Aureolus Izzard, a Cancellarius.

A Cancellarius (隠秘記録官 (カンセラリウス) Inpi Kiroku-Kan (Kanserariusu)?, lit. "Classified Document Official") is a position in the Roman Catholic Church whose primary task is to decode modern witchcraft. Aureolus Izzard is the only known character to have held this position.


The name is derived from the Cancellarii, a latticework placed before a window, a doorway, the tribunal of a judge, or any other place. It became a metonym for officials that stood at the latticed or grated door of the emperor's palace. Moreover, the chief scribe or secretary was called Cancellarius.


The duties of a Cancellarius are to decode modern witchcraft, find ways to counter them, and then record them in books. Specifically, it is to make grimoires to counter magic that the Roman Catholic Church does not allow.[1] However according to Stiyl Magnus the purpose of these grimoires is more along the lines of a teaching guide for "which line in the Bible can be used to handle the spells those witches use".[2]

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