So fearsome is the weapon that under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, the European Union forced England to sign a treaty to ban the weapon.

The weapon was later used during Carissa's coup, the British Halloween, for the first time since the ban, most famously in the Battle of Buckingham Palace.[1]


Bunker Cluster - Smaller Shell

Special smaller shells of Bunker Cluster

Developed using technology original to England, the warhead is often equipped on cruise missiles, allowing for a quick delivery of the warhead to its destination as it is fast enough to near Mach 5 at low altitude, not taking even a minute to travel 1000 kilometers.[1]

When used, the warhead spreads around 200 special smaller shells that are made to piece a military shelter 50 meters underground.[2] The detonation depth of these shells can be timed however.[1] The warhead is powerful enough blow away an area with a radius of 3 kilometers in every direction.[1]



Several years prior to the British Halloween, with the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, the European Union adopted a treaty that specifically banned the weapons the UK had been developing. The country's nuclear weapons were banned, while France were not only able to keep their nuclear weapons intact but had received all of the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons under the treaty. The official reason given was because as France would be the sole possessor of nuclear weapons within the EU they would therefore have the technology needed to safely disassemble them. Moreover, the ban also included the Bunker Cluster warheads, though that didn't stop the country from continuing its development.[3]

By the start of the British Halloween, several warheads had already been developed and were ready for use by the military.


British Royal Family ArcEdit

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In a response to the Eurotunnel bombing, Carissa had a destroyer armed with Bunker Clusters deployed to the Strait of Dover in order to threaten France, aiming it towards the Versailles Palace where the Maiden of Versailles resides.[2][4]

During the Battle of Buckingham Palace, following the destruction of the Griffin Skies, Carissa ordered the destroyer Wimbledon to launch a cruise missile with Bunker Clusters towards Buckingham Palace. Seeing the extensive damage that it would cause, not only to Buckingham Palace but to a considerable part of London, Kanzaki Kaori tried to use a large defense barrier with a 3 kilometer wide radius to block the missiles. Carissa attacked her as she tried to create the barrier, though she was able to dodge it but the construction of her barrier is delayed. Kanzaki tried to create the barrier again. However, it was too late, the warhead split and was able to get through the holes of the unfinished defense barrier. In spite of this however, 200 of the missiles exploded prematurely because of the barrier, sparing London. As the missiles were set by Carissa to detonate 5 meters underground, the missiles buried themselves into the ground before exploding in Buckingham Palace. Magicians present on the scene would use defensive spells to weaken the destruction caused by the missiles that got through.[1]

Before Carissa could order another attack with a Bunker Cluster-equipped cruise missile, Riméa used a mass communication spell in London and revealed Carissa's true motives for her coup and pled to those who hear, specifically the knights and the Knight Leader, to save her. The knights, who had recovered from Carissa's "punishment" and the Knight Leader answered Riméa's call, with the latter using his magic to prevent another Bunker Cluster attack on them. He ordered the knights to assist the fallen Anglicans while he engaged Carissa in battle. Carissa tried to fire several Bunker Cluster missile attacks on Buckingham Palace in order to bypass his magic but was stopped by Acqua of the Back destroying the antenna that was used for military transmissions.[5]

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