Bunny Grey

Bunny Grey's head.

Bunny Grey (ウサギグレイ Usagi Gurei?) is a British mascot which Karasuma Fran is obsessed with.[1][2][3]


Bunny Grey's name is derived from rabbits and grey aliens.


Bunny Grey has a white rabbit-like head with upward-pointing ears and oval red eyes.[4][5] He looks like a mixture of an alien and a rabbit.[1]


According to his backstory, Bunny Grey is a mischievous alien who landed after mistaking Stonehenge for a landing sign crop circle left by one of his species' investigators. After landing, he get helps from Know-It-All John (物知りなジョン?) and Precocious Mary (おしゃまなマリー?), and goes on to have many adventures, including discovering the secrets of Loch Ness and getting preserved in formaldehyde at the British Museum.[2]

There was a CG cartoon about him at some point in the past, in which the characters apparently moved too smoothly, leading people to think their expressions were actually creepy.[2] According to Fran's assertion, Bunny Grey is the honorary citizen of London and based in actual history.[2]

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Karasuma Fran in a Bunny Grey-themed inflatable pool.

Karasuma Fran has a love for the character and possesses various pieces of his merchandise and items themed after him, including her hoodie, a balloon, band aids and inflatable pool.[6][7][8] Her space station is named Bunny Grey Messenger, a piece of fan art dedicated to him.[5]


Kamisato Rescue ArcEdit

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On December 9th, Kamijou Touma used a Bunny Grey costume as a disguise at the Trial shelter, while he and Fran were wanted figures due to the Kamisato Faction manipulating Useful Spider and the Spheres.[1][2] The following day, Fran's love of Bunny Grey was one of the clues which Arimura Ellen used to identify her as a spy from the Anglican Church.[3]

Coronzon ArcEdit

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