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Caliche I. Niknosh (カリーチェ=I=ニーキノシ Karichie I Nikinoshi?) is a Russian magician who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration.


Based on some clues, Lessar deduces that she might be some failed member of the Russian Orthodox Church. Her speculation also implies "Caliche I. Niknosh" maye be a false name.[1]

Caliche's group was contacted by the higher ups of a Russian Academy City cooperative institution who wanted them to observe the effects of Code EIC on people's minds from an occult point of view. In exchange, the group were going to use the effects and improvements from a group psychology point of view for themselves.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration[]

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When the shopping mall higher ups failed to deliver on their promise, Caliche proceeded to decapitate them in a passageway, leaving a sword emblem on their necks.[3]

Not long afterwards, Lessar, having discovered the corpses and Caliche's involvement, attempted to contact Russia's main cabals to inform them that a magician was taking action in their territory along with Caliche's name and photo, in order to force Caliche to act. As anticipated, Caliche destroyed the magic circle from afar with an ice knife, enabling Lessar to trace her location. Caliche attempted to flee, firing ice knives at a pursuing Lessar. As they reached a parking lot outside the mall, Lessar used her glove and spice bag to create a magic circle above Caliche and slammed her to the ground with an explosive wind.[2]

As Lessar approached Caliche, her allies attacked her, removing her glove in the process. After thanking her comrades, Caliche approached Lessar, asking if she didn't realize she was being led there, telling her to die. As Caliche brandished her pen, she was confused when Lessar spoke but appeared to be ignoring her. Caliche realized that she was communicating with her allies and narrowly dodged the incoming barrage from Bayloupe, while her allies weren't so fortunate. Avoiding the lightning, Caliche and Lessar faced one another.[2]

Wielding pen and parchment, Caliche sent many ice knives at Lessar, but Lessar threw her spice bag and used a spell to hit them both with an impact. Knowing what was coming allowed Lessar to take her next action quicker, casting a spell to draw them both together. Caliche created a guillotine blade on the ground in Lessar's path, discarding another parchment. Lessar threw another bag behind Caliche, prompting her to move to escape the resulting wind blast. However Lessar was actually after the parchment, having realized Caliche was using Ex Voto, and used it to shatter the blade. As Lessar charged at her preparing another spell, Caliche tried to produce an ice knife despite knowing it as futile, but Lessar made the knife shatter and stab her.[2]

After retrieving her glove, Lessar approached a bleeding and collapsed Caliche, intending to interrogate her. However Caliche instead pointed out that though they had realized that Caliche's cabal had people hiding, they had neglected to deal with the spiritual work specialists as well as the main battle unit. As she said that, a giant snake made of wheels burst into the parking lot. After revealing that they had originally set it up as insurance against the mall higher ups, Caliche told Lessar that it was someone else who was continuing the plan to detonate the Solntse.[2]

Once the rampaging wheel snake had been dealt with, Lessar reluctantly gave Caliche and her comrades first aid treatment, not interrogating her further as she had lost a lot of blood and anything further might kill her.[4]


Caliche uses Ex Voto, a method of communicating with patron Saints and religious icons to request a miracle from the Son of God, with an offering being given to the proxy when the prayer was completed. In Caliche's case, this offering is a parchment with the contents of the prayer written on. Caliche uses a ball-point pen filled with holy oil to write the prayer on this parchment. Using this method, she can produce ice knives which can fly to strike an opponent from afar and rotating blades on the ground.[2]