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West Façade of Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral (カンタベリー大聖堂 Kantaberī Taiseidō?) is an Anglican Church cathedral found in England. It is the public headquarters of the Anglican Church, while true power of the denomination is run from St. George's Cathedral.


Initially the cathedral was the headquarters of Anglican Church and its leader the Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as that of its 0th Parish, Necessarius. However, because of the fact that Necessarius used magic they were later chased out of the cathedral and sent to St. George's Cathedral, making it their headquarters. However, the fortunes of Necessarius later tipped to their favor. Because of the fact that Necessarius made numerous contributions behind the scenes, it allowed them to build a profile and power within the Church of England.[1]

The power of Canterbury Cathedral and the Archbishop later waned, and is now only seen as a figure head of the Church of England, as the true decision-making powers have been transferred to St. George's Cathedral.[1]

In the current year of the story timeline, the cathedral operates as the headquarters of the Anglican Church to the public.[2]

The skies above the cathedral are covered by an anti-air defense system, which utilizes magic based on the miracle of Thomas Becket's blood (トマス=ベケットの血の奇跡 Tomasu Beketto no Chi no Kiseki?) and shoots highly pressurized red water from a steeple. The system is set to intercept airborne targets which are flying through magic.[3]


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British Royal Family ArcEdit

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During the British Halloween, the cathedral used magic to deny Princess Villian's Travelling Fortress from getting closer to the cathedral, as the British Royal Family and the Knights faction have fallen into the hands of Carissa, who was using the knights to attack various locations across the United Kingdom, most specifically the churches and cathedrals of the Anglican Church. The cathedral used magic to block out its own coordinates, making the Travelling Fortress and the horses that drew it go out of control.[2]

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Coronzon ArcEdit

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During the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom, Aleister Crowley and Kamijou Touma's group flew past Canterbury and its cathedral in a non-magical balloon, defying Anglican predictions. While they were doing so, a familiar from a Golden-style cabal was mistaken for them and shot down by the anti-air defenses.[3]

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